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  1. They are 1st broodies I understand that it is a risk, ill try and get one broody!
  2. I have a welsummer, wheaten maran and a hybrid, I'm planning to hatch chicks for a friend, My maran was broody last week, but I think i could get her broody again by putting eggs in the nest box(any other ways of getting them broody are appreciated) but im wondering which hen will be the best broody/mother? thank you!
  3. Hello everyone I was thinking of getting a walk in run the omlet wir seems extraordinarily expensive I have seen gardern life direct ones are good and has anyone had any specially made for them if si hoe much was it? Many thanks Will
  4. I was thinking about getting buff orpington bantams, does anyone hadlve any experience with them or normal ones are the bantams eggs small and are the normal ones Huge?
  5. Hello! Silly question but can you put day old chicks under a broody hen? Or does it have to be fertile eggs? Many thanks Will
  6. I'm not great on this subject as I have luckily not had to deal with them I have rats in my shed they don't eat pellets as there in a safe feed bin but they have seemed to dissappear since my family got 2 kittens. So I would suggest getting some barn cats cats protection have them they will control them maybe. I dont have any other ideas yet though keep shooting them as well as it does something at least. Hope you deal with them eventually Will
  7. Yes I forgot to mention it was 24 weeks they said
  8. Hi I bought purebreeds (pol) in January my welsummer started laying a month ago but my Wheaton maran has not laid her comb is still pale. I'm in England and it has been warm do you know when she should start laying? Many thanks Will
  9. Go onto allabout dog food they compare dog foods and show you which is best.
  10. I feed my cavapoochon pup guru surf and turf tesco food will be unhealthy a balanced dry diet is best if not guru go for acana or canagan buy food online or in a petshop as the food in the supermarket is cheap and low quality.
  11. Ok thank you everyone. I will let you know if she starts laying in the nest box
  12. Ok do you think I should add a poultry palace to the run in case the other hens take up the nest box?
  13. Hi everyone I don't know which one but one of my purebreeds has started laying but she has started laying in the run The run at the moment is muddy and full of poo so it is not ideal. Is there any suggestions for what to do to get her to lay in the nest box? Many thanks Will

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