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  1. I don't come on here as much as I used to, like others other things just get in the way. But it is definitely the best forum I have ever joined, I have had had so much help and support and have been lucky to meet some lovely people. I have never found it cliquey, practically everyone has been welcoming and the mods do an excellent job on those that aren't. Christian - you can't go, I will never forget you posting a picture of hedgehog poo for me :lol: I am pleased to say they still visit :)

  2. I was lucky enough to go to the rehearsal on Monday...spent the rest of the week almost bursting with not being able to tell anyone about it and excitement of seeing the full spectacle. Had a party at my Uncle's on Friday night, he hired a massive screen. The detail and explanations were good, but the atmosphere of actually being there was hard to top. But have been glued to the TV watching diving this afternoon...

  3. I so agree. My ex-batts humble me. Although they had a bad start in life, they have learned to trust, and cheerfully enjoy each day with no dwelling on the past or holding a grudge. They get so much pleasure from simple things. I only have one girl left and my world will be less bright when she goes.

  4. I don't know how similiar dog and cat ears are, but 'me Spooky' had a really bad ear all the time, which the vet thought was caused by a polyp.


    He had his ear cleaned lots of times and it lasted about a month before back to square one. The last time he had it cleaned, the vet did both ears, even though his right ear appeared fine. Anyway, don't know if it was coincidence, but the left ear was never nasty again :)

  5. Yes, we all saw it at work :) Wanted Shelima to win but I did think that what she cooked in the final, she could have cooked on day 1 - she didn't seem to apply much of the learning, while Tom really did. Three evenings on the trot at 9 o'clock was a bit intense too - in bed early tonight! :oops:

  6. Spooky died in the early hours of Friday morning. He had got very weak by Thursday, but still lifted his head to give me a meow when he saw me. I took some cat milk to him, then carried him up to bed with me. I was woken at about 1.15, he struggled for a short while, then passed away. I am incredibly sad, but pleased he died at home, in bed, with me - his favourite place.


    RIP my special boy.

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