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  1. She's passed on. Thanks everyone. She had a very happy retirement I hope, and it really was a grand old age. She was such an amazing chicken - full of strength and life. She really will be missed.
  2. Hi - It's been a long time since I posted, but wonder if any one can help. I have a wonderful ex-bat called Babs. We got Babs in March 2009 - so she must be four and a half years old. She has always been the strongest of chickens - survived a fox pulling off half her wing once! I saw her in the run three days ago, and whilst she looked fine (comb and wattles bright red) - she just looked a bit slower. The day after that she did not seem eager for her food as usual, but still comb and wattles were bright red. Yesterday when I went to see them and found her still in the nesting box. I brought her in doors and fed her a warm mash with tuna and she ate that. This morning though she wont eat - I've made her a tuna and garlic mash which I give them if they seem under the weather. I've been giving her tiny bits of water. Her comb and wattle have gone paler. She's sound fluidy on the chest, and can't really stand. I've got her wrapped in a towel in a box on my desk... I'm giving her water whenever she wakes, but I don't think she's long for this world. Am I right? Or is there anything I can do? If this sounds like the end - is there anything I can do to make her any more comfortable. Would welcome any thoughts. She's gone through so much, always been a fighter! She's the archetypal Chicken Run chicken! Thanks
  3. Having just had a hen have her wing ripped off through the bars of the run on the second night we'd left the Eglu door open I definitely say close the door. As you are going away and have to leave it open, I'd cover the entire run in something. We've got plastic coated wire mesh covering the entire run now. This makes the gaps smaller and therefore more difficult for a fox to grab through.
  4. Well Bunty's crop is half the size this morning so the garlic, live yoghurt or Apple Cider Vinegar seem to be working. Will be keeping a very watchful eye on her - and the rest of them... Thanks for the vet search site Taj. I had tried to use that previously. Problem I've had is that I typed in postcode etc and tick poultry, it returns a whole load of vets - but when you call them up, they say, "We don't do chickens". If ever I have an emergency situation again (pray not!!), I think I will just turn up and throw myself at their mercy.... Well - it's been a rather eventful couple of weeks. Rather too eventful. And I would like to return to boring very quickly... My poor youngest daughter is so terrified of the fox that she wont even go out into the garden at the moment, and sleeps every night in my bed, whilst I dream of chickens... The joys of chicken keeping!
  5. Well I definitely can't make her sick, and she's running round the place, but she does have a very wobbly crop. I'll see the state of her crop in the morning, and if it is still wobbly will go and get the Daktarin. Do I have to chuck out the eggs if I put her on Daktarin? Can't tell which are her eggs, but happy to chuck all if I need to, if the Daktarin is going to work for her.
  6. I have a vet at the bottom of my road - it's just he wont see chickens. Says "its not his expertise..." Ripped off wings are not my expertise either, but I still had to deal with it. I found their overall lack of helpfullness really distressing. Not everyone sticks to cats, dogs and rabbits! I did contact the RVS - couldn't find a vet specialising in birds anywhere near me. Even called the vet training hospital in London to no joy. You would have thought that they would want to train people in a different pet if they had the chance - but no! Anyway, don't get me started. I was a little stressed out...
