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  1. OK here's something that's puzzling me. About a month ago one of our Warren Reds fell off the coop roof (yes I know) into the water bowl, and appeared to injure herself. For a while she didn't move around very much at all. Strangely though she laid a couple of eggs. Then she regained her mobility but went off lay. About the same time she started having a milky white discharge from her back end. That cleared up and she seemed to revert almost back to normal, poos the right colour, shouting for food etc, but still off lay. After a few days she went backwards again (not moving around as much, discharge etc), but started laying. Then a few days later back to normal as if a switch had been thrown, but no eggs. A few days later back to being "off", laying again. Each time the "off period" seems shorter. The eggs are smaller than those she was laying before she fell off the roof. I'm wondering if the fall injured her internally and she finds it painful to pass eggs. The white discharge remains a mystery - Could that be vent gleet? I should say that even when she isn't moving about much she seems alert, her combs are red and upright. No sneezing or coughing. I'm really unsure as to what's going on. Any ideas would be welcome.

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