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  1. sorry to hear it. take comfort from a peaceful passing.
  2. so pleased to hear you have finally got him. Hope the intros go OK after all the waiting. x
  3. glad you are enjoying it! One of my buns will happily go to sleep on his back while you are holding him.
  4. wow -some really good ages. Hermione will be 5 at the end of the month, amazed for an ex-batt, still get a couple of eggs a week.
  5. fingers crossed you can get sorted for this little man x
  6. I too have found it painfully slow adopting rescues, but from volunteering at a sanctuary later, found it is because they are so often over streched. personally, I would wait and save this little one, especially as he is not happy being in rescue. Hope it gets sorted soon!
  7. well done for rescuing some more girlies! dare I ask about the running?
  8. same here - tho think I will have the hangover tomorrow...

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