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  1. i know your pain. We, as women, may be in retro bodies, but still have teenage minds!! I am guilty, and so are my freinds to me!!
  2. Look on FB sites, items for sale in (put in the nearest decent sized town) you'll be astonished what comes up!! Or Farmers free ad's....
  3. Ask them to make a better offer, listing your time/hassle/inconvenience/phone bill and upset!! £50 has a nice ring to it, don't you think!!
  4. I also did a lot of tort leg massage to get him going, and to break down any toxins!! Tortoise trust website are excellent!!
  5. Well, we had fun and games. He had to go to the Vet. 1st time ever, as he wouldn't get going, and didn't pee. His back legs got a bit fluid y , so off we went. £33 lighter, we then bought a chick lamp, (125w bulb size), and he sits under that, charging, like a phone!! It's his docking station! When fully charged, he whips around, poo everywhere, eating well, and now out in the daytime. He's never been to the vet before, and has cost us nothing except the odd worm paste over the years, but now he's in debt!!
  6. wouldn't have happened without all you lot!
  7. There is a pic, colour a bit washed out(my fault, not anyone elses, due to pants photography by me) IN nESTING BOX!
  8. Soil temp still too low, local farms not tilling yet, so I'm holding on....
  9. You just wait!! teenagers are awful!
  10. I'm probably out of date, but when I did my training (food Tech) yrs ago. Tomatoes, anything highly spiced, anything acidic, , or with hard to digest bits, seem to flare it up. Try looking for a forum, or better still, go onto any Australian medical site, as they go for plain english, easy to understand advice. Poor you, it hurts, and now you can't even comfort eat:(
  11. There will be much hissing, growling and spitting, but they do all settle down given time. Experience talking here!!
  12. I don't have to catch my choox. If I leave the back door open for 5 minutes, I have all seven of them in the kitchen
  13. The shy girl that sung "My funny Valentine", and the shadow dancers were amazing. I like BGT, but not X factory.
  14. One has gone to a safe house, to be wrapped and given, I don't think it's got to the final destination yet!!
  15. These ones are in really good condition, as they were an unexpected lot from a barn hen situation. They are fairly feathery, (unlike the last lot!), a bit skinny, and scared of everything, but I'll feed them up, and they'll be fine. I've nevre seen such pale legs, and pale combs!! Ex batts vary tremendously. I know here in Devon next week there are another 1500 needing homes, they are only 18 months old, and are so lovely; I've always had ex batts, they lay like machines, even when they are pathetic, and are such happy little birds! Take the chance, you wont regret it, and any life you give them is better than the mincer.
  16. New to me!! Ex batt barn hens, courtesy of BHWT, they are lovely Chaos reigns, but it is their 1st day of freedom. They have Feathers!! (the last lot had hardly any. Ducks to follow, soon
  17. Oh Gosh!! Thanks for that: best to find out before hunting one down!!
  18. Hello all, you're such a source of info. Has anyone got a Clarke woodburner/multi fuel, and what is it like? Thanks
  19. we've just been through this with one of ours, and had to do the deed, as she was miserable, .I take heart that she had a great time until last week, with all a chicken could want for.
  20. You let it out,poppet, , here it can not do any harm!! And breath.....
  21. Same here!! I really try not to do New, though the kids were new, and the dog, everything else is pretty much 2nd hand(except kettle/breadmaker, and the like, though microwave was a given, pre loved!!)
  22. Lovely, lovely, lovely, All of you!! I can feel the "low" from here!!
  23. Rest of the photos' would be good!!

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