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  1. Hi a local poultry farm near me did mention an Australorp cockerel might be the cross 👍 that might be next springs experiment with cross breeding thank for the memory jog 😂
  2. Hi yeah you’re right could take years to find the cross and cream legbars ( which I have) do lay coloured eggs but not the size/ colour I’m after, I have EE/BCM/Barred rock/ Barnevelder/RIR/white leghorns/Wellsummer so I’ve got a wide choice of crosses that I’ve tried but failed to find colour/size I’m after, I’ll persevere with it just in case I come across the right pairing
  3. Thanks to all who have commented on my inquiries about these hens, I think I’ll have to try different crosses which will take time to get this hybrid reproduced again 🤞as I’m sure this cross would be a popular back garden chicken, calm, goes broody, large sky blue eggs, and to top it a nice looking hen, I will have to spend a considerable amount of time trying to replicate this hybrid if at all mike
  4. Hi are these Prairie bluebell cockerels available in uk as I’ve not heard of them before mike
  5. Hi Dont know where they moved to, think it was up north,he was passing my place saw a field with hens free ranging and called in asked if I wanted some hens then dropped them off, I wouldn’t think their that old the legs are still clean not scaled yet, two did go broody this year so even though they are hybrids they still have it in them so might be first cross, one hen has started laying again after a moult hoping the other start after their moult so they are winter layers aswell which makes it even more confusing as to their breeding maybe someone on here might have either had these or knows of the cross to produce these birds
  6. Hi the reason I think they were purchased is along with these 4 they gave me 4 white leghorns 1 barred rock 1 Sussex 1 wellsummer 1 copper maran 2 ex commercial hens, no cockerels all hens that makes me think they weren’t hatched out by them unless they disposed of the cockerels but they didn’t seem to be people that would hatch chicks then dispose of the males
  7. Hi thanks for your reply I have 4 hens like this someone said they might be cream legbar x white leghorns but I have tried this cross and young hens nothing like them, originally I thought they were bluebells but as you said they lay tinted eggs not large sky blue like these, as you’ve said they must be a hybrid but for this person to have 4,I don’t think it was a hatching that they done I’m sure it would have been a few birds they purchased
  8. Hi anyone out there help to identify these hens, they were given to me by someone who was moving house, they lay large sky blue eggs and are Sussex size birds mike

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