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  1. Thanks both. Taking steps to limit infection in birds which might come into close contact with humans seems reasonable given the risk of human infection.
    I disagree that keeping the chickens under cover is no problem for them, though. Even with a pretty huge walk-in run, my chickens would still much rather be exploring the garden. Seeing them scratch around in wood chips all day seems pretty miserable to me. Fingers crossed it doesn’t last until April again.

  2. Is there any evidence that applying these housing measures to back garden chickens actually helps to reduce the spread significantly? I find it difficult to believe that putting my 7 birds inside is going to make much of a difference when there are still hundreds of wild birds flying around my garden potentially spreading the disease to each other. If it’s just the risk to the flock itself that’s the concern, then I would be happy to take the risk of allowing them to free range in the same way that I risk attacks from foxes.

    Happy to be educated by someone who knows more about this subject. In the meantime I will grudgingly comply with the law.

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