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  1. Hi Claret Thanks for that - as I said I have dealt with a few cases before of sterile perotinitis and do recognise the symptoms etc. I do think that this seems a bit different this time though and I just want to exhaust ever other possibility before having her put to sleep. Have you come across constipation in a chicken before? If so, do you have any remedies?
  2. Hi all Well the symptoms are continuing unfortunately and it looks like it could be perotinitis but it does keep niggling at me that it has appeared so quickly - within a day or so - and I have had a fair few occasions of SP and egg binding before - this is different somehow. Is it possible that she could be constipated? She doesn't really seem to be pooing properly and I wondered if she is backed up? I had a little feel in her vent last night and couldn't feel any eggs stuck or anything - she just looks like she needs to do a massive poo! And both mine did have some stomach problems the other week. Does anyone know of any chicken laxative remedies that they could eat? I would normally opt for some liquid parrafin but I don't want to do that with her breathing through her mouth at the mo. For the moment I gave her live yoghurt mixed with water this morning which she really enjoyed. She's not really eating normally now though. Thanks p.s. they have been wormed within the last month with flubenvet so i am ruling this out.
  3. Thanks for that - I'm not totally sure there is an egg stuck - I'm thinking its more likely to be perotinitis to be honest. Although I have never seen it appear that quickly before - its usually a bit more gradual. I have tried the warm bath with a co-operative chicken on a few occasions before - this one does not like to be handled and I cannot imagine what kind of fuss she'd kick up at that! Thank you for your suggestions though. I'm going to keep a very close eye on her over the next day or so and see how she gets on. I'll keep you posted.
  4. Hello all I've got a chook who's not looking too good today. She has started waddling a bit (John Wayne-esque) and I put that down to a touch of perotinitis - she has ben laying softies for a while now and I think that's what's caused it. I actually checked her over yesterday and she was a little swollen but not too bad - it seems to have flared up today. The more worrying thing is that she is breathing through her beak - quite laboured breathing - you can hear it quite loudly. I checked her over to see if her nostrils were gunked up or something but I can't see anything blocking them. She has done it a little before but not quite like this and it's usually disappeared quite quickly. I usually treat a stuck egg with liquid parrafin down their throats but I am really struggling to do that today as she's breathing through it and I am a little worried about her inhaling some. One other tiny symptom is that she is only pooing tiny amounts at a time - not the normal big dollop! This is why I checked her out for a stuck egg yesterday. Otherwise, she is quite ok - her tail feathers are perky, not hunched, she's not particularly skinny or anything, crop's fine, vents fine, she is still eating and drinking normally - and still pestering me for treats! Any clues?
  5. That sounds good CM - at least some progress is being made. I have a whole new problem to worry about today - both of mine have an upset stomach. They're feeling and looking very sorry for themselves - all hunched and dozey, have the runs and are very thirsty. I haven't fed them anything unusual (not started any of the other remedies yet) and they have been on flubenvet for worming this week but I can only think they have eaten something they shouldn't do whilst free-ranging? They weren't out yesterday but I did see them having a go at some bluebells on Monday - so I suspect it could be this. I've removed all normal food from their coop and just left them with a sloppy mix of weetabix, water and probiotic yoghurt to see if that sorts them out - they're really not interested in eating though today - but fortunately, they're drinking plenty. I'll syringe some sloppy weetabix into them this evening if they still haven't eaten it. I'm going to nip home and check on them at lunchtime - not sure what else to do though?
  6. Don't worry, I would never have used all the supplements at once - just one at a time with a break in between. I really don't think I have ever over done the remedies - I was just talking theoretcially. The most I've ever done at one time is a teaspoon of ground cuttlefish per day or one scoop of limestone flour per 2Kg of flour (I usually give this a go when I worm them - I like to give them a bit of a tonic week) etc. I have baked some egg shells tonight - I was going to go for a shell per day between the two of them ground up - does that sound about right?
