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  1. Thank you for your help Although, I have now completely changed my plan, I've decided to get an eglu classic and attach it to a walk in run - so it has a set place in the garden - but only half height (so 1.15m) with 1.8m width and 3.6m length. Would you say this space and type of eglu would be okay for 4 pekin bantams? Thanks again
  2. That's great, Thank you for your help. I did look into a walk in run but I liked how the Eglu Cube with extensions could be moved if needed (even though it will be extremely tricky to move 6m). They'll be on the grass so when I do manage to move them 😂, I'll probably just hose off that area and then let the grass recover, so cleaning hopefully won't be a problem.
  3. I'm thinking about getting an Eglu Cube and a few run extensions too. For the foreseeable future they would probably not be allowed to free range due to a nuisance cat next door. Would a 6 metre run attached to an Eglu Cube be enough for 4 bantams or do I need another metre extension? Also, if the 6 metres is long enough - would I fit an extra bantam in there (to bring it to 5)?

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