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  1. I have kept 6 full size or 9 bantams in our MK1. It’s bigger than the current options. Split the nest box in two with 15l trugs and provided two additional nesting boxes in guinea pig shelters in our secure run
  2. 4 eggs still not hatched. Will buy day olds on Tuesday or Wednesday as the eggs will be a week late
  3. ajm200


    The chick we’ve named Plum. Hopefully a girl so we can keep her. Plum taught me so much when I was a newbie
  4. We hatched chicks. One day old comes running when it hears my daughter’s voice. She’s teaching it tricks. As a teen she made an Instagram video https://www.instagram.com/reel/Ce1H19YKdpj/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  5. First one hatches an hour ago
  6. We have secure converted greenhouse. The kids felt sorry for the chickens after a long winter and spring under cover and let them out without mentioning it to anyone. Hubby and I had no reason to think the chickens would be out as they were in and secure when we did their food and water earlier that day. By the time the kids remembered letting them out it was too late. Prior to the avian flu lockdown the chickens were only allowed out if we were out there and put away before we came in. These will only be allowed on the lawn in a run
  7. ajm200


    Such sad news. I rarely visit the forum anymore but remember how helpful and supportive Plum was in my early days of chicken keeping years ago. As a fellow crafter I loved seeing her makes. We have a little chick hatching right now and this was the first post I saw when I logged I in, If our chick is a girl maybe we should call it Plum
  8. Hi everyone. Been away from the forum for ages. Three weeks ago we lost 6/8 bantams today a fox attack. Absolutely heartbreaking as some were only a year old. Only ones left were the broody girls who were far too focused on warming an empty nest. They stress broke them of their broodiness for a few days and then one went back to sitting on the nest hissing and being mean. tRhe other was out in the run but looking a bit lost so we decided to give our broody girl a chance. We bought some eggs that were due to hatch in days and she pulled them all under her immediately. She was still in them last bedtime. Next morning just after dawn we found the other chicken dead and she was off the nest. We can only assume something scared them maybe the fox was close. The eggs were stone cold so my daughter and I tucked them into our bras to warm them while we set up the incubator. We candled them as we moved them Into the incubator and they all had veins and some moved a bit. This morning two popped. So excited and pleased that they weren’t lost too. Will supply chick pics if they make it out of the shell. Incubator is at 37.5c with humidity between 65 and 72. It’s a cheap incubator so fluctuates a bit but the secondary thermometers agree on levels. What an eventful first intro into hatching
  9. I know this is an old thread but I believe you live nr me. We get our Perkins from Parkside in Aldershot. We have had them since 2019 and only lost one to illness.
  10. I bought clear market tarps to cover the wire on our converted greenhouse. The sort stall holders use. Only use them when it is really awful weather or hubby waters the grass as he alwats gets the feeders wet. Bought from EBay. Bought elasticated ties to secure them
  11. We had this with two of our bantams who were permanently broody all last summer. They took over the Eglu and the others took to laying eggs under a shrub. We invested in some second hand guinea pig shelters. The little boxes with a ramp. We have one in the outdoor area and two in the converted greenhouse. They ignored them for about a week. We closed off the Eglu to keep our persistent broodies out and the others started using the new shelters. A thick layer of nesting materials seems to help
  12. Not online much any more as I struggle to see the text on my phone. Hope you are all safe and well and having a Good Easter despite the lockdown. Thought I’d show you the latest member of our flock - a rescue beagle called Amber who loves the chickens. The rescue thinks she was used for breeding on a puppy farm before being found in a main road. After lockdown she will be joined by another beagle with a similar history. Here to enjoy their retirement in style
  13. Finished another toy. Merry Christmas everyone!
  14. Not been online much recently sorry. It’s been a rubbish year and I can’t wait for it to end. Been filling my time with crafts when I can though I‘be struggled to finish anything. Did finish this though and my photo of him has just been reposted by Stylecraft Yarns

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