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  1. I know this is an old post, but I've been searching the Internet for information on hens being egg bound for long periods of time. My hen, Lorraine, is an ex commercial hen and when we got her about 2 months ago, I thought her abdomen looked distended but I wasn't sure and she seemed happy enough. In those first few weeks she seemed very well but didn't lay. I eventually convinced myself that her abdo wasn't normal and took her to the vets. They scanned her and found an egg. They have calcium which started her muscle contractions, I gave her a warm bath, but the egg was so low down in the abdo, she couldn't pass it. The following day she was back to her usual happy self and has been the same since then. This was a couple of weeks ago. We drained some fluid from her abdomen, the vet thinks she has a sterile peritonitis. Her prognosis is guarded but I'm keen to hear from anyone else who's been may have been through similar? She seems so happy despite this egg being such inside her!!
  2. I would have agreed with you until my most recent experience. I collected some hens from the British Hen Welfare Trust 4 weeks ago. One of them had a swollen abdomen but was very well in herself. I decided to give her a chance to settle in and then look her to the vet thinking it might be ascites. The vet scanned her and told me it was a very large egg! She gave her calcium, antibiotics and anti inflammatory meds, and that evening after 2 warm baths, there was lots of pushing and panting but no egg. I can feel the egg inside her but it's sat very low down. The next day she was absolutely fine and the vet is completely baffled as to how she is so well. I found this thread because I'm trying to find if this has happened to anyone else!

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