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  1. Thanks for the replies, I guess I just need to wait and see... she seems happy and healthy now so maybe just time or perhaps she will never lay a blue egg
  2. Hey, We have a MK1 Eglu cube, the 3 others just lay in the one corner. so I guess just the one nest box. Is it going to make her ill if she doesn't lay at all? She has been squatting for about a month? maybe more... as you may remember she was really not well but has perked up a lot Thanks for the replies
  3. Hi, We have a Devon Blue Hybrid hen. We bought her at POL a couple weeks before Christmas and the stamp on the receipt said her hatch date was 22nd July. I’m assuming that’s not very accurate as she was quite small and the other hen we bought (an Amber Rock) was a lot bigger but apparently hatched the same day. The Amber Rock started laying in late January but still nothing from the Devon Blue. Her comb is full and red and she crouches down when you want to stroke her. When will she lay? She is the lowest on the pecking order in a flock of 4 so I don’t know if that has something to do with it. However I don't think she is being picked on, and although she is noticeably submissive to the other hens I do not think she is unwell or picked on. Happy to wait but just wondered ?
  4. Hi, Im down in Devon Thanks for the help They do seem much better so thank you
  5. Thanks for the replies and thanks for all the help... :) I tried some Diatomaceous earth but I'm not sure how much it helped, maybe it did.. But almost done with this 2nd round of flubenvet, No sign of worms at all. Id have to say all the hens look happy, the original hens looked fine anyway but the 2 new hens we picked up looked sickly when they arrived, actually we brought them from the same place as the original lot and when we got them they were not in great shape maybe its time to find another seller one of the new ones has started to lay which is nice an amber rock the other one (below) still isn't laying yet Can you tell by a picture if she is close to laying? she is a devon blue and looking forward to blue/green eggs When we first got her home she wouldn't move, she was just stuck in one place, she actually had like whitish liquid coming from her mouth like sick maybe? didn't think she was going to make it to be honest, but im new to keeping chickens so what do I know
  6. Right, Picked up another 5kg bag and will start tomorrow morning. Will report back Thanks for all the help
  7. Thanks for your responses I read the bag when we used it but I've thrown it away now so can't look back. I have found a link that shows this with regards to flubenvet 1% dose on layers pellets: it is licensed to be used every three weeks (so one week on, two off, one on) in areas where there are known worm infestations and wild birds present causing the hens to be susceptible to re-infestation. Source: https://www.justanswer.com/bird-vet/74th1-often-safely-use-flubenvet-chickens-used.html I obviously don't want to cause any harm to the girls so any help, advice or experience is really appreciated
  8. Hi, I recently introduced 2 new chickens to a current flock of 3 the original 3 seemed fine, the new ones seemed ill when they arrived so tried everything we can to boost them back up or help them feel better and then a course of Marriages Layers Pellets with Flubenvet which they ate for a week with no snacks or treats. we found I think white worms in the poo so that seems positive. Its now been 2 weeks since then and now I can see dead red worms on the rooster bars when I cleaned out the coop does that mean the single course of worming wasn't enough and I should do another week in a couple of weeks time? All the hens seem happy as normal bar one, she seems slightly unhappy but she is also one of the new hens and the lowest in the pecking order so maybe she is just submissive and not ill at all but with the red worm and slightly lower activity then the others maybe she is still not 100% Ive attached a picture of the worms, not sure if its useful or just graphic/gross I forgot to take a picture of the red worm. Anyway how soon can I reuse marriages pellets with flubenvet, I did call them and ask them that question but the lady on the phone said she would get back to me and never did
  9. Just Thought I'd make an update, Used a level to make sure the egg box is completely level which it is now, the egg box side door has actually always been partially shielded by the neighbours fence but that hasn't stopped the rain water getting in. Anyway yea now it is completely level it has stopped 75% maybe 80-90% of the rain but the real heavy driving rain it still gets it wet. Thanks for all the suggestions :)
  10. Hi, Thanks for the response. Have you got any pictures you could share of the extra rubbers? Just looked in the nest box again this morning and it's wet although it hardly rained last night. All your help is really appreciated.
  11. Thanks for the reply, it isn't 100% level so that would be a good start to try.
  12. Hi All We bought a Mk1 Cube second hand to house our 3 hens. Everything looks good - nothing looks broken or perished but every time it rains - water gets into the back end of the nest box. Not sure if this is from the side door or the back. It saturates the shavings we put in and the hens don't seem to lay in there until we clean it out which is quite inefficient when it's everyday. Has anyone else experienced this or does anyone have any ideas of what we could try to stop this happening?

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