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  1. Have you tried scouring power like cif or Bar keepers friend to remove that ingrained dirt? The pink stuff could also be worth a try. I have one of the original purple cubes and cleaned it with cif and a scrubbing brush as the start of the year as it had been unused since 2014. It looks like new. It takes a lot of rinsing to get every trace of the cleaner off
  2. ajm200

    Chicken Memorials

    Lost one of our young Bantams last night. She looked like she was sleeping when I found her. Curled up with her head resting near her wing. She was fine yesterday as she was out and about with the others, looked healthy and even laid an egg RIP Cookie. Just 7 months old
  3. ajm200

    Handling ex battery hens

    Late night cuddles work best when they are sleepy. Give them a while to settle in first. Also get them used to the idea that you bring treats and they soon come running. An egg cup full of corn late afternoon between the three of them would be plenty. They'll soon learn to peck it from your hands and will eventually crouch when they see you making it easier to scoop them up for cuddle time.
  4. ajm200

    Soundproofing a room?

    This just appeared in an ad on FB. https://www.soundstop.co.uk/soundproofing_walls.php
  5. ajm200

    Help rats!

    Are the worms in the poop alive! They will have dead worms in their droppings for a day or two.What are you using to worm them? Not all wormers are equal Can I suggest you change the title from tats to worms to get the right people to advise?
  6. ajm200

    Soundproofing a room?

    Can you get the plasterboard removed and add some form of insulation:lagging. It would be redundant in out house as the rest of the household refuse to close the flippin’ door 🤦‍♀️🤬 despite endless nagging from me
  7. ajm200

    Dog insurance v savings account

    I think the third party insurance is important with dogs. If the slip the lead and cause an accident the costs could be huge. Most of our pets don’t need public liability insurance so we just pay as we go
  8. Amongst our 6 bantams we have one that is a bit odd. She isn’t quite right to look at, feels a bit lopsided bone-wise when we hold her and doesn’t act quite right. She’s special 😉 The rest of the flock have rejected her and she is usually on her own. She follows about 4 ft behind the rest 😔. We thought she might not lay but she does but usually on the roosting bars of the cube or the lawn. Her eggs often fall through to the poo trays. The other 5 use the nesting box. It is lined with paper and sawdust. We have moved her into the box when we realise she is trying to lay but the egg is still in the bars when we go back. She also shouts the whole time she is laying not just afterwards. Any ideas on how to get her to use the nesting box?
  9. Thar’s what we do now on the walk-in run. We add lots of sanitising powder and rake it through. The cube is whiffy atm as I was waiting for the plastic roosting bars before cleaning it this time. (Our 11 year old wooden ones are past it and splintering). The run usually smells of lavenderas we sprinkle lavender oil/flowers in the nesting box and bedding to keep flies down have live lavender plants to plant around the perimeter soon to save money
  10. We used heavy duty bulldog clips rather than run clips to secure the send panel of ours. We’d undo and remove the whole end panel for cleaning. Still wasn’t very practical but not impossible. We now have a walk in run made from a converted greenhouse and it is so easy to clean
  11. ajm200

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    I started with a small planted tank that the family overstocked so they bought a biorb that I did’t like as the filtration and water surface weren’t great. Gradually multi-tank syndrome took over until I bought the 500l with a tax rebate. It is under stocked and has filters for 1500l. Usually it is full of plants. I hope your new job goes well and you settle in to your new team quickly 🤞. When do you start?
  12. ajm200

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    I used to work shift and I really feel for you. Nights are hard when you are used to working staggered shift but if you normally work days you must be exhausted. By my third night shift I would be running on fumes and very silly. Everything made me giggle
  13. ajm200

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    I was very lucky and got a special Easter gift. The lights failed on my planted tank just over a week Ago after I’d spent all my spare cash on summer uniform for my kids. I was watching all my plants slowly die and melt away until I got my Easter present. Led tank lights. They are really as they have a 24hr cycle including night, sunrise and sunset. The plants are looking a bit sp***** and poorly but should start to recover soon
  14. ajm200

    Easter swap 2019

    You are all so talented to make such beautiful gifts! Happy Easter everyone!
  15. ajm200

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Happy Easter everyone! Pancakes sound amazing. We are having clear soups and sandwiches today but now I want pancakes! We are postponing Easter celebrations until tomorrow as as we’ve been up all night with poorly kids as they picked up a tummy bug when we had to take our youngest to A&E. It is obvious they aren’t right as they showed no interest in the Easter egg hunt this am.