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  1. Thank you for that I would love a bantam welsummer but I cannot find one so I will probably get the standard size. I would love a rainbow egg basket. I currently have a legbar that lays blue eggs. I'm looking for two more hens I would like some unusual coloured eggs but the hens must have a good tempermant and lay at least 160 eggs a year it also must be readily available in the UK. Any suggestions?
  2. Hi I'm looking for some new hens 2 I have enrolled legbar hybrid in my go. She is nervous but not extreme nervous I'm considering tge following breeds, welsummer, bantam buff Orpington, a hybrid maran ( lays dark eggs) and an austalorp can people reply with there experiences with those birds I'm especially interested in the welsummer and weather they are bullies. I look forward to your replys! Will
  3. Hi I already have an eglu go and was wondering if anyone has a eglu go up stand and/or a eglu go up run that they can sell used, new is very expensive so I was wondering if anyone had any used for sale? Many thanks Will 🐔

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