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  1. Everything is about three weeks behind, all the farmers are as well, so it's not just us!! Last weeks warm weather warmed the soil though, and my veg have really got going , at last!!
  2. We aught to do a test panel for "Which" !!
  3. Well done you, it is an achievement to stick it out sometimes, and to pass, with prospects at the end!!
  4. Thank you, you have no idea what a help this is!
  5. We replaced our old and rather quiet house phone with a cordless house phone... and it's pants! Too quiet when not on loudspeaker, and indeciferable when On loudspeaker. Any recommendations please??
  6. Mind out for the ticks. New forest is fairly popular for them.
  7. Flynn has worn teeth, Tennis balls. We now throw a Kong Fetch instead. She's never had antlers, so it's not that:(
  8. Not as amazed as I was, in real life, they are really something, and so beautifully done too. Techie son Will put up pic tonight...
  9. It's up on the Nesting Box, With baby!! Thank you, everyone, I'll get techie teen to post up another pic tonight!
  10. Is there a lady somewhere where you live who does this sort of thing? (cash!) We have one here, she's really good!!
  11. She is soooo Tiny!! All the best to all of you, enjoy her , she'll grow too quickly!
  12. Two Men attacked one man, and murdered him in cold blood. There is No Defence, and no one should hide behind race, or religion. I cannot imagine how the family of the victim must feel. It is beyond comprehension. The Press should give the attackers No coverage whatsoever.
  13. Or just be fluffy, like me, and the entire inside of the family car, so Everyone is equally plastered!!
  14. I got sent the name on FB, Marriner Yarns, that was it. It sells out really fast, I haven't bought any yet, too many UFO'S, but will soon, (got to do some decorating 1st though>>>)
  15. ANH, you got there before me!!
  16. , we had this a few yrs ago, a rat bit the cat on the bum. we opened the wound(well one held wriggling hissing cat, and the other(me) got to business) there was much puss. Think "under pressure££. Witha bite, there will prob be two wounds, so they both will need draining. We have wound powder from vet, it seems to do most things. be cautious with tea tree, it doesn't always agree with animals.. read up on tinterweb 1st Have fun!!
  17. Pic to follow!! It looks amazing! Thank you to all!! I'll send it Monday.
  18. We ahve several friends who work in special needs schools, and train whilst doing the job. All are really smashing people, who are carving good careers for themselves via this method. Maybe suggest that she goes to any special needs centre, and has a look around, (may need to make an appointment), I'm sure the staff would be more than happy to explain the ups/downs/quals needed to start, and how to continue. Hope she gets to where She wants to be, not everyone is a Rocket Scientist, but most get to where they want to be eventually
  19. I've just replanted the whole lot too. A few peas did come up, but a rat was seen eating them!!!! This weather.. will it never end?
  20. Has anyone used their stuff?? Looking at the wool blend at £1.50...
  21. ANH , you're spot on, though we don't have any new car here. It does get dried on cow poo off everything vehicular though!! We also bought in the sales, and wish we had sooner!
  22. I've had a go, and you can listen to the radio, but not watch TV when doing this!! Blood was spilt!! I made some flowers, some santas', a mushroom.. I have the stuff to do more, but have to finish some UFO's before doing anything else:(

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