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  1. Hi, I’m desperate for advice, me and my daughter have a kitten Ocean he’ll be 8 months old soon, he’s been going out for almost a month now but my neighbours keep coaxing him to then and then picking him up and taking him in their house and keeping him in there, they’re cat has never been vaccinated, doesn’t wear a collar and is crawling with fleas meaning everytime I physically go and get my cat back in a confrontation I have to bring my kitten home and comb him for fleas, my kitten is vet registered, microchipped, flead, wormed, fully vaccinated and very much loved by me and my little girl, I’ve tried talking to them several times, I’ve even called the police this morning because I recorded how volatile the confrontations are when I’m simply asking for my cat back, does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do? Because I also have strong reason to suspect they are mistreating my kitten when he’s in there aswell, I don’t understand why they won’t just leave him alone to roam free 😤😤

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