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  1. Hi - I'm posting this for one of my course guests. I think its an egg, but as i haven't experienced anything like this myself, I'd be grateful for advise. Its from an ex battery hen and she's on ex batt crumb and has oystershell and grit available Thanks
  2. Hi - I have chickens and quail (and looking to get some bantums to fill a spare eglu!). Agree with all previous posts, however, it depends on what your needs are. Chickens for eggs and entertaining children - perfect in a cube or eglu. Quail for eggs and absolutely fine in an eglu with a small bird set - my 5 girls love the eglu and their eggs are divine.....however, they are seasonal (they stop laying between November to March, so not as productive as chickens). Check out the courses near you - which would be a perfect starting point for you to decide for yourself. Hope this is helpful, and good luck.
  3. Definitely - I have had two sets of broodies in my eglu. I took out the roosting bars and used Aubiose (my favourite bedding) on the floor. When the chicks hatch they stay in the eglu for a while, until mum says its ok to go outside (usually Day 2 to find food and water). I cover my run with plastic sheeting to give them some shelter and to keep the rain out and put lots of Aubiose on the floor. It helps if you can put a paving slab just outside the door into the run so it's not too much of a jump - they only just about manage it! A spare eglu for a maternity ward and nursery is a must! Good luck!
  4. No. There was a mix up with the original date then the snow came Delivery date is now Jan 22nd, which will give us time to clear the area (again) and do some more research. BUT, OH does know about them and is delighted with his prezzy. When we had the mix up with dates I asked him if we should just cancel the whole thing and he said "No, no, that's my present and they are MY girls" I bought him 100 quail egg boxes and designed some pretty labels for him so he is quite excited about it all. Will put pics up when they arrive
  5. We always have TURKEY ! If anyone has any really good recipes for GOOSE, please share . I fancy that next year.
  6. Yes, she is my big bird! Fit as a fiddle but lays the smallest eggs Have done the PS (on top of warm rice for supper) Her feathers are so soft, silky and thick but it was her underbelly that got wet and hopefully she'll be ok.
  7. Poachy flew....or attempted to fly...across the pond this morning and crash landed in it breaking the thin ice She managed to get herself out and squalked off sharpish, hidding under the red robin tree preening herself, then it started to snow I checked on her throughout the day and she seemed to be ok doing her usual stuff but it was so bitter cold all day and she has such a fluffy bottom I'm worried that she'll catch a terrible cold. Can you believe she wouldn't let me catch her to towel dry her off Do you think she'll be alright?
  8. Hi - yes have done the gel overnight in the tray. Cost lots of money and made my teeth really sensitive. With things like this it's really important to get it right and you get what you pay for. If I really wanted to do it I would go for the Zoom whitening - its quick with long lasting results.............apparently. Do lots of research before you do anything. If you get it right you may look like this !
  9. DH used to have an aviary when he was a lad (many years ago now) with some quail to clean up the mess. I'm keen to try anything and I showed him a recent article in Home Farmer on keeping quail and flashed the Omlet catalogue past him. He seemed quite keen on the idea and keeps telling me that he doesn't want anything for his birthday So I had no option but to of something! They arrive on 5th Jan so will put some pics on then
  10. Evening all Just wanted to share last nights experience with you. I came home from work yesterday at around 4:15 and my mum, who lives with us and happens to do an eggstremly eggspert job of nannying for the chickens during the day, couldn't find Amelia. Amelia, just 14 weeks old, got her name from Miss Earhart as she can fly eggstremly well. Anyway my mum was really worried that she couldn't find her and it was getting dark very quickly. My mum had been searching for some time and was worried that she'd flown over into a neighbours garden or been taken by a strange black cat that had been lurking in the garden during the day Fortunately due to my eagle eye (I've done ALL of the Where's Wally books), I found her within seconds......IN OUR CHRISTMAS TREE! The tree is my son's first real Christmas tree that we planted in the garden..........he's now 13 so the tree is quite big and Amelia managed to fly up into it just above head height. It took a while to get her out as she wasn't budging, but we managed to get her back in the eglu safely in the end. Of course, I stole a cuddle too So, moral of the story is to check the trees if your chicken goes missing!
  11. a and 7 female quails for DH's 50th Birthday in January. It's going to be a surprise present.........he's soooo going to love me! They arrive on 5th Jan.............and I just can't wait His Christmas prezzy is a Quail keeping book and some bubble wrap!
  12. My kids think this is hilarious (Boy 13 and Girl 12)
  13. Mine is simply: FEEL THE FEAR, AND DO IT ANYWAY (Put yourself out there and you will find....) If you don't experiment.......you will never know!
  14. Hi - There is Perfect Poultry near me in Ligh"Ooops, word censored!"er!

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