  7. Hi All So sorry to have kept you all on tender hooks. Access to internet was down and then it's been crazy. Well Babs is still with us. She's happy, flapping her one wing, eating and drinking. Tried 23 vets or animal welfare places to try and get them to see her, including RSPCA, PDSA, London Zoo, and goodness knows what else. In the end did not take her to the vets - but gave her salt water baths daily and continuously sprayed with gentian violet (purple spray). We changed the dressing every day until the bare wound cleared up. To answer a few questions that were posted - the door of the Eglu was open, but the door of the run was locked. She was pulled through the bars by the fox. It was only the second time we had allowed the door of the Eglu to remain open at night. Needless to say, we're closing it again. We have also covered the whole of the Eglu run in a wire and plastic mesh in order to give extra protection during the day. The bars can resist a fox attack, but the gaps are too large imho. Babs is one of our four battery hens. After the loss of our four original hens we waited and eventually got six hybrids - great girls. Then we took on four battery hens. Have to say it's been a hard couple of weeks with those girls: Babs had this wing thing, Ginny jumped and hurt her leg and now Bunty has Sour Crop. Ginny's leg has regular warm oil and arnica massages - which she likes... And the sour crop is bring treated with live yogurt, apple cider vinegar and chopped up garlic. Have tried to make her vomit, but not managed that. She's only had it a day or two, so hoping that the above will work, otherwise I'll be back on the telephone again trying to find a London vet who will see a chicken! Take care
  8. Hi All One of our new hens - Babs - had her left wing totally pulled off by a fox in the early hours of this morning. We always lock them in, but this was the second night we had left the door open as my husband thought that given the earlier sunrise it was fairer to leave the Eglu door open. The fox grabbed her through the Eglu run it would seem. She is eating drinking and actually quite happy; but we are really concerned. We've sprayed the wound with purple violet spray and bandaged her up to stop her pecking at the wound. We also gave her Rescue Remedy and arnica. She is sleeping now - but what else can I do? Will she have to be put down? My daughter would be heart broken as would I. She is the most adorable and friendly hen. Got a massive wedding tomorrow of close family friend - and totally stressed out about poor Babs, but want to do the best we can for her. Any advice would be gratefully received. Take care
  9. If BHWT will only let you take a minium of three, why not partner with someone nearby? You could get your two and they could get what ever they needed. I live in London and want to put my name down for three, but don't think that is near enough to you if we got five. Just a thought.
  10. Mother Hen's near Reading?? Oh they have the breeds I want. Do you have their postcode? I can't get hold of them ont he phone.
  11. Thanks everybody... I am going to try and restrain myself to four! Although hubby said last night: "But what about me then?" (There are five of us.) So I said, "OK you can have a chicken too." Then he said, "But five is an odd number. We should get six otherwise one will be lonely." Quick question though - can I get 17 week old hens and 19 week old hens? The size difference wont be too much will it? You see, Thornes has blue egg layers and Crofters has white hens... but they are different ages. Take care all.
  12. When I was introducing two new hens to our two at the time it was a bit of a nightmare until someone on the forum suggested water pistols... Either my son or I sat next to the run with water squirter in hand and every time the two dominant ones pecked the other two we soaked them. Soon enough they got along just fine. This was in spring time (March) so not sure about winter, but it really worked for us. Take care
  13. We got ours from Flyte So Fancy. They were brilliant. It was easy to put up and has been excellent. Make sure you get the no dig skirt though (or put it on slabs). Also the door needs a lock to be put on the inside to keep it closed when you are inside. And finally - the inside height is great, but you better ask if they can do a bigger door as it is quite low and you tend to forget about it and whack your head!! Given your husband's height, he may need this, or the chickens willbe hearing lots of curses!
  14. Hi All My neighbour stopped by last night and was saying how much she missed the gentle cooing of the chickens since the fox came and did his worst. This rather spurred me on and hopefully we will get up to Thornes this weekend. The big question is: How Many? Given we have a cube and an eglu it would be easy to say 14… but I can only really cope with 6-8 maximum. I work long hours and they dont get too much free ranging although we have a good size walk-in run but I don’t want to overcrowd it. I also like to check them all over at least once a week and more than 8 would be too daunting to do that. However given that I want to have a regular supply of eggs and realise that they are not egg laying machines from birth to death, but have a natural slowing down, should I just get four now and four in a year? That had been my plan, as my old girls were coming up to a year and I have planned to get four new ones; but Mr Fox put pay to that chicken family planning. So what would be the general advice?: 4 now, 4 in a year (this requires patience!) 6-8 now (and just see what happens, but risk 8 menopausal hens which I will love of course, but who wont give me any eggs and I wont despatch them, or have them for stew!!) Take care
  15. Well done!! That first egg is so exciting. Be warned - it's addictive and the question does not become eglu or cube; but eglu AND cube!! Take care
