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  1. it is only natural to worry. I have left one of my bunnies outside for the first time today and will NOT be working late ! But I do think you settle down after a bit when nothing bad has happened. When I first got my cats about 9 years ago I was awful, I wouldn't go to bed unless they were all in. Now, I let them do their own thing - but still panic if I haven't at least seen them between getting in from work and going to bed......
  2. I am getting more used to when my girls are noisy; they don't seem to mind my 3 cats but do create when Tigger from round the corner sets himself up on the shed roof, he must be in their line of vision. They also seem to squawk after they lay. And I mowed my lawn last night - they were really scared and noisy . They ran into the Eglu so I shut the door until I had finished, so hopefully they felt a bit safer.
  3. One thing I would do is collect them in large cardboard boxes. My instructions said cardboard boxes or cat carriers. I used large cat carriers, Adele got them in OK but it was quite hard getting the girls out. So, I would definitely use boxes with lids, or carriers that open fully at the top
  4. I have only had my girls a month. At first I thought I was getting away lighty, I could leave the door shut until about 8.30 am ! But whether they are now getting cheekier, or perhaps because it is warmer, I can hear noises if I am awake at about 6. So I think I will start to leave the door open. They sre still in bed by the end of eastenders tho !
  5. one question about all this food - do chickens chew ??? I gave mine grapes last night, and some seemed to go down whole (they snatched them from me, I normally break them into bits). I am a bit worried they will choke ??
  6. hello there Chelsae - please can I just ask, how do you poo-pick ??? Do you have an eglu run ? It is not like you can crawl inside or anything ... I move mine to clean out weekly, it is just on (what is left of) grass. I have got some hemcore and auboise but am not sure how I would then move the run to clean it if I laid this down.....
  7. so good to hear your girls are doing so well ! I have 3, and get one from each most days - not enough to satisfy the people at work tho !
  8. LJ - find someone with chinchillas, they will do anything for a raisin! I haven't tried my chooks with raisins 'cos my chins would go mad at me for giving them away ! i tried the hens with marmite on a muffin, but they 'don't'. They can't get enough grapes though. I tried sweetcorn once, they weren't sure, but I had only just got them so I will try again. They do like Kale, greens and carrot tops. Also pear and apple.
  9. re condition of the girls - mine were fine, I think they had been at Adele's for a few days but apart from a few bald patches, and one did limp for a couiple of days, they appear strong and healthy - and after a few weeks are getting SO cheeky ! Pushing to get out of the run, all three snatching grapes from my fingers, one was standing on the grub....we had our first sunny day since I got them on Monday, and it was such a joy to see them in the sun, scratching and rolling about. I was surpirised at the 50p donation, I gave more, I guess it is a balance, they don't want to put people on tight budgets off. But i find it really upsetting that some people are abusing the BHWT and of course, the poor girls.
  10. hello there I got my girls from Adele a few weeks ago. I guess it varies with each rescue, but they are a feisty lot and settled straight away. I am sure your girls will all settle, and I so recommend getting rescues !
  11. After much deliberation, my girls are Harriet, Hedwig and Hermione. I had a huge list though - April May and June, Nancy Olivia and Josephine - and these are the least embarrassing ones....one always has to consdier what it will sound like if ever shouted out at the vets........that is when I regret naming one of my chins Elvis.....the best I have heard was Obi Wan
  12. first kiss - one of my girls tried to make a dash for it at the weekend, so I picked her up for a cuddle, her head was just there and so I kissed her without even thinkinh....
  13. I haven't kissed my chooks yet - not had them long - but I am sure I will do in due time. The bunnies and chins get kisses sometimes, and the cats all the time. I know it isn't really very hygenic - but I am still here.....so far !
  14. mine are going between 8 and 8.30 up here in Manchester - ran downstairs during Holby to shut their door last night !
  15. so sorry to hear about your loss, it must have been awful for you. I am new to chickens but I reckon from what everyone has said that Pie would like some new friends. condolences to you and Pie
  16. most of you will already know this, but for anyone reading who is thinking of taking the plunge - yes, the eglu IS really easy to clean. I have just done the first weekly clean and it hardly took any time at all. The girls were watching me from the run, and then jumped back in the eglu for a quick check - and seemed to approve !
  17. brilliant news - you had obviously prepared so well for them it would have been a shame if you had decided against it. I am sure you will soon fall in love with them !
  18. Although I am having neighbour problems, (!) I wouldn't get rid of them for anybody (take note, neighbour!). When I picked them up, I will admit I wasn't sure - a bit smelly, big feet and wings ! And I worried all the first night. But when I got home after work on the first full day and they had each laid an egg, I felt so humbled. I didn't get them for the eggs, so that is a bonus; the feeling that you have given them a new life is magical. They don't all lay every day, but within a week, they come to see me whenever I go into the garden and all will now eat from my fingers. But if you are really unsure, then do think hard about it - in the end, you can only do what you feel is right for YOU
  19. thank you for your support and constructive ideas, I felt so alone yesterday (no internet access at home!) It is just so hard not to get upset, I love my girls. My other pets have given me so much comfort recently (car in an accident in Dec and written off, dad dying in Jan) - I know I didn't have the chooks then but I live on my own and they are lovely company, they come out to see me whenever I go in the garden and now all 3 will take food from my fingers. They are ex-batts and I just think it is so amazing how they are being after all they have been through. I will try WitchHazel's suggestions, to try and get a proper idea of what his problem is and see if I can plant around it or something. Thanks again for your ideas and good luck to all in a similiar position
  20. I am sitting at my desk almosy crying as I read this, my neighbour complained to me yesterday and I couldn't sleep last night due to worry. I only picked up my girls last Sunday, he say it has been his worsk week ever, they have stressed him so much ! he says they are noisy and the Eglu looks a mess ! - I think he is particlarly bothered as he says he wants to put his house on the market - hooray ! We normally get on Ok, we don't see each other much, but he has made sarcy comments when I mow the lawn (which I don't do very often - but so what ?it is not that bad). I am trying to see his point of view, but just come back to 'he should get a life' - if this is his biggest stress, then he has a pretty charmed existence ! I was so pleased to see that others on here feel, like me, that screaming kids and barking dogs are a much bigger pain, but I am just worried about what he can do and I don't like bad feeling. the girls are pretty quiet, I have never heard them before 7.10 am, adn even then it is cute 'chuckling', they only get a bit noisier when there is a cat around, it lasts about 5 m ins and happened 3 times yesterday (yes, I was keeping a tally). Thinking of you Chooks Aloud xx
  21. I picked up my 3 ex-batts on Sunday. While we were waiting in the queue, we were all amazed at how lively they were. I got my first egg on the way home ! and then another 3 when I got back last night, I am such a proud mum. I gave the girls some grapes last night, they were too frightened to take them from my fingers but soon polished them off when I left them. I will try some corn too, as you say, they certainly seem to pick things up quickly !
  22. I am collecting my first three chickens from Adele on Sunday - I am so excited too! Cathy
  23. I (well, the kind Jayne and helpful hubby) got an eglu and run in a Clio (Campus version) with the back seets down. The run sort of slid half down behind the front seets, and half in the boot, there was then enough room in the boot for the eglu. I could also have had a passenger in the front seat. It was literally JUST wide enough to get the run in.

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