  7. Well that's 3 things to try then. And it effects both my girls so at least I don't have to try to feed them something individually. As for feed - yes I've tried lots of different brands in the past and it didn't seem to make much difference - and with only two girls now, it takes a while to get through a sack! But I might re-visit that option again with my next bag of feed. Has anyone had any success with a particular brand? And what about this 'poultry mix'? I haven't come across it before. Has anyone tried that 'keep well' remedy? I keep seeign it advertised but its really expensive and i just didn't know if anyone's had any success with it? Thanks for your suggestions.
  8. Thanks Sandy - its good to know I'm not the only one to be honest - and if i am just unlucky then I guess I'll have to swallow it - its them I feel for really - it can't be nice can it? I will give the baked egg shells a go and then if that doesn;t work, I might try seaweed powder if I can find some. As for too much calcium, I don't think there's too much danger of that unless it was massive amounts would it? Bodies only take the nutrients they need and get rid of the excess don't they? Thanks for the advice though. Bx
  9. Do you know, reading all this has made me realise that I haven't tried the one remedy which is probably the oldest of them all - baked crushed egg shells. I'm going to try it this week and we'll see how we get on. Mine will eat anything if it's with yoghurt and weetabix! Sounds like the cod liver oil and limestone flour is ok - that's the kind of thing I've been doing. I'd be interested to know if you have better results than with the egg shells.
  10. Oh and Chucky Mama - I'd like to know how you get on with the poultry mix if that's ok?
  11. Thanks for the replies. I haven't tried lifeguard before - to be honest I has always assumed it was a bit like poultry spice which I use regularly. As for too much - I don't think I have been giving them too much at the moment. I've been doing it in quite a scientific experiment way so give them nothing for a couple of weeks as a control, then trying each remedy in turn for a week or so with a gap in between each. But nothing at all has worked so far. I did have limited success with grated cuttlefish bone last year but only for a little while and now it seems useless. I always give them cod liver oil with any form of calcium to help them absorb it. Oh and they eat loads of dandelions in my garden too! And they get the odd bit of cabbage with plenty of calcium in it. I feed them a mixture of layers pellets and mash - but I'm not sure what poultry mix is - I'm not sure as I've even seen it before to be honest. I have also tried the ex batt feed but that did no good either. I always put it down to them being ex batts and the fact that they're a bit 'spent' on egg laying but to be honest, they're laying on most days now - I just can't get the eggs as the girls eat them before I get there. If I could just sort the shells, it would be great for me and for them. I hate keeping chickens and buying eggs from the supermarket - it feels very un-just!
  12. Hello all I've got a couple of ex batts and they went off lay for quite a while this winter. They have come back into lay quite well now but the shells are very soft or sometimes non-existent. This is obviously causing them some stress and discomfort. I did have lots of softie problems last year but this seems worse this year I now haven't had a hard shell for over a month. They always have plenty of grit - which they do eat- and I have tried everything I can think of - limestone flour, ground cuttlefish bones, zolcal-d, cod liver oil. Can anyone suggest anything else at all? B
  13. Don't get me wrong, my two are really best mates - it's just that they're forming a bit of a gang culture and rebelling I think! They're just being constantly naughty!!
  14. Ouch! I had no idea it could take that long! I'd better make sure it's at a time when I don't have a holiday booked then. I like the idea of standing around with a water pistol though... not sure the girls will!
  15. The one that died was not the top chook actually - she was always the quieter friendly one who just observed and took a beating from the top girl on the odd occasion - she was a really nice natured chicken and I miss her terribly. My head chook is still very much in charge of the other one and has always been a bit agressive - I think that No 2 has now decided to follow her example! They are funny little things aren't they? I have a spare coop I can set up (albeit a very makeshift one!) so I think I'll put the new ones in there and get them slowly used to one another first. Let them out separately etc at first and then start introducing them to each other as well as moving the spare coop a bit closer every few days. Is about 3 weeks a good introductory period?

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