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  1. That's helpful. We read in another forum that sometimes Araucanas lay a couple of white/beige before they lay blue & wondered how accurate this was & if it could be the same for hybrids too. It looks like it is Tessera that's laying. She's the only one crouching & we caught her hovering around in the cube yesterday afternoon. An hour later another creamy beige egg! Have to say it was a beautiful creamy beige. She's a beautiful bird too. We know there was a 1in 5 chance we wouldn't get blue so made sure her plumage would make up for it if we were in the minority. She's also developing the most lovely personality. Definately top hen, but very calm. Have to say the eggs themselves are lovely-big yolk in the first one although it weighed 47g!
  2. We have our first egg from the new girls (well done ladies!). It's a lovely creamy beige colour. We don't know for sure who laid it. The only hen that even looks like she might be starting to crouch is the Skyline. Her vent appears to be a little broader than the others as well. We know that Skylines only have an 80% chance of laying blue eggs, but is beige a possibility? If it is the Skyline, do they sometimes lay a few beige eggs before laying blue/green or is this the likely final colour? Anyone with experience - please help. (If it is the Skyline & is the final colour..a bit disappointing, but she's lovely anyway!).
  3. Hi there. Yes it sounds like you've got a feather puller. The most important thing is to keep the wound protected and any blood disguised. We find the Net Tex anti-peck spray with antiseptic useful as it stinks and the colour is brown (the antiseptic component) so it disguises bare skin/wounds, particularly if you have a brown hen. It's also important to find the culprit. If she persists it can become a habit for the flock. It might be the one hen is being bullied but not always. We're still not convinced re. bumper bits, but if it's only the one bird the spray & possibly a saddle may help (depending on whether the wound would come under the saddle or outside. Hope that's helpful. Feathers.
  4. We got it from a builders' merchant. It's a size variation on the Tub Trugs - see here: http://www.faulks.co.uk/brands-4/tubtrugs/ As for them looking so young & small...we'll enjoy while we can the lesser amount of feed they eat until they start laying They look so cute all snuggled up in the cube as well We were admiring the aubiose this morning. It does look lovely doesn't it!
  5. Here are the girls! Mia & Tria: Eksi: Efta: Tessera: Dio & Pente:
  6. Will do when we get some decent light. Tried to take some when they went in the run, but the cou cou went in the cube & the others were in a dark area. When they're settled they'll probably be easier to photograph... possibly the weekend?
  7. Alas, one of each would have meant we'd have come away with 11, not 7 We'd have liked an amber but they didn't have any. Went for the fenning white instead. Were going to get another fenning black (bovans nera) but the black copper maran took our eye and they are supposed to lay dark brown eggs, though probably not as dark as a pure bred. The rest were a combination of "haven't had that before" or "let's have another of..." Ben keeps them in 2 pens although they've come to his place together. He said they should be okay together as they're arriving at the cube together. You know, this is the result of buying an Omlet walk-in run!!! We only wanted 3 hens when we started. Now we've got 8 .
  8. Well it's been a long time since we posted. Kokkino continued to feather pull, even round a bumper bit & lifting up a saddle!! Eventually she settled when there was just Kota & her & she'd stopped laying. We had to let the flock reduce and she was the last but one to die. Kota is still laying & quite happy on her own. So, we moved her into the eglu on the lawn on Saturday while it was cold but sunny(thank goodness we didn't di it Sunday as it persistently rained & then snowed. We thoroughly cleaned & power-sprayed the cube & run.... then today we went to Hen House Poultry at Teston & bought 7 new POLs!! We haven't named them individually yet, but they will be as on the signature (basically 1-7 in Greek!!). We have a: Heritage Skyline Black Copper Maran Mendlesham Ranger Coral Fenning Cou Cou Suffolk Blacktail Fenning White. It already looks like the HS or the BCM will be top hen and the FCC is definately bottom - she hid in the cube not long after arrival as she was picked on. Ah well....had forgotten about the joys of establishing the pecking order. All in bed now ....and quiet!
  9. Couldn't have put it better & glad you've made the comment. I was virtually at the end of the perimenopausal phase & had a "strange" bleed after months. I only mentioned it in passing & was a bit surprised at the pressure the GP put on getting a scan! The whole episode has made me aware that, although women do talk, we don't talk about uterine cancer or the possible symptoms. there's a lot of awareness around cervical cancer, but not UC. I've made a vow that I will be open with people so that others can benefit from my experience. To think that if I hadn't been going to the GP for a routine checkup, or hadn't mentioned it, the outcome could have been much worse! There aren't even any leaflets out in general circulation to my knowledge that bring it to public attention. I also echo the comments on the Hysterectomy Association that others have mentioned. It does seem to be more actively used by those who are having problems. However, there are some posts that are positive & indicating normal recovery. It's a bit like being in a union I suppose - if you don't vote only the extreme views are voiced! I have found it very useful re. info. Just have to weigh the comments...but isn't that the same on any forum? Thanks for the responses and the encouragement. Perhaps the "Big Chick" section might be a good idea Feathers
  10. Well, when the cancer word surfaces the NHS really does its job!! Just mentioned some symptoms in passing to my GP who suggested an ultrasound. Didn't really want to go for it (too busy!!!) but capitulated. The us scan was on 14 April and triggered a rapid response appointment with the gynae team. To cut a long story short the diagnosis was "advanced atypical complex hyperplasia suspicious of endometrial cancer"! - had a total abdominal hysterectomy & bso on 19 June!! Didn't really have time to process it - was told on admission that there was a 25% chance of cancer already being present & if no it would develop within a year. 4 weeks on & recovery is going well, although the old swelly belly is very much present & I'm still on painkillers (mild now). Get very tired, which is to be expected. Why am I posting this? If anyone els on the forum is facing something similar, don't be afraid. It went well. Also I have found the info & support on the website for the Hysterectomy Association invaluable: Click Lots of info & support from before & right through the recovery period.
