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  1. We have deep snow here and I tried to drive into town yesterday and my 4x4 started going backwards down the hill so I turned round and came home! I love the snow and it's so nice to have Christmas in the snow but....... We don't have enough food for the baby (I need apples and butternut squash!) and my two year old who surely should love it hates it!!!! I will be walking the four miles into town tomorrow to get some food. Oh to be in England! The chookies hate it as well they keep looking at me like I have punished them for something. I can't let them out in their run as the electric fence will not work in the snow. So they are quite fed up with just the basic cube run. Bless them though they still seem to be laying. Can eggs freeze outside in this weather??? Cinnamon your chicken run looks amazing. Do you need planning permision to put up something like that? Do you use Hemcore in there? I really think something like that would be great for next winter.
  2. Hi Just wanted to hear from anyone who has used Glencroft Poultry. I am thinking about getting another eight girlies and was thinking of using them as they do a blue egg laying hybrid. I would have to have them delivered as I don't live close by so wanted to make sure before buying. Any help welcome Thanks in advance D & C
  3. May I suggest that you email some photos to james@omlet.co.uk; I am sure that, as the designer of the product, he will be able to come up with something. Thanks I will try doing that. I don't like the idea that the rats can get in the cube when ever they take a fancy, although I guess with them now being on the concreat it's more difficult, although I have read that rats can fit through the run bars !
  4. Yes, I know that I just don't want any part of that product in my diet, so would like to know how long it takes for the wormer to get out of the chickens system. I have read it takes a month is this correct? Thanks
  5. We have now moved the hens over the weekend on to the concreat, we have steralised the run and the cube. We have as I had said that we would put hencore in the run. WhatI found really upsetting was that the rats had actually chewed into th e cube!!! I took the whole thing to bits to clean and looked to see if any rat damage and could not see anything, it was only after it had been cleaned and we had a really good look again that the damage became apparent. If you open the sliding door at the top and look at the hens door it's at the bottom of there on the LHS. I'm hoping we will be able to repair it somehow - any ideas??? I think maybe a call to Omlet? Still unsure how to get rid of the rats, I am of course aware that just moving the hens does not get rid of rats. We have left the electric fence up where they used to be (so the dogs can't get there) and put traps and poison down the holes. We also flooded the holes but nothing came out so we are thinking that they probably do not live in those holes they were just a means to get the food! Apparently you can buy iluminating rat gel which the little darling pick up on there feet and then you can follow to know where they go, it's quite expensive but maybe wort it in the long run. I have put the chooks on flubenvet to clear out any nasties from their system and we have been throwing the eggs away this week. Having read the ingrediants list I don't fancy some of those things being in my diet, does anyone know how long it takes to work it's way through their system? Thanks for replies Michelle
  6. Hi, Thanks for your replies, we will have to resort to the council option if nothing else works but very expensive, as it's not domestic garden, the hen's are on our agricultural land which we swoped with our neighbour for garden land, we ended up with a much bigger garden, but has it's down sides! Putting paving slabs round under the run skirt would not help as one of the rat holes is right in the middle of the run!!!! We don't have a cat and although next doors cat is much too interested in our chooks it does not cross the electric fence! Poison is a no go as apparently if you put poison down the holes the rats come out and pull the poison with them then the chooks might eat it ! We will be moving the chooks tomorrow and worming them and giving their run/cube a really good clean. They will go on the concreat with paving slabs on top of the run skirt just to make sure and then we will put poison down round the run, in guttering pipe so our dogs can't eat it, plus traps. As for the rats in their holes what to do.........? I can't enjoy my girls with the rats it's just horrid, I hope we come up with a solution soon. D&C
  7. About a month ago I said to my husband that he needed to move a board he has left in the chicken run, he looked at me like I was stupid and left it there , being pregnant I did not want to lift it so against my better judgement it stayed. About a week after that I noticed holes round the edge of the board so I decided that although I would struggle to get the board out of the run I could lean it up against the cube, which I did. Underneath were about 5 HUGE RATS - YUK YUK YUK!!!!!!! Anyway rats did a runner and I told hubby we could see no further signs of problem so did not do anything more - big mistake! Although not sure what we would have done at that stage, as no holes! Yesterday I went up to see the chooks and there looked like there was rat poop in the nest box So I pulled the cover of the run and had a good look around, there is a HUGE hole in the run floor and a hole under the side of the run - I guess so they can get out! Hubby has been looking after the chooks as I have been really unwell with the pregnancy