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  1. Just got back from seeing Jane, and given one of her hens a lift in the car back home, as it made its bid for freedom along the road! Covered in chicken feet now, (and I'm still in my chef whites; dont tell the boss!!)

    listened to the interview as i drove along! lovely day down here!

  2. In defence of DHL; our DHL driver is Tracey, and she's BRILLIANT!!!

    She really goes the extra mile for everyone, and everyone knows her,and likes her. She's dead efficient, and we all help each other out if we can. Currently started using a Co. called Parcels to go, and they're incredibly reasonable, and use DHL as a network, for lots less ££

  3. FANTASTIC PHOTOS. If only I knew how :(

    Krysia, you are a star' and all others, thanks. The Bantam ones are on their way, going to painters tomorrow. :D

    Just got in from work(the day job)cooking for 2 schools and transporting one lot of roast dinners in the car to the second one! Fun, Now I'm needing the wine! No chance, haven't got the kids back from school yet, or done our dinner!

    Yes, I do get exhausted, but when I go on the forum, and catch all the good stuff, it's a tonic. Sorry I cant join in so much, busy boxing... hope you are all using the shredded paper for nesting , and doing the footprint thing!!

  4. It's Wednesday tomorrow!! :D

    Can anyone tell us if they have seen the skelter on the T.V.?

    One of my school meals ladies says she did but cant remember who. She thinks Jamie(???) but I guess she was dreaming as I'm sure someone would have mentioned it by now.

    Any ideas?

  5. Thank you all for the help and advice. I think I've found a very understanding(read patience of saint) person to help me. I only need a basic weblink to the email/phone number, as I'll not cope with anything too complex, due to ignorance, and lack of time!!

  6. I've posted off everyones as soon as the chq has arrived; so hopefully they've all got to where they're going!

    I posted 4 more off today, as the P.O. closes on Sat before the post arrives;

    I've just taken the next lot; :!: INCLUDING THE BANTAM SIZE !!!! :!: to the coating Co, so please spread the word; and I was introduced to some pekin bantams yesterday, so now I can access lots of tiny eggs!!

    They(the hens ) are very pretty, but the eggs are tiny, like marbles!!Tell me nothing lays them smaller!??

  7. OK I give in to technology; :? I need to build a web page for the Skelter, and have not the faintest idea... Can anyone help, or tell me who can?I've been told by Business Link that it costs £1000 !!!! I Know that's not right, so... please can someone help? A name of someone who can do this ,and explain it all Very SLOWLY to me would be great.

    Thanks so much,


  8. The Bantam Skelter is born!!

    Expected to hatch within the next ten days.

    Many thanks to Debbie for the marble size eggs, they've been rolled one thousand times; not bad for a wet Friday morning exchange! (or should that be Eggschange!!!)

  9. Now that's apretty picture!!

    I'm glad it's not just my girls that lay all colours all sizes and all shapes! Most around us have pretty shiny eggs that come out all the same size!

    Mind you, they also dont have the fun of one of theirs trying to be a house chicken :roll::roll:

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