  11. So sad to be putting this on so late (RIP 31 May 2012): Bye bye Aspro. We had a particular soft spot for you with your "knowing look".
  12. So sorry to hear this. We had Aspro pts on 31 May . She was our top hen too! Get really attached to our lovely girls don't we.
  13. Thank you so much, Sue. This is a really use ful link. We have 2 generations of hens that were originally free-ranged and the 3rd and youngest youngest have only known the large walk in run they are all now in permanently. We had previously heard there can be problems if hens used to free-ranging are then contained and wondered if this could be contributory. That's why we got as large a run as possible (3mx2m walk-in run + the cube & run). Also the photos clearly show the bumpa bit fitted. We have not fitted the bumpa bit correctly we now see, although we did fit it as per a previous photo we found....refits on the way!! It wouldn't have saved Spiti as the issue there was different but it may get the feather pulling sorted eventually. Hope you get the courage to fit yours. We found wrapping the hen in a large towel & bracing it between legs while kneeling helped
  14. We hope you have better luck than we have with the bumper bits. Ours just learned to get round them. Kokkino is still in the eglu and Pitsi has still the tendency to have the odd peck. The worst thing was that, in a matter of hours yesterday, our Spiti had a prolapse and because she was so bald at the back the others set about her prolapse. We had her put to sleep last night. She was the one most singled out for feather pulling and being a gentle giant just did not know how to react. Hopefully, when it's settled down a bit we will again try to reintroduce Kokkino. Otherwise we will look to rehome her where she is the newest in a flock. Everything else has failed to stop her behaviour.
  15. RIP Spiti, gentle giant. Now you won't be bullied any more. She was a lovely bluebell, but just didn't know how to fend her corner. With a sudden prolapse the others set about her vent and the kindest thing was to put you to sleep.
  16. So sorry to hear this. It's so sad when the last one goes...like the passing of an era. We love our chooks, but our original trio (in our avatar) hold a special place in our hearts. They taught us so much and gave us such pleasure that we couldn't think of life without chooks.
  17. We'd be interested in any further thoughtson this too. We've had a persistent feather pulling bully. We've tried sprays separating in the sin bin & returning after a few weeks, bumper bit and more spray. We hav e ahuge run and plenty of distrations. She only does it to the newest hens and we've now had to put her back in the sin bin alone as she has found a means to pull feathers with the bit on!! Yesterday we put some dried peas in and shortly after we saw her on one of the hens backs stabbinmg downwards. This was the final straw that led to separating her again. She'd managed to trim the new growth on Kota's back bald patch. Any ideas?? We've really run out of them. We would add that both this hen and the other of the pair she came as are the first we've had with this bullying habit. In addition, a friend who bought at the same time from the same supplier has had a similar problem with one of hers. We decided to go to another supplier for the newest and they are the ones being bullied 6 months on!! They are lovely & docile, which doesn't help but Kokkino is just plain spiteful to themon occasion. The worst thing is it's not all the time. She doesn't do it if she sees us watching her or holding a water sprayer!!
  18. Just caught up with all the posts. Seems like it's been really helpful. Glad that everyone is feeling a difference. Can't always assume that what one person experiences is the whole story but this product really does seem to wotk. Thanks for all the feedback.
  19. That's great Cathy. Glad it's helping. We are -3degrees at present (were -8 last night!)and the rad thermostats haven't needed to be increased from where we put them down to. Our house is feeling generally cosier where the cold spots were as well. The 2 cold rooms would have been belting out on 6 before and are now no higher than 4. We put our fingers down between the sheets and thew wall and the wall is stone cold, which shows how much they deflect back into the room.
  20. \we can empathise. Fortunately we by chance chose to do the most difficult radiator last. It was also fitted over the skirting so we couldn't get the sheet right down initially. We just trimmed the depth to come just above it and all was sorted. Glad to see it's working out for folks.
  21. Several days in and she's calm. Fed from my hand this pm and allowed Spiti to come up beside her for a little while. Seems to be working & she doesn't seem bothered. (Although she chased her off this am when dried peas were about! At least she didn't jump on her back and viciously peck her as she's done before ) We're glad we did this.
  22. Are your radiators cold at the bottom of the middle of the radiator? I am assuming - from what he said - that they are silted up and need jetting out. They will drain the system, take off each rad., take it outside and jet it out. One or two of ours get cold patches occasionally when they need burping!!! Just get a rad key and try easing the rad valve a little to let the air out. If it is air in the rad you'll hear it escaping and when it's all expelled a little jet of water will shoot out (have a tissue handy). If it jets water immediately then it is a blockage. Try this first as it won't cost anything. The rad will go hot immediately the air is released if it is the problem.
  23. We ordered ours last Thursday night and it arrived on Saturday, despite the delivery date saying from7th onwards. They seem to be really efficient (like the reflectors ).
  24. We don't see there'd be any problem with this. It's as flexible as a thick sheet of polythene, with the curvability (if that's a word ) of foil. The only thing we can think would be a problem is the length as it might droop a bit in the centre. If your radiator has another bracket in between the end ones than that would stop this happening as you could hang it over this. Apparently there are some hooks you can buy that are for use with floor mounted radiators. There are some posts on Amazon by people who have used these on their radiators to assist hanging. One post said their's fell off (too hot for the sticky) but another said it worked well.

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