and he had left the board to blow back over. I picked it up no rats, and feeling really fed up that I am so pregnant I can do nothing myself leave it for then. Hubby gets back last night and says he can do nothing in the dark - well fair enough and he had to leave early to go away with work. I went up there again this morning for another look and there is another clearly well used hole at the side of the board I moved yesterday so I have struggled and heaved the beeping thing out of the run . My question is now what? The hens have had their cube in the same place for a couple of months with a hemcore bed (normally it's moved every week or so, but with the awful weather we have left it in the one place), they then have access to the outside in a large electric fenced area to free range. I could move the hens onto the concreat but they then would not have access to the outside as there electric fence would not be able to be put up. I am not overly worried about them having access at the current time, as it's only access to mud anyway and they can still have a hemcore bed in their run, which is the normal Omlet run, with 3 extensions, so is that big enough for eight hens? and would moving them be the right thing to do? I have read somewhere else on the forum rats can get through the bars of the run so moving them onto the concreat may not help anyway? What have others in a similar situation done. My neighbour says we should stick a hose pipe down the hole, deal with any that come out and the babies will meet with the water, sounds awful! In more ways than one!!! Sorry this is so long but any help would be appreciated! Thanks D&C
  8. I can't beleive anyone would have 30 slings Why would you have so many?
  9. I have a sling, a baby bjorn one with added lumbar support. I tryed several after I first had Pea but although this was the best of the lot 20mins was always the most I could manage with him in it. Hubby will still take him out in it now as he's still under the weight allowence! I however have spent so much money sorting my back out it's not worth not havng a double buggy. I would have to have a buggy for one of them anyway, I may as well make my life easy and have one for the two of them. Wish the P&T's was a tad cheaper though! M
  10. I have actually now gone full circle! I had decided against the P&T's due to the baby/younger child seeming to sit in the shopping basket. I then found some reveiws online that said a similar thing about them and there younger child screaming due to hating not being able to see from about 6mths and having to buy something else, in my opinion they cost enough and we would not be able to afford to buy again. Anyway I have now decided that against this I will be getting the Phil and Teds, so choice made - horray. Thanks all. Now I just need to decide between vibe and sports.......? And if the sports the colour.....??? With all the different colours available it would be like choicing the cube all over again Michelle
  11. We have a sling so did think we would use that some of the time, but I suffer with back problems and although it was fine with No. 1 when he was really small it only really worked for about 20min walks after he was about 2mths old. This would not work as we go for at least half hour walks normally. I had considered a buggy board and was given one by a friend a while back but having taken No. 1 in a shop the other day and had him running everywhere I decided that was not an option for the moment. Also he was really late walking as he had problems from birth so would really restrick where/how long a walk could be. It really does need to be a buggy, just need some advice on the best type/brand/make. The above coments have made me think twice about the first wheels, which means I'm really back at stage 1 again! I'm not keen on the phil and teds as the second child always looks like they are stuffed in the shopping basket. I also have several friends who have told me they could not use theirs after their younger one was 6mths as they hated not being able to see properly. I like the idea of side by side buggies but which one........? Will have a look on mumsnet - never heard of it before! Thanks M
  12. We are currently expecting our second baby, and I am starting to look into double buggies. They do not seem to sell what I ideally would like but the closest match I can come up with is the first wheels city twin. The buggy would need to be able to go in the car, although we have a large car so I am not worried about size when clapsed. We will use the buggy for both popping to the shops and off road. My older child will be 22 months when the new baby arrives (if all goes to plan!). I like the idea of the above mentioned buggy as it can be used with a carry cot for the baby. We can also have which ever child facing us or away. If you use this buggy then pro's and con's please and if you would reccommend? Also if you use a different double buggy, make, pro's, con's and if you would reccommend and why. Many thanks in advance Michelle
  13. Dito what you have said Snowy. Not one I would have chosen myself but very interesting none the less. Off to look up next months book.
  14. Thanks for the hugs Looney. I could do with some TLC at the moment! Baths do help, hubby gets quite fed up as I have been having baths that are two hours long! But I feel better in the bath so I stay there and read a book! I have stopped using the bands as they did not seem to make and difference. I feel really hungrey this evening but also really sick so another night of no food again. I guess I will be looseing another 1.5 stone in this pregnancy too ! Mx

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