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  1. i attached one to my eglu go run , was easy and works great. obviuosly in winter i will actually go out and shut there coop door, but for now its working great, and they can get out at 6.30am, i have two eglu gos, connect to the one run.
  2. so i did it all finished and done, i fitted on my auto door the other day, then this morning i attached my my 2nd eglo go to the same run. so when i go away I can be assured they get to bed without a hassle, my daughter is looking after them who lives in the same house, but... you know just peace of mind they can al go into the same run and then into their coops and the auto door will close, and they are safe..i also got a coop light with it.. I bent and fitted the pieces in easily took the plastic outer (pink) off and the put the wire in and screwed it into place then i used a grinder and cut a piece out of side of run, adn used the rest of bits to attach run to older run, its really secure, all good.
  3. I messaged omlet people, and they told me yes it would fit? I even sent a picture with arrows and stuff where i wanted it to go.? hmmstrange nowim unsure wether to get it, and they are having a sale right now in australia..
  4. sorry an omlet go, i just want to fit the first piece on, the one that goes around the coop door into the sides of plastic, then attach it to something else do you think just a one metre extension will do the job, saves buyin te whole run just for tat one piece..thanks
  5. hi was trying not to waste a whole run, was wondering whether just a extension piece would fit onto the eglu go , like the first piece of a run? is it the same fit and shape would it work. As i want to do similar to you.thanks sharon
  6. question, If i bought a eglu go extension piece, can i attach that the to the eglu go as the first piece, next to the door the one that sits in the plastic round the door,, or is it different shape or fit?? I just need the first bit, so i can attach it to the bottom of my eglu go up> like two coops one run which will have a auto door attached, hope yous all get what i mean. instead of buying the whole run which i wont use. thanks sharon

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