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  1. ajm200

    Take one whole free range chicken

    I buy little pots of massaman paste. They are made buy the company who make all the stir fry sauces. Something dragon? If I’m making it for adults I buy a spice kit too for extra zing.
  2. ajm200

    Take one whole free range chicken

    Slow cook with red currant jelly and garlic. Cube some for a shepherds pie with lots of carrots, onions, peas and beans to bulk it out. When you only have a little bit left you could make a lamb, potato and cashew massaman or Rogan curry.
  3. ajm200

    Cat tree

    I don’r Want to clip their wings. I like the idea that they can fly to get away from predators. Their little legs and comedy running style won’t save them
  4. ajm200

    Cat tree

    Mr ‘I don’t want chickens’ has noticed that out bantams like to perch on anything above ground level in the garden. We have two that can fly up onto things 6ft o from a standing start and higher with a run up. He’s talking about buying a cat tree with flat ‘shelves’ for them to use in the garden to keep them off the fences and trees. They like to hide in the lower branches of the bay tree but are getting more adventurous and going higher Aren’t most commercially available cat trees for indoor use and made of sisal covered cardboard?
  5. They are still looking for homes for 72 ex battery hens. In Crowthorne
  6. We have two budgies. Neither bath and both are really healthy. They get sprayed occasionally when they have a shrieking competition and get too loud. They both hate water. They have deep sand on the floor of the cage and don’t dustbath either. Personally I wouldn’t worry
  7. https://www.bracknellnews.co.uk/news/17508586.the-british-hen-welfare-trust-will-be-holding-a-hen-rehoming-day-in-crowthorne/
  8. ajm200

    First eggs

    The kids are having one each for breakfast in the morning 🍳. They are really excited. My son hates egg whites so he’ll be pleased as I always make him finish the whole egg
  9. ajm200

    What have you all been making...part two...

    Making lap blankets for a charity. It’s working up fast. Started yesterday and 3 balls of wool gone already. Can’t decide if I like the colours but I have enough to make a blanket so it is what it is. Bit too much dirty grey
  10. ajm200

    First eggs

    Our little bantams have finally laid some eggs. Didn’t realise how tiny they would be
  11. ajm200

    Take one whole free range chicken

    We cook s chicken every week (sorry @AndyRoo! ) We spatchcock it and cook it over vegetables and stock. It is easy to cut the cooked bird into 4 portions. We usually carve one breast for a roast dinner with lots of veg, the other goes into sandwiches. One leg portion shredded into a curry with potatoes, chickpeas, lentils or sweet potato depending on what we have available. The other goes into a jambalaya or risotto. The veg and stock either become gravy or the basis of a soup. Our plates are mainly veg for most meals so we are fairly frugal with the bit of meat we do eat
  12. ajm200

    Travel pillow recommendations

    What all our a mini memory foam pillow. You can get some that are similar to the tempur pillow. I have the original version. Don’t know if the latest are the same shape. Something like this? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Orthopaedic-travel-comfortable-thermo-active-viscoelastic/dp/B06W9HS1R2/ref=asc_df_B06W9HS1R2/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=205166379524&hvpos=1o6&hvnetw=g&hvrand=2765654486964286756&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=m&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9045755&hvtargid=pla-376064899179&psc=1
  13. ajm200


    Hope they can do something to ease the pain @Ursula123. I had investigations for severe stomach pain a few years ago and it turned out to be a small hernia, I was told that most women who’ve had children have done degree of hernia and never know as most never cause pain. I do remember how painful it was at the time. Mine did settle down and rarely gives me problems now just acid reflux and heartburn from time to time. Take it easy and I hope you feel better soon
  14. As some of you know I have a lot going on atm and as a result my emotions are all over the place. I need to be busy so i’ve decided to channel some of this nervous energy and negativity into something positive. i’ve found some crochet stitches that I can, literally, do with my eyes shut and I’m going to make lap blankets to donate to charity. Can I ask what size you blankets you think would be good to use in a hospital chair. Too big an it will be heavy and a trip hazard but it needs to be big enough to be useful and warm. I’m short and plump so what works for me probably won’t work for others. The charity suggest bigger than 1m2 but that’s not much of a cover for an adult
  15. ajm200

    Pecking block

    Not getting at anyone. Just being silly 😉