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  1. ok it is day 19 and i have stopped making my broodie have food breaks this morning but im worried she will get thirsty or hungry!!! will she get off herself? also if/when the eggs hatch where do i put their food and do i leave it in over night. thanks in advance x
  2. thanks for the pictures very helpful will go out and try it when it gets darker! cant wait hope there is some thing in the eggs x
  3. can you just keep females like you can chickens or do you need both males and females?? thanks x
  4. hi Raina, could you find a picture please it would be very helpful x
  5. hi i tried to candle the eggs my broodie is sitting on today but im not sure how to do it or if you need a special torch. can you give me some advice please thanks x
  6. thanks everyone you have been really helpful. hopefully we should hear cheeking in 18 days as on sunday we got some silkie eggs and i no everyone always says about cokrals but i dont mind if we get some as silkies are so sweet anyway!!!!
  7. hi could anyone give me advice on hatching eggs by a broody chicken. do i have to remove her from the eggs each day and if so for how long and how many times a day??? thanks X
  8. ok thanks does it make a difference that the broody hen is top of the pecking oder
  9. i have 2 chookes and one is broodie. we want to hatch some eggs, but will my other chook that i have that isnt broody be ok to stay with the mum to be and the chicks or should i move her on her own to the other run and house i have. also as we havent hatched eggs before any adive and help would be appriciated. thanks X
  10. i think these are an excelent idea so have ordered some but i was wondering if u still need to use red mite powder wit them as there will now beno wood
  11. hey, one of my chickens has just started to lay and the first egg she layed was brocken and then lots of the rest have had no shell. i was just wandering if this is ok or usual and wheather she will start to lay proper eggs soon. x
  12. this is all very interesting and i understand why you all do it the way you do but im worried that if i dont fill it all the way up my little minatures wont be able to get the pellets. is this true?
  13. this is a conicident as its the same as one of my chickens was like yesterday too. i think it might be to do with a soft egg shell as there was an egg in the morning that was brocken and she seems better today. hope your chicken gets better x
  14. mine stay at the allotment (5 minutes away on a bike) and ive had them for 6 weeks now. even though they are soooooo far away the novelaty hasnt worn off as i just love to watch them sctraching about !!!! every time one of my chooks even pokes its head in the house i get excited and have to look and see if they have layed anything.
  15. i was wondering if you can get bantam sized egg boxes from anywhere as at the moment we are using the omlet boxes but on the way back from the allotment it is rather bummpy and the eggs rattle around alot, luckly none have broken but i was just thinking it might be a better idea to get smaller egg boxes.

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