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  1. found one from 'flyte so fancy' and ordered it. thanks anyway x
  2. I have a very cheeky egg eater in my eglu. I've tried everything to stop this, to no avail. Has anyone successfully used a roll away nest box in the eglu that they could recommend?
  3. Hi Rachel, I remember you too, and like you I haven't been on here for about 3 years now. Martin - could never forget you! You were a bit of legend when you first joined. Aged about 14 I think? Well, i hope you don't mind me borrowing your thread Rachel, as I have popped on with a similar message to yours. Thought it would be nice to reply in here. The reason I wanted to post, was to let those know that remember me and my Omlet hens, Thelma and Louise, that Thelma died yesterday of old age. She was just over 6 years old. She has out lived 6 other hens and was my bestest, most loveliest hen. I really did love her to bits. She was very intelligent and very friendly and was always the mother hen of the group. She has been such a constant in our lives for 6 years, my eglu feels different without her in it. Who'd have thought you could become so emotionally attached to a chicken?! Thank you to the guys at Omlet for your lovely hens. Thelma was particularly healthy and strong and has given us gorgeous eggs right up until the day she died. Bye for now, Love Gina xxx PS Forum has changed a bit hasn't it!!
  4. Just a quick dip into the forum from me. Can't remember the last time I popped in, but for my oldest friends who have been on my pregnancy journeys with me, I have loaded up some photo's for you. I'm guessing many of you have seen them on Facebook, as I generally hang out there these days when I get chance, trying to beat Ginette at Scrabble and Nicola at word games. (I might win one day girls!) So, hello to old friends and new. Miss you all. Life is very hectic for me and I don't have much spare time. Loving my new family and all that goes with it. Having two boys is really everything I could ever have wished for, and of course, my lovely Darren, and the boys LOVE the hens. Maybe see you over the summer next year at one of the meets. Much love and squeezes. (Now I have to remember how to upload a photo!!) Ewan - 6 months Stefan (2.5yrs) & Ewan At the Gnome Reserve in Devon
  5. Thanks for the update Annie (and hello to you too xx) Huge congratulations Emma and Mo. Can't WAIT to meet Isabelle. I am over the moon for you both. Wishing you a good recovery now Emma, what a star you are, well done lady. Enjoy some quiet time as a family and give that wee daughter a mini squeeze from her Auntie Gina. Bless you all. PS Lovely names too, Mummy Lillian will be so proud xxxx
  6. oh, I know, I thought that too Shirl. Thanks all so much, you lot are great. Very much appreciated. Keep voting please!! Only another 4013 to reach 1st place xxxx
  7. OOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo, thank you, thank you thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  8. Oh Gosh, the forum looks all brand new. I need to get on more often....talking of which, Now , I know i haven't been on for ages and I probably have a whole load of people to get to know, but I would like to ask a small favour. Remember when you voted for Stefan to win the 'Best Photo' competetion? Well, we won hands down thanks to my friends here. I'm here, asking again, for a similar favour. A very good friend of mine had submitted a design for a new Football boot. He needs some support. I said I'd do what I could. So, I am asking if you have a spare minute to click on the link below and help build up the votes. Many, many thanks in advance. I will promise to try and be around more inbetween running around after my toddler, newborn and husband! http://www.skysports.com/nikeid/?competitionId=1#/gallery/138548734 PS. Emma, when you coming?!?!?!
  9. I make mine in exactly the same way, except I like it a bit weaker with only one teabag, 3/4 full. Mmmmmmm. Have to say no to the biscuits at the mo though, joined Fat Fighters (WW!!) 4 weeks ago. You can have my gingernut CW
  10. Put it in the shed Snowy with an old armchair!! I honestly don't know how we are going to manage with the price increases in both fuel and food. With two in nursery now and me only working part-time we are REALLY feeling the pinch big time. We have NO spending on ourselves at all and have no spare money to save at the end of the month. I've been trying to shop around for the best food deals, but if I'm honest, I find it a bit of a bind having to drag the boys around with me, and when I do have some time to myself, the last thing I want to be doing is driving around from one shop to another. It's a scary, hard time for all.
  11. Awww....those pictures remind me so much of our Honeymoon. We did a bit of a tour round northern Italy and stayed for a few night in a beautiful farmhouse with similar views. It was magical. Loved every minute. Your photo's are great. I wished I was back there.
  12. Me either Ginette. Was looking forward to playing my next move!
  13. Aww, lovely, lovely pictures. He's lovely. I especially like the 'pea on a fork' sleep pose. Ewan does that too!
  14. We were so lucky on Monday. Darren heard Martin Lewis on the news in the morning saying....'today, not tomorrow or the day after, but today - call up your gas/elec supplier and cap your monthly payments'. We swapped to EDF only a month ago as we really liked their ethics. We were with Scottish Power previously. EDF had put their prices up, unbeknown to us, last week and couldn't cap our bill any longer. We got on the internet and looked around and we were so lucky to be one of the last few to re-register with Scottish Power and cap the price before they removed the product within minutes of us getting confirmation. It's awful isn't it? Why did it all have to go private in the first place? We've been trying to be good in our house to save our pennies. Swapped as many bulbs as we can to energy bulbs, switching everything off at the socket, making sure TV and radio aren't left on standby overnight etc.... Where is it all going to end? Why can't the governmemt step in a stop these ridiculous rises? The whole population is going to be on it's knees at this rate.
  15. Aww, thanks Buffie. It's nice to know I haven't been totally forgotten about. Bless you xx

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