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  1. I know this is an old thread but I believe you live nr me. We get our Perkins from Parkside in Aldershot. We have had them since 2019 and only lost one to illness.
  2. I bought clear market tarps to cover the wire on our converted greenhouse. The sort stall holders use. Only use them when it is really awful weather or hubby waters the grass as he alwats gets the feeders wet. Bought from EBay. Bought elasticated ties to secure them
  3. We had this with two of our bantams who were permanently broody all last summer. They took over the Eglu and the others took to laying eggs under a shrub. We invested in some second hand guinea pig shelters. The little boxes with a ramp. We have one in the outdoor area and two in the converted greenhouse. They ignored them for about a week. We closed off the Eglu to keep our persistent broodies out and the others started using the new shelters. A thick layer of nesting materials seems to help
  4. Not online much any more as I struggle to see the text on my phone. Hope you are all safe and well and having a Good Easter despite the lockdown. Thought I’d show you the latest member of our flock - a rescue beagle called Amber who loves the chickens. The rescue thinks she was used for breeding on a puppy farm before being found in a main road. After lockdown she will be joined by another beagle with a similar history. Here to enjoy their retirement in style
  5. Finished another toy. Merry Christmas everyone!
  6. Not been online much recently sorry. It’s been a rubbish year and I can’t wait for it to end. Been filling my time with crafts when I can though I‘be struggled to finish anything. Did finish this though and my photo of him has just been reposted by Stylecraft Yarns
  7. I just put a saucer or plate in top of the bowl but usually just steam the veggies as we don’t use the freezer and there’s very little time saving with fresh veg
  8. Your poor DD. You must be worried sick when she’s so far away. Hope she’s better soon.
  9. I recently gave in and bought microfibre bedding from Utopia via Amazon as the pillows and duvet zip shut. I’m really restless and drag the quilt about in my sleep so I struggle with duvet covers with poppers and buttons. The bonus is they don’t crease! Not quite as crisp as cotton but smooth and soft.
  10. I gave in today and put a saucer of food in front of her in her makeshift nest in the mud. She eat it very quickly. Really don’t know what else to do to ensure she eats
  11. Our bed linen gets folded neatly and the quilt cover, sheet and pillow cases are all folded within one or two of the pillow cases. Looks lovely and neat but is a bit of a faff so if I can get away with it I will wash, dry and refit the same set in one day.
  12. Sorry I haven’t been in here much. Been a stressful year so far. Looking for some advice please. Any ideas on how I snap one of our Perkins out of a prolonged broody phase? She first went broody about a month after beginning to lay back at Easter. Three days in a broody cage seemed to fix her but the next hen went broody a few days later and Gawky joined her in the nest box. She repeated this as all 5 of her sisters went broody. They all fit over it quickly but she’s still keen to be the cube (in the bars). If I close the door she sits on the top step. She’s been in the dog crate for a week at a time sometimes. She seems ok for a few hours on release only to end up back on the bars later in the day. Locked out of the run she will make a hollow in the mud bath and settle there. She’s lost so much weight that she can now sneak out of the crate between the bars in the bottom. I’d leave her to it is she was eating enough but she’s so skinny now
  13. @christyrose12 hens in an unmodified greenhouse will die from the heat very quickly. With snow on the ground as outdoor temperatures below zero last winter we could sit comfortably in the unmodified greenhouse (when the sun was out) with the hens with a candle under a flowerpot to heat the space (away from all combustible material). By March it was noticeably warm in there and would have been too hot by mid April. Those photos were taken in April when we noticed how fast the suave was warming up each day. The girls were already free ranging all day at that point We removed all the glass from one long side, the top triangles to the horizontal supports on both ends to 1.5 ft from apex and replaced with weldmesh. All other glass is painted with undiluted shade paint and covered with 80% sunblock shade cloth. We will remove the remaining glass in the end furthest from the door later this month but for now that glass is obscured with a curtain of 80% shade cloth inside and a tarp outside to provide total sunblock as that side faces the sun. (Would have been done already but lost 2 family members recently and trying to administer two estates.) With the glass removed the greenhouse cool enough but I’m home all day and the hens spend most of their time in the garden foraging under shrubs. Not at home to do new pictures but all the glass visible in the bottom picture is now covered with thick black shading and painted with thicker shade paint than you see in that picture

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