  16. So sorry to hear about Scarlett. You did everything you could and she so obviously was cared for.
  17. Really interesting discussion. There's no way I could eat a bird I had named and cuddled - far too sentimental an old fool! A question though: I would want a maximum of eight chickens at any one time. My run and lifestyle dictate that more might be a bit much at the moment. Shall I get them in two batches of four with a year in-between, in order to allow for retirements? That had been my initial plan until Mr Fox killed my four girls last week. Or shall I just get eight right at the start and see what happens with nature taking it course. This would of course make me happy as I want a mix, but I also want to have an eye on the future given this discussion.
  18. Tell me about it!! I used to be one of these city dwellers who romanticised the fox from Dahl's "Fantastic Mr Fox". Now I am contemplating having a red-suited hunt run through my garden!! I could have accepted it, if he killed and taken one for his dinner. That's nature I suppose, and I could argue that it needs to eat too. But it killed all four of them, almost for sport it would seem. I think it's made of weldmesh, so can't be bitten through... I've wondered this myself... Not sure if there is a particularly distance that a fox wont dig under, but they are persistent creatures... Too many of us know that. Congratulations on your new girls. We'll get some soon. Not sure exactly when, but I have wanted chickens for over 30 years, and the past few months were a delight, so I'm not going to let one fox stop everything. Take care Sarah
  19. Hi Alex Sorry to hear about your loss. I find the run to be secure. We put an extra few locks on the front door and a lock on the inside of the door, so that when we were on the inside of the run so we could lock it when we were inside to stop the girls escaping. The weakness came about from not having the no-dig skirt on one corner. I hadn't put it on there because the fence was there, but the fence was not straight so there was a small gap. Put the skirt on all round, perhaps even put stones or slabs on top of the skirt. Make sure there are no gaps, and keep the door secure. I can't see how you can do any more than that... And we're definitely not put off keeping chickens. - We'll be getting some more, just as soon as we can. Take care and good luck. Sarah
  20. So sorry to hear your news. I haven't got a good word to say about foxes, personally!
  21. So sorry to hear about her passing. A peaceful end to her life though, thanks to your care for this past year.
  22. Thanks for all your kind words everybody. Still can't believe it to be honest. Haven't cried yet, and feel I really want to, but trying to be strong for the children. They were the ones who had to face it all, along with my sister-in-law, who stoically cleaned it all up! We started looking at breeders on-line, but they had pictures similar to our girls and it was too much for the children. Will give it a week or so, I think! Thanks again. It was a relief having somewhere to talk about it, to people who would understand. Take care Sarah
  23. I haven't been on the forum for a long while. Everything was going so well. We'd just got a wonderful walk-in run from Flyte So Fancy and the Cube arrived last week, just before I went away on holiday. I was anticipating coming home this morning to the exciting prospect of buying some more chickens over the next few weeks. However, I got the terrible phone call yesterday morning from our 13 year old son that the fox had got in and killed all four girls. I wont go into details, but it was not pretty by all accounts. He discovered their remains. Needless to say, he's very distressed, as are my two girls. We'd put the no-dig skirt all around the run except for in one corner where the run went up against the fence. However, there was a gap of less than 20cm from the fence which ran about 50-60cm on one side of the run. The fox dug under, and did its worse. We'll be getting more chickens, but not in quite the circumstances I had hoped... The worse thing is as I had looked at that corner so many times and thought: "Is there a chance?" But it was such a small gap that I did not think a fox would have room to dig. I was wrong! All I can say - if you think there could be a possible weakness in your set-up - sort it out. Take care all Sarah
  24. What are the must have from a horse shop? I'm going to have to make a VERY long trip to one so I want to make it worth my while. I already have Aubiose and garlic powder on the list. Is there anything else I need? Thanks
  25. That is so YUK!! Two of mine were having a right argy bargy over a giant black slug the other day. How much of what they eat passes through to their eggs do you think? People say if you feed them corn or brocolli then it affects the yolk. What if they eat FROGS!!

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