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  1. Took Baby Bear and her friend into town on the park and ride a few weeks ago. Baby Bear was going to her friends for a sleepover that night so on the bus on the way home we were chatting about what they were going to do. Had all the usual tea, dvd and "then we can play with the vibrator.......". I nearly fell off my seat and the lady in front of us nearly choked. When I had recovered I said "Oooh really and what does that do then". I held my breath and then she said "Oh it's for massaging your feet". Can't tell you the relief Must remember to tell her Mother ...........
  2. Just wanted to say thank you for all your advice. Baby Bear has had a look too and is keen to try them all - a trip to the library coming up me thinks.
  3. Sent for m....ehhhh.....Baby Bears. Thank you.
  4. I was going to say when its male but I see what you mean now.
  5. Hi all. Hope everyone is Ok. Am just wondering if anyone can recommend a book for a 12 year old girl. Baby Bear has read all the Harry Potters (three times) and has just finished reading Anne Franks diary (which she really took on board) and we are having a bit of a hard job finding a book that interests her. Most of the books we have looked at for her age group seem to be about boyfriends etc. and as she still thinks boys are the grossest thing on the planet (long may that continue!!!!!! ) she is just not interested. Hope you can help. Thank you.
  6. YAAAAAAAAY. Such good news. I am so happy for you JooJoo. Hope everything goes well today. We will be thinking of you both.
  7. Well I'd like to say thanks to you all too. It's because of you wonderful people (and the lovely people who use the forum) that I agreed to let Baby Bear join the forum - and she loves it. I moderate what she's up to (and not just on here ) and you moderate the reply Teamwork.
  8. Baby Bear and I had our own version of Bjorn Again yesterday with Abba on the Singstar. It was more like Run Away Quickly Again though when I was doing my solo. Sounds like fun though have a great time.

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