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  1. Thanks for the info on straw and red mites I did not know that.
  2. Hi everyone I'm considering building a new coop fir my chickens and getting rid of my eglu. The design I have in kind is a wooden panel on the the bottom and chicken wire above a wooden roof inside a straw floor a nesting box at the corner and a roosting perch I the middle I will try and find a picture. But if anyone van picture it let me know what you think. Will
  3. Hi everyone In the end I decided on a welsummer and a Wheaton maran they seem OK the welsummer seems the most docile the maran seems shy and my small legvar hybrid seems to be on top they have not started to lay yet and I look forward to when they do. This is one of my first forum posts and I'm so so happy with all the replies. So thank yiu very much. I again thank you for your replys. Will Ps I have attached the picture of the new hens ( they are camera shy)
  4. Yes I would prefer to get that but I can't find any used stands and runs.
  5. Hi there I currently have an eglu go but I would like to swap it for a used eglu go up does anyone have an go up for sale I'm in Buckinghamshire. If anyone has any for sale let me know. Many thanks Will
  6. Hi everyone thanks for all the replies on my recent post on Welsummer I am visiting a breeder on Monday so fingers crossed! I would just like anyone to attach some pictures of there welsummers eggs I would also appreciate some photos of Wheaton Maran eggs and just generally rainbow egg baskets people have. Happy New Year Will
  7. Thank you for that I will check it out. Many thanks
  8. Hi I am looking at buff Orpingtons or another coloured orpington and I'm interested in there egg colour. I have heard that some lay pinkish eggs. Anyone with experience with Orpingtons let me know what egg colour they laid. I look forward to your responses. Will🐔
  9. Thank you for that I have messaged them and I hope they have those breeds!
  10. I am in Buckinghamshire. I cannot find a local breeder at the moment but I'm not sure.
  11. Do you know weather there available in the UK and any places where there sold.
  12. Thank you for that I would love a bantam welsummer but I cannot find one so I will probably get the standard size. I would love a rainbow egg basket. I currently have a legbar that lays blue eggs. I'm looking for two more hens I would like some unusual coloured eggs but the hens must have a good tempermant and lay at least 160 eggs a year it also must be readily available in the UK. Any suggestions?
  13. Hi I'm looking for some new hens 2 I have enrolled legbar hybrid in my go. She is nervous but not extreme nervous I'm considering tge following breeds, welsummer, bantam buff Orpington, a hybrid maran ( lays dark eggs) and an austalorp can people reply with there experiences with those birds I'm especially interested in the welsummer and weather they are bullies. I look forward to your replys! Will
  14. Hi I already have an eglu go and was wondering if anyone has a eglu go up stand and/or a eglu go up run that they can sell used, new is very expensive so I was wondering if anyone had any used for sale? Many thanks Will 🐔

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