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  1. Good idea, that might work for them. Thanks! You're absolutely right, they'll do whatever they want wherever they want! I'll have to keep blocking the duck house, I just want to give them something to play in, because it's not like they have 100sqm of garden to play in or anything fun like that...
  2. How about one of these packs? https://www.best4hedging.co.uk/rspb-bird-friendly-plants-c263 I don't work for them or anything, I'm just planning to plant one of our borders and will likely use one of those hedge packs. My logic is that if it's RSPB approved then it's very likely to be safe for chickens.
  3. I think that's the challenge. I have a tarp over the top but rain will get in so I don't think having a full aubiose base is something I can do. I'm wondering if there's a way I can create a little sheltered area for them to scratch around in the aubiose. Mine had a log but they completely ignored it
  4. Hi everyone! I'm a long-time reader and first time poster. This forum has been the source of so much information for me and so I finally decided to register. I have 4 hens and 3 ducks. They have a great big Omlet walk in run on woodchip and have two separate coops - an Eglu Cube for the chickens and a Solway duck house for the ducks - they're indian runners so they need the height. The ducks are disgusting so they're on aubiose, which has been game changing for them but I have a small problem. At any available opportunity, the chickens will go into the duck house and scratch around in the aubiose. Sounds adorable, but I end up with bedding all over the run. They love it so much that they even choose not to free range in the garden and would rather trash the duck house. I'm wondering if I can build something and fill it with aubiose for some hentertainment - I know we're all expecting a flockdown and although I have enough space for all of them I'll be feeling guilty. Plus they seem to love the aubiose more than corn... I considered switching the run base to aubiose but the floor will get wet so that doesn't seem like a good idea. Any ideas for a way to let the girls have some fun without destroying the nice, neat duck bed?

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