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  1. ajm200

    The Fox is back 😕

    Sorry must have written that on a day when my eyes were pretty bad. Surprised you made sense of it
  2. ajm200


  3. ajm200

    Bitzas/cross breeds

    Maybe this place? https://m.facebook.com/TheSuffolkChickenCompany/?locale2=en_GB tbry seem to do the standard meadowsweet hybrids, some that lay blue and green eggs and pure breeds too
  4. That was my concern but the new cube had a single tray which must be quite awkward to manoeuvre and empty
  5. ajm200

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    It’s a bigger mess now. We just need some sort of direction and stability.
  6. ajm200

    Chicken jumping

    Our last white one, a hybrid, literally died of fright at around 40 weeks. We assume a fox was near by. She was always noisy and anxious. Was hoping this one would be calmer
  7. Only the size. Our rabbits weren’t/aren’t keen on getting wet so avoid going into their well covered run in bad weather. They have a double height 5ft enclosed hutch and a 10x5 outdoor run but still got arthritic 😔. I think they need a lot of space to move properly
  8. Our white chicken has taken to crouching down as she would for a cockerel then ‘jumping’ up off the ground before landing back on the same spot. She did it several times on the grass yesterday and and I thought she might be trying to catch some sort of insect but she did it more frequently today. It’s like the little ‘popcorn’ jumps rabbits do. Checked her over and can see nothing wrong. Is it just a funny five minutes?
  9. ajm200

    Alternative Presenters

    Top of the pops and Timmy Mallett.. both have been off the telly for over a decade 😳. I feel old now.
  10. I don’t. 😊 Their ‘treats’ from me are just a tablespoon of course poultry meal with about a teaspoon of grated carrot or broccoli/cabbage stem on top in tiny bits. It’s different as the main feed is pellets. The children are well trained not to feed them junk too. Just hubby to get the msg. Treats are given at dusk after they have filled up for the night. Think hubby has been giving mainly fruit. He’ll soon stop when he gets to scrub the coir mat they are standing on
  11. They’ve dropped him in it in his absence. He’s away on a business trip and they haven’t had any ‘human food’ treats. After a couple of hours of ‘neglect’ they’ve been tapping on the patio door to get attention and beg for treats. I’ve been out there a lot but using the kitchen door. Hubby always uses the patio door they are tapping on I’ve never fed them at the door. Busted!! 😂 That’s brilliant!
  12. ajm200

    Went on my favourite walk today.

    Once you get away from the main tourist areas it’s quite relaxing. A winter walk helps as it can be a bit of a chilly place to be after the shelter of the more built up areas
  13. ajm200

    Went on my favourite walk today.

    Love walking along the river. Used to work at IBM and train at their building near the London Eye. Never made it as far as the city farm though
  14. Sounds like my hubby last time we had chickens. If he was outside he was usually carrying one but he didn’t like them then either. He took us back to the poultry breeder a few weeks after we got 3 hybrids to get more simply because he needed more eggs to give away to colleagues. He worked in a team of 4 but we suddenly had 9 hybrids 🤔
  15. After lunch he just happened to mention that the chickens like grapes. Asked “How did you find that out? They’ve only had chicken food so far.” He replied “I gave them a couple of leftover old grapes”. I frowned and said “From the brand-new box?” He muttered something and wandered off. Later he mentioned they like apples too. Supposedly they got a bit that accidentally fell in the floor as he was eating it 🤔. Crumbly things apples 😂. Hr just asked if I think they’ll be awake at 5am when he’s off to the airport. Seems he bought bacon for a sandwich and wondered if they’d like the scraps. Told him they are not having meat scraps and he looked disappointed. Think he’s a secret fan 😉.