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  1. When I used the GYO code it was only for the Garlic lovers Pack. I have just gone on the website and at the moment it seems there is no delivery charge for any garlic at the moment. Don't know if there is still problems once you get to payment, but there is a phone number, just call your order through!
  2. I have just purchased the garlic lovers pack using the code GYO which gives you free delivery. Anything else you order will be dispatched at the same time as the garlic which is around mid sept. x
  3. I've just brought 80-90 onion sets and 3 garlic from ebay (1 auction lot together). They are due for delivery in about a week and will plant out in October. There are alot of difference in prices on there and I'm not sure if I got a good deal or not but I paid £4.50 then £2.60 for delivery but I am splitting that with my Mum.
  4. I have just brought a pack of broadbeans ready to sow. I was going to do it at the weekend. So next month is better? They are lovely in soups and with pasta too!
  5. Ok, this sounds good. So when would I expect them to be ready? Is all the above for a spring harvest? Thanks.
  6. Well I have just got back from the allotment and my dad was laughing at me because I AM only going to get 5 carrots! With that Mum turned up and she has just brought 2 trays of carrots containing about 24 plants. She thought you gat a bunch from each too! At least she has 24 carrots to look forward to if they take. Can't see 5 going too far! Oh well will seed next year
  7. I think it is nearly time to plant onion sets & garlic (mid sept). Not sure about anything else as I am no expert, see my question on carrots I've just posted We all have to start somewhere though
  8. Hi. I am quite new to growing veg and I have recently planted some carrot plants which I purchased from a garden centre. I have 5 in total and I was told I would get 5 bunches of carrots from each. Now I am wondering if this is correct information and I am actually going to get 5 carrots?? They are 5 single plants the same as you would get from the top of a carrot so this is making me wonder if I have wasted my money? Grateful if anyone could let me know what to expect. Thanks
  9. Well my girls are let out of the eglu run about 9am everyday and they free range until they put themselves to bed (unless I am out). Therefore they eat mostly grass all day and hardly touch pellets. They have a large bowl of water in the garden too as they never seem to touch the glug. They all lay daily good sized eggs. This has concerned me in the past as I was a bit worried about their diet not containing enough nutrients from the pellets but they seem to be happy & healthy. The only was to get them to eat pellets is to lock them in their run all day which is not something I would be happy to do. They get corn, rice, pasta or veg daily (1 of not all)!
  10. Just to make everyone laugh, and show everyone what a complete idiot I am I will tell you a little story! A few weeks ago my big furry cat was laying on my sons bed and I gave him a little stroke and felt something in his fur on his tummy. I thought it was a bit matted and called for my husband to give me the nail scissors out of the bathroom cabinet. I was chopping away at the fur and then I cut through something that was all sticky and grey. I started screaming for my husband to call the emergency vets whilst I bathe him as I had 'just cut through his nipple' (I thought it was swollen and infected) As I started bathing the area with salt water it was getting slimmier by the second, my heart was in my mouth I was so worried I had damaged the poor thing. As a bathed further I could now see that this was not a nipple but a vile slug tangled up in his fur. Oh my god I was so sick that I had been touching it and I had cut it in half then washed with salt, what a mess My husband looked at me like I was a complete nut nut and told me I could ring the vet back as he was not going to be shown up I should have known by the fact that my cat slept through the whole episode that there was nothing to be alarmed about So there you go I know what it's like to cut through a slug. Nice
  11. Our potatoes at the lottie are rubbish this year. I don't know what they are as the father-in-law did them for us but they didn't grow very big and the plant itself went very straw like quite early on. The charlotte potatoes are good though. So what I want to know is when can we next plant another lot to try again? We have had out allottment for the second year but I have started to take a keen interest this year as I was a bit fed up that no winter veg was planted,so I have taken over a little, but I am still a little lost as to what gets planted when. Also what is chitting??? Thanks Sharon
  12. I brought a lovely chillie plant from B&Q the other day and left it on the patio thinking they wouldn't touch it. Wrong! They have nialated it even eating all the baby chillies that were on it. I couldn't believe it, wonder if we will get spicy eggs! They have never touched my Rosamary but they have had a go at the lavender. They get in all my large planters and scratch all the stones out and basically make a right mess. I am going to give up with pots next year and go for hanging.
  13. Exactly what I did with mine, straight in the bin wrapped in a few carrier bags and taped up (didn't want the foxes getting at it) I could see all the maggots crawling around and there was no way I could stomach that!
  14. There isn't huge amounts of space as far as I know so they would have all been in together. I know when one of my cats caught a mouse the girls had it off him and ate it. Same thing I suppose seeing it as food. Makes sense keeping them seperate! What a shame though that she didn't check on what to do before venturing into something like that without proper knowledge.
  15. My Sisters Sister-In-Law has 3 chickens and 1 was broody. She put a duckling egg that she got from her friend under her and she sat on it for a few weeks. On checking the duck egg the other morning the egg had hatched but there was no duckling to be found just a few feathers. Does this mean that the girls ate it? What should she have done differently? This can't be normal behaviour when a chick has hatched so was it because instinct told them it wasn't a chick? Just curious more than anything. Thanks

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