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  1. My big boy is digging himself in... Night night!!
  2. Our primary school did one, (well, lots!!) and we were told no Piglets, as these were Pork, and could offend!! There was a huge long list of what not to send..
  3. I'd probably tell awhite lie here, and when dropping off, have a little chat, and mention you're trying to restrict screen time at the moment for yours, as it's getting a bit of a minefield, and is there any way they could "help you out " with this?? That way, you have saved faces, and maybe got the point across. Everyone I know has faced this issue. Minecraft was our battlegound, and Age of Empires. good luck
  4. had this, (well, still have the screen obsession, and he's nearly 18) Say No. Be brave.
  5. This is such a sign of the times. We live in Very rural Devon, last yr, new yrs eve, I was the sober driver, ferrying goodness knows who goodness knows where, as you do with teens etc. On a trip at 9.45pm, on a country lane, we happened across a middle aged cyclist male, who was lying in the road, waving one neoprened arm like a fin. Stopped the car, and went to see what was on. Rang the ambulance, rang his wife, Who thought it was all a big joke(really??) Ambulance came, and we all stayed to help get him, his broken pelvis, collar bone, ribs etc into the ambulance. Meanwhile, because I had left my lights on, with no engine running , my car had gone flat:((couldn't make it up ) Lucky I have a friend who doesn't drink, who kindly turned out for me, jumped my car with his, And took my teens into town on his way home(what a gent). The following few days were interesting. I Had got the paramedics to check my car , as I know how it is where I live. Sure enough, the gossip was I had squat this bloke. Would I stop next time. Yes. But I wouldn't bother to ring the wife, or stay once the medics arrive. Left a nasty taste. I have lived in the village concerned for 18 years.
  6. Re Postage.. Parcel2Go, you can send an A4 size ream box(photocopy paper box), weighing up to 1kg, with Hermes, for under £5. (£3.50 plus vat) so , if you are, or know anyone Vat registered.... my good dead for the day!!
  7. Hate to drop out , but have too much on, a room to do up before Winter and the run up to Xmas is usually pretty stressy for me workwise... Sorry
  8. try the NFU.. they are good., and helpful.
  9. I think there are sites on the web for dog friendly beaches, pubs etc in cornwall, but other than that, I have no idea.. wet weather gear I suppose!! Thermos!!
  10. Potatoes in pots for xmas? Bulbs like hyacinth?(gloves though)
  11. Wouldn't it be great if Alan Carr did it
  12. My mum was in hospital for 12 weeks before she died. I took food every day, every meal. She was diabetic. The service was appalling, for all the patients, the food worse. I called a board meeting(threatened legal action) to get mum the pain relief she needed, and fed several ladies the food that had been left, out of reach for them, it was a stroke ward, so most were incapable of feeding themselves due to their stroke damage anyway. The general quality of the food was appalling, I wouldn't have eaten it, it looked vile, was luke warm and . well. disgusting. I have no faith in the NHS whatsoever, as there are too many layers of management, and no where near enough nursing staff, The ones who are there are overworked, are expected to deal with agency staff, so no consistency,I feel so sorry for the trained nurses , as most are excellent, and take the brunt of it all. it's a real mess. If you get ill, hope a family member or friend will watch over you.
  13. Send a dated registered letter, stating that you have a copy that you have also sent to yourself. List all the faults etc clearly. Go onto Trading standards web. Log any telephone calls. Rather send emails with receipt request, they cannot deny receiving then. It really gets me when ordinary people like us work hard, save up, and then get a shoddy job.
  14. Hello old member!! Loving the sound of the water gadget!! Tell us more...
  15. Tarka Trail, long and flat! and Very pretty
  16. Air Conditioning Engineers are sought after and paid well, all over the world; a great career choice, and not a fickle trade. We are training one at the moment, in Agricultural and automotive air con, it's a complex training, lots of things involved. I think a Trade is the way to go, as there are still too many graduates without jobs, and too few skilled tradespersons...
  17. We had GCSE results for DS last year, AS results this year, plus DD had her Math GCSE result today, 2 yrs early... Busy old time. A small comment, .. Mine have done well, but some we know "have got what they need", to go onto whatever they wish to go to.. And That is Good, so when some may appear to have done slightly less well, perhaps it's good enough!! As long as they are OK in themselves about what they've got, try to be proud as if they'd strung up the A*'s.. thanks
  18. People who come to North Devon, and don't call in for tea and cake... come on in I say!! You know who you are!!! The price of admission is... chicken/duck admiration!!
  19. There is a firm ont'web called Field and Trek..
  20. Sorted!! website called airbnb.. don't ask me how I found them, but we're going to the "Big City" for three whole days. I'll be too poor to stay any longer!!
  21. Thank you, all help gratefully received!!
  22. Try contacting Will or Caroline at Farm Fowl(Co Wicklow) as they know heaps of people, and they are lovely!! I want some of their ducks....
  23. DD wants to go clothes shopping in possibly shoreditch market soonish, she has a quirky dress sense.. Is the London Market scene good for this, and does anyone have any ideas on accommodation please?(cheap/clean!) We're in darkest Devon, so the train alone is like taking a mortgage!
  24. DS passed his after about £400 worth. I paid, for his b'day and Xmas, about £300 of that. he had 2 hr sessions, with parentals in between times. it was about £50 per two hrs.. Expensive!! he's now a named driver on the van and the car, as he can get experience without the £nearly 2k price tag of insuring his own car.
  25. Do love Rutland Water, so, so pretty. Been a while, as DS has given up competitive windsurfing, so we don't get to camp up there now, for free!!(comps cost enough, trust me!)

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