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  1. Ooh thanks ANH, I'll have a look when I'm in town on Saturday
  2. My mum bought an "art therapy anti-stress" colouring book from her last yoga weekend, and we've been colouring it in together. It's great fun. This weekend we're going to buy some fine liner pens 'cause I think they'll be great for all the patterns in this lovely book. I'm looking at getting a more portable sized book to take out and about with me actually, so if anyone has any recommendations I'm all ears!
  3. It's such a lovely advert. Makes me really want a little penguin!
  4. You could try making some milkshakes too - with banana in or something. When I get nervous I feel sick and dont feel like eating anything - so I usually make/get my dad to make me a milkshake for those mornings! I think he also adds some sort of protein powder to it - I'm not quite sure what it is specifically but I know my parents bought it from Holland and Barrett or somewhere like that. Other than that, I can always manage a salad - so maybe a fruit salad? or a normal salad with lettuce perhaps? I hope you find something that she'll like
  5. Wha about boohoo.com? There are some nice ones on there. http://www.boohoo.com/restofworld/clothing/dresses/icat/dresses/#esp_cf=m_colourrational&esp_filter_pdxtstyletax=Maxi%20Dresses&esp_filter_m_colourrational=black
  6. Mine is here! It is beautiful!! Thankyou so much! Will post a photo tomorrow Posted mine on thursday on my way home, so should be with my recipient very soon!
  7. I can only second what Sue has said. For my DofE a while ago I volunteered at my local Hospice charity shop. I needed to work there for 3 months, but ended up enjoying myself so much that I stayed there for 2 years, only stopping because my A levels required so much more of my time. All donations were welcome at the shop, we took everything into the back and sorted through it all, never infront of the customer and thanked the person who had donated the items profusely. Any books that were unsaleable were recyled, or sent onto a charity that could use them. Metals were recycled and clothes we couldnt sell were sold to the rag man. Any items that were too expensive for the shop were auctioned. I am still amazed at some of the donations we received!! All clothes were steamed before they went out into the shop and our Manager would take clothes back to her house to wash them so that we were able to sell as many of our donations as possible. I loved receiving a whole bag full of freshly washed and neatly folded clothes, I would have been so please to sort your donation Chucknette! Whilst I agree that there are some terrible charity shops out there (my brother worked in the one across the road from the one that I worked in (for a much more well known charity) for his DofE and had a very different experience) there are also some wonderful ones too. I would definitely encourage you to continue to donate as they can really make a difference to people's lives - not only the people that buy the goods, but the more donations a shop receives, the more staff they require, and that sort of volunteering work can give people who wouldnt normally get an opportunity to work in a shop environment some experience of working in a team and feeling valued. I know that the people I worked with really got a sense of achievement out of being there. One woman in particular was going on a course that was paid for by the charity as a thankyou for her hard work and it was really making a difference to her life and self confidence, it was wonderful to see. Finally, as Sue says, if you do have any spare time, definitely consider working as a volunteer! I really do miss working at the shop and all the friends I made there.
  8. Only just seen this, how awful for you both! Sending best wishes for a super speedy recovery!
  9. Haha oh dear! My mum made my dad have an operation to stop his snoring! Now he just makes a snuffly noise now, apparently!
  10. I've got a full day of frees tomorrow, so I'm not going into sixth form. Hoping to get my piece of felt started in between my biology/chemistry work
  11. Calorie counting is always a good idea, you'll be surprised at how few calories you actually eat, considering you should be having about 2000 a day. I used this book when I was calorie counting, it's really good - it includes fresh foods (e.g if you were cooking from scratch) as well as bought products and drinks/meals from popular restaurants (pizza hut, starbucks etc) It's called the calorie, carb and fat bible. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Calorie-Carb-Bible-2012-Comprehensive/dp/1904512100/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1347049268&sr=8-1 Edited to add : Good luck!
  12. Count me in! I love making felt! (I just use layers of bubble wrap... )
  13. George says "Just be friendly and confident. If you have any questions ask before you start doing the work 'cause it'll be hard to get someone's attention once it gets busy". Hope that helps, and isn't too late!
  14. My brother has just started working at McDonalds, I'll ask him if he has any advice when he gets up - shouldn't be too long - he starts work at 11! (hope it won't be too late!) good luck to him
  15. I agree with Cathy, often third party isn't the cheapest option - so try all the options when looking for insurance
  16. Hi there! I passed my test about a month ago and you might have seen my post about car insurance... I've got a Toyota Aygo that is 2 years old, and is in insurance group 2, so is one of the cheaper ones to insure (even though the best price I could get was £2500 it's the cheapest of all my friends insurance on different cars!) It's a great size, has a fab euro Ncap safety rating. Because it's a toyota it has a 5 year warranty, and toyota are famously V. reliable I'm amazed at the mpg - I've had the car since march, dad has been driving it and I was practicing in it, and have now been driving it quite a lot - I think I've had to fill it up 4 times! If you look on 'Parkers' you can search for cars by insurance group/or find out what insurance group a car is in. It also tells you the difference in insurance group in relation to the age of the specific car - very helpful for auto trader searches! Oh! Just remembered, the aygo, peugeot 107 and citroen c1 are "practically the same car", they were made in the same factory and are only very slightly different. The toyota seems to be more expensive than the others - when comparing the 3 cars on auto trader when the cars are of a similar age - I can only think it's because of the 5 year warranty. So the 107 and c1 might be worth looking at too! So, I know I've not had my car long, but I absolutley love it and would recommend it to anyone! (If you need any more information I'll be happy to help )
  17. Sounds fab, Lesley! I've just got home and my postcard was waiting for me.... It's beautiful felt postcard with 2 flowers on the front (all hand stitched in the neatest neat stitching!!) and a window in the back cut out for the paper with the message on. It's beautiful - I love the colours too (green, and 2 different pinks) Thankyou to my lovely omleteer! (I'll post a photo when I get back from my holiday - I'm afraid my camera is currently charging up ready for leaving at 5.00 am tomorrow , and it doesnt have enough charge to turn on yet... )
  18. Churchill said they couldn't give me a quote Yeah, I've been putting the mileage estimate as 6k, I don't think I'll do any more miles than that. My dad's rung the company that were meant to ring him back yesterday, and the person we need to speak to is out of the office! Argh! This really isn't going very well!
  19. It's crazy isn't it! Endsleigh have quoted £5628! Have applied for a 3rd job today - need to find the money for petrol/insurance renewals somewhere!
  20. Thanks, Janty! Will have a look there, my dad is a teacher PapaJuliet - I've tried both options, sometimes Third party/Third party, fire and theft is more expensive!
  21. That familiar worry has set in for me now too - My dad's going to post mine for me when he goes out this evening, so it will be in tomorrow's first post I hope my recipient looks upon it kindly....
  22. Thanks for the advice everyone! My dad's rung up a company and they can give me a quote on monday or tuesday, so I'm waiting to hear back from them. Don't worry - I won't do anything illegal!
  23. Thanks for the replies and congratulations!! I've just looked at the Co-op Young Drivers and have got it down to £4681, and as the car is registered to me am going to see what difference it makes if I register it to my parents instead... It's only a little Toyota Aygo!
  24. Hello! Having passed my driving test last week, I'm now trying to insure my car - but the cheapest quote I've found so far is £6000! I was just wondering which companies you had used for insurance for people who have just passed their test? Surely it can't be that expensive? Thanks in advance!

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