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  1. Been to watch Eclipse this evening. I took both my younger sisters and one of their friends. We went to our local small cinema that I had never been to before. My sisters who had been before were not really that enthusiastic about it so i was expecting it to be a bit rubbish to be honest. However I was really impressed. The sound, lights, seats etc were really good for a 1 screen cinema in an old silk mill! It was also pretty quiet for a film that is on advance screenings, i thought that loads of people would want to watch it early. Anyway onto the film. I always try and judge the books and films separately as they are never the same. I love the books (well actually the 4th one does get a bit strange) Anyway i really enjoyed the film, I haven't read the book for ages so couldn't really remember the story that well which was probably a good thing as then i couldn't compare them too much. Was also interesting because I read the 'Bree' story on the internet recently so could understand a bit more from the newborns perspectives. Some funny moments where the whole cinema burst out laughing which was good. Also a few (not enough) moments of Jacob with no top on! So has anyone else seen it yet? What did you think? Emma
  2. Thanks for the suggestions so far. Looney-thanks for the tip about calligraphers-looks just what i'm looking for. Need to count up approx how many names there are in the tree so i can contact some and get some prices!
  3. Me and my grandma have been doing our family tree together recently. We have taken trips to do more research and it seems to be going well. Anyway its her 80th Birthday in October(not usually like me to be planning this far in advance!) and so i thought it would be nice if i could get her side of the tree written up and then put in a frame for a present. However i have no idea where i can go to do this, does anyone know of an online company that would write it out. I have decided that i would rather it was written out than typed. Any ideas?
  4. I never wear an apron when cooking anything. The one my mum made doesn't have any pockets and is made from shiny material that can just be wiped down-however its no good for wiping wet/floury etc hands on! I love the idea of an apron but mum's just isn't very practical so i don't see the point-maybe i'll have to make myself one! It can be my project for the next few weeks!
  5. Bronte is from my local town. I've never heard of her and didn't know anyone from round here was going to be on so it was a suprise when they said on the tv! There is a big article in the local paper and i've seen two massive banners today with her photo on. I don't have any favourites yet. Really enjoyed watching it last week though!
  6. Well i finally made it to the library and have got the book! Had a quick flick through and everything looks so yummy! I love that it has pictures of everything as well-something to aim for! I'm thinking i'll have a go at the brownies tomorrow or maybe Sunday so if (a big if) there are any left we can take them down to my cousins that we are staying with next week!
  7. Well mine have just come out of the aga. I was slightly worried because the recipe i used called for a kenwood with dough hook which we don't have so i used my hands instead and they didn't really rise. However they did rise up loads when they were cooked. We have all just had one each and they are yummy! Hmm....we are visiting family on Monday so i'll maybe make some more to take with us and share! Yey to hot cross buns!!
  8. Olly-my sister has had to do the comparing thing. A few weeks ago she made some sort of pie thing, it looked truely horrible to me. It was a tin of mushrom soup, a tin of tuna with crisps and breadcrumbs sprinkled on the top They are supossed to be making something along those lines but using all fresh ingredients but she hasn't done it yet. So far both sisters have made-scones, flapjack, soup, biscuits with cherries, pizza, beef mince, spag bol and some other stuff. Food tech for me was a waste of time really as i've learnt to look from watching mum cook so all the meals she makes i can make too. However its probably done good for my brother as otherwise he has done no cooking because has no interest in it whatsoever.
  9. Well i decided to get it from the library first so i could see how aga friendly the recipes are. I can collect it now but i won't get into the library before it shuts at 1pm I'm hoping i'll have chance to get it on Monday all this talk of lovely brownies is making me hungry! *Emma decides its time to make chocolate muffins as a substitute!*
  10. Hmm i think i might treat myslef ot this book sounds really good. Will have to fiddle around with the cooking times/temperatures as we have an Aga.
  11. Wow i love those! I think i'll definately be making some this weekend, we do a cake similar to wacky cake that everyone likes so should be on to a winner. Also love the sound of curly wurly muffins! How do you make a fudge topping?
  12. Poet-after reading your message i've been going up a bit earlier to sort the horses out so a least i'm there. I only had to catch 3 yesterday and so i just left them all in the stable rather than catching them all again to put in the house. I've been up this morning but i forgot to open the henhouse door so all the eggs had been laid nestled in a pile of rugs in the spare stable! Well they are the eggs i've found so far, at least two go off and lay them in the hedges! I'll try and get some photos later!
  13. Loads of good suggestions. My sister (just turned 12 on Wed) is an avid reader and reads so quickly, I struggle to find books in the teenage section of the library for her! I'm going to copy some titles out so i can look for them next time i go to the library.
  14. I've been helping out where i ride recently and just before Christmas the owner got some ex-batts. Well i was actually scared of chickens unless they were behind a fence of some sort. However since helping out and having chickens wandering around my legs i've finally conquered my fear! I've realised that its the flapping i didn't like(and still don't really like) However i now pick them up when they won't get out of the stables! This weekend i'm looking after the horses as the owner is going away which means i'm on chicken duty too. I went up this evening about 5:15(our chickens had already gone to bed) however these ex-batts were still wandering the fields so me and my sister had to catch them to put them away so they were safe overnight. I'm planning to go up later tomorrow in the hope that they have realised its bed time! The horse that is on box rest is so tolerant of them. When i'm mucking him out they all wander in and out of his legs and lay eggs in his hay when he is eating it! Its definately made me realise how ace chickens are, they are so nosey and just want to know constantly what i'm doing! Also i can't believe how much they have changed in a couple of months. She didn't have any that were really bald but none of them were in good condition by any means. Now they all look fantastic, all full feathered and free to wander to their hearts content. Just wanted to share with people that i knew would care
  15. She is gorgeous! Love her name too. Hope the training continues to go well.

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