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  1. Ok thank you. We bought the Omlet run with the wire on the bottom integrated in to the run as it was advised by Omlet to prevent digging and to prevent foxes digging underneath and get to the rabbit. Or so they say!!
  2. Thanks for your reply. The wires are fairly well imbedded in to the grass/ground, so I think her feet are safe enough. Surely the rabbit would be sitting on wire if the run was on paving slabs? Also, she enjoys grazing on the grass so I wouldn't want to take that pleasure (and health benefit) away from her. I was thinking of laying chicken wire underneath the eagle run wires as the gaps between this are smaller?
  3. My rabbit has been in the Eglu hutch and run for a month and has now figured out she can dig up the ground underneath the run, through the wires. Has anyone else had this problem and does anyone have any suggestions about how to prevent it? Thank you 😊

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