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  1. I am so grateful for these posts! Thank you! I tried @Joe P 's solution first and that didn't quite do it for me because I didn't take the batteries out. I only disconnected the wires. Then I tried @paul0's solution, taking the batteries out and VOILA, I am back in business again! To be clear, here are steps I followed: factory reset the module unplugged cables removed batteries plugged cables back in replaced batteries held the OK button for 3 seconds to begin calibration All set! The module even said it was calibrating when I put the batteries back into the unit. I'm so happy to have it working again. My girls and I have been very spoiled over the past year. We all hated this past week where the door wasn't working correctly! Also, the reason my door stopped working is because I decided after a year of it working perfectly, I would change the batteries. The batteries were only reading 40% which is crazy since I thought they wouldn't last long. They didn't need to be changed but I wanted to do it just to keep things running smoothly. After I changed them, the module still read 40% so I was a bit confused. I decided I must have to factory reset it to get the battery level to read correctly. That's when everything went askew because I didn't follow the steps above.

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