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  1. They all look the same, no idea about boys or girls either
  2. Congratulations, Lovely name it's one of the ones on my list
  3. Im shutting the door tonight as they were shouting again at 4.30 this morning, at least being in the cube muffles it a bit.
  4. my girls were making a racket at 4,20 am this morning, I had to go out and give them some corn to shut them up. Thankfully this has only happened 3 times this summer and this was by far the earliest, I had started to close them in again after the second time , but Its far to hot to do that just now.
  5. Loved it, had to call my friend who was on his way to visit to stop at the shop for a milky way after I saw it on TV on sat ( i blame the pregnancy hormones of course)
  6. I think shes a buff to, Ive got a buff mottled girl ( at least thats what I call her)
  7. Gorgeous colouring on both of them
  8. Finally got some pics about a week and a half old now, fluffy chick pics coming up
  9. Yep Palmer I'll keep one and the rest need to go
  10. Well they weren't up for posing much tonight and they are filthy due to all the rain but heres what I got face furniture now on display The questionable one, but judging by the extreme difference to the guy above im guessing girl? They werent interested in posing but Im sure these are all girls, except for boyo 2nd from left what do you guy's think?
  11. Just under 17 weeks now and the face furniture indicates one definite boy and one questionable which i am hoping is a girl, Im away to see if I can get some pics
  12. They are lovely Fee, I want to keep my Faverolle boy so much but I couldnt do that to the neighbours( well I could, but I wont)
  13. That's fantastic Mostin, there's a lot to be said for prenatal yoga, I cant find anything like that around here. Had my 20 week scan on Monday and everything is going well, the scan was amazing and we now know we are expecting a little boy I actually got just as much enjoyment watching OH watching the scan, his face was a picture and I know he cant wait. Ive started clearing the house out and decided it all needs redecorated and the spare room still needs carpets and doors before bump arrives, its not all going to happen.

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