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  1. What a lot you've all been through, I'm glad things are improving for you, and , from someone who knows(trust me!!) it's better to take a wee bit of time looking for that house, it has to "feel" right, then it will be! Good luck with the chickens!
  2. And I'm getting 5 new to me ex batts next weekend!!(20th) just got to get the duck thing sorted!!
  3. I've done both, well all of it really. I've kept myself, stayed at home with youngsters, until they started primary school, then worked 30 hrs paye, and set up and run our own business together, Now we are back to me working solely self employed, having given the paye up. with two teens. we work stupid hrs, (just finished now), but consider myself blessed to be able to take my dog with me to work, and be home for the teens , etc. We are not rich, but we are sensible.
  4. Oh yes, I remember it well!! Those were the days, eh, with the bri nylon sheets, and Jackie magazine!
  5. It's on it's way, to an address given !!(thank you!!), please open it, there is a note inside for you!(more of a begging letter, tbh!!)
  6. How about that she was an 87 year old, frail lady who had a stroke, and died, following a time of poor health. She didn't get it all right, but she didn't get it all wrong either. She was also a mother, and some people were her real friends and will be mourning her.
  7. Thanks to everyone for joining in! It's looking great, and I've learnt to ask everyone to sew their own ends in for future escapades!! Took ages!!
  8. All stitched, all edged, going to wash and block in a minute, so piccies maybe later!!
  9. Ouch, he's a bruiser!! Congratulations to you all!! get the rugby kit ready now, I reckon!!
  10. Hell, Sha, what have you done? Not purple punk hair???
  11. Hi Lewis, do you think I can get two Khakis in a classic? got everything here, but no ducks... next week, maybe, when I'vesorted out my poorly chicken...
  12. Oooh new hens!! Lucky them, and lucky you!! Rule one: Don't panic!! 2: re the cube. I have one, and did , until recently have 4 hens in it. I line the trays with newspaper:don't know whether it was deliberate, but the smaller newspapers fit the tray perfectly, so a couple of sheets in the bottom makes ckeaning out so simple, and I shake the poo into the compost bin, then ditch the paper, or burn it. My nest box is also lined with paper, then sawdust, then some straw/hemp or whatever you use. You don't need to put anything in the trays. (except the paper, to make life easy!) I clean the poo out of the nest box every am, as mine will sleep in theirs, (use a garden trowel!! ), you can compost, oNCE A WEEK, DURING COOLER WEATHER IS PLENTY ENOUGH TO CLEAN OUT FOR FOUR, i KEEP AN EYE ON THE TRAYS ETC, AND WATCH OUT FOR "SWEATY APTCHES" FROM HOT HENS IN THE NESTING AREA.. tHESE GIRLS CAN GENERATE SOME HEAT!! i DO TEND TO SLIDE THE ROOF OPEN A BIT DURING THE DAY IF i'M ABOUT, TO AIR IT ALL OUT A BIT!ignore caps, hit wrong button! Other than that, clean water is a must, every day. Chickens are , on the whole, easy, and ex batts are just the best, they are so sweet, and very grateful for anything! enjoy, and I hope all this helps. I take the whole of the easy to tak e to bits bits off and hose them off, every two weeks at the mo, once a week in summer, and scrub them off with a stiff brush. 4 don't make that much mess , to be honest, but poo sticks to the roosting bars!! like cement!! have a good look for mite when you take it to bits, as they are a pain, but easy to spot on the plastic, and heaps easier to treat, we had a wooden house before, and plastic IS fantastic!!
  13. fairly old, very skinny ex batt, with sour crop. We keep "emptying her", but she's not the best, by far. Is the kindest thing to dispatch her quickly? We tried probiotic yog, but she wont eat it, just drinking gallons
  14. Hi All, The first one is stitched together, I'm going to edge it today, wash it(to remove the stray hairs of fur it has gianed, even though it's wrapped in a sheet), block it, and stitch on some of the lovely flowers someone sent. My DD is going to make a card, to go, from everyone, I hope I got you all listed.. Did anyone Not send a note in with theirs, as I kept all the notes, I think.... I will Take a pic, but cant post it till later, for obvious reasons! It does look lovely
  15. I find I'm morphing into my late mum too.. Poor kids!!
  16. Amazing how many are out there!! Bloss is pottering about, but hasn't done the Big Pee yet, I shall give him another bath today, as the sun is warm through the window!
  17. Check out the courier Co's, some are really good, within UK, and reasonable. One Co has a number in it's title, and they are quite helpful, esp for smaller businesses , who aren't going to hit larger volumes some demand...
  18. Hmmmm. I had heard the quality had plummeted. We will see what happens next!!
  19. Unbelievable. The only word for it. I shall be writing a letter, not that it'll do any good. The price of posting some things has more than doubled.
  20. Bloss is back with us, eyes wide, sat in front of the wood burner!! A long sleep, since October half term!!

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