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  1. Will have to get an eglu run extention and a cheap rabbit hutch and run if I do it, I have the free ranging room.
  2. Wow thanks for these links - giving me hope!!! Tikka is scratching about again! Yes it's very weird, she has all the signs of being egg bound with the sitting down and ruffled feathers and the straining, and the vet said he could feel the egg (not through the vent (like I couldn't either), but through a feel of the under tummy). I know she hasnt laid, I'm home all day at the moment. I can only hope she pulls through - I love her. S x
  3. Usually only happens with a problem layer like my Tikka, but the obvious signs are sitting down listless, not too fussed about eating but will have treats, ruffled feathers, bottom raised slightly and a straining movement noticed in the tail and vent. There is a good article on this from Egluntine in the chicken clinic.
  4. She has always had problems with her eggs, hasnt passed an egg or a softie (which she does frequently) since Weds so she has been egg bound for over the allotted time - not looking good really. Bless her. She usually lays her softies in the eglu and even if she eats one in the free range patch she leaves the shell and there is nothing, plus vet could feel egg this morning. I could talk OH round, but I'm quite worried re introducing 2 new young hens to Madras. I have seen articles on introducing 1 to 1 and 2 or more to 2 or more established hens, but is there anything on the site someone could point me to re 2 new to 1 established hen? Or even better some personal accounts of doing so? To Aint "Ooops, word censored!"ody here, thanks for the advice so you reckon a couple of weeks max? Thanks, S x
  5. Hello, I have an egg bound Tikka, she's been to the vets but nothing seems to be working to enable her to expel the egg. If she does go to chicken heaven how long is it reasonable to leave Madras on her own? Do chickens really die of loneliness? They have been best friends since I got them from Omlet. I would like 2 more hens but my husband dosent want anymore at all so if Tikka does go he wants Madras re-homed, it's a real dilemma. Thanks Sarah
  6. Thanks Egluntine, I saw this info from you before I posted, just wondered if there was anything else I could do? She's really poorly now, no hen vets here - nearest one that would do the op is 33 miles away and not open till Monday. She's gone downhill, still bright eyed but just sitting there with her tail up straining. Its awful. She is still having the odd bit of food, but not much. Ive done the oiled vent, the extra oil up the vent, the warm bath, the steam, the neat Zalcon D, I've run out of options. The weird thing is when I inspected the vent with my finger I cant feel the egg but that must be what it is as the egg bound symptoms are all there and shes always had problems with softies and eggs in general not being quite right. Is there anything else I can do or try - or at least what can I do to make her more comfortable if shes not going to make it? I'm so sad. S x
  7. Help! I think my Tikka is eggbound. She has always had problems with egg laying since I have had her, ie large ones or soft eggs or ones with paper thin shells despite me giving her extra calcium etc. Since about 3 in the afternoon yesterday she's been off her food and doing her usual stance as if she is going to lay (she quite often does an early evening egg). Shes been in and out of the nestbox but no results. By 9 last night I was worried so got her indoors in a box and lubricated her vent. I couldnt feel an egg with my finger but didnt want to go too far in. I've tried steam and some extra calcium, and a heatpad. Popped her back in the eglu with her mate for the night but wasnt sure she would make it. Anyway this morning she has made it through the night but is still the same - listless - not eating, stance as if she wants to lay - and I noticed on the roosting bars where she slept there are areas of small runny poos with a lot of white urine in them I guess where she has been straining? I don't know what else to do, we have no specialist poultry vets round here and at my vets it's either a course of baytril or if that dosent work - put them to sleep. Anyone have any more ideas please? Thanks, Sarah
  8. Hillarious! LOL Poor Google. Glad she is getting a brush everyday now Tessa! Sarah
  9. We are re seeding in April and I'm getting some Omlet chicken netting so the girls will still have a patch of erm mud (formerly lawn), to free range on. They wont be thrilled but we want a lawn back!!!!!
  10. Hello Egluntine, it's been a while! I hope you are well. Thanks for that I'll give it a go at the weekend and I am well overdue to worm them but the weather has been so awful and dark! I'll administer a doctored Flubenvet sweetcorn niblet right now and will continue for a week see if it helps. Thank again, Sarah x
  11. Hello, My Madras has pooey knickers. She is not ill or anything but doesnt seem to preen there and the knickers need a wash as looking rather crusty. She doesnt show any signs of discomfort as her vent is clean. What is the best way to do this? She doesnt like being picked up much, I thought warm water in a bowl and maybe some ecover washing up liquid? I really have no idea so any suggestions will be taken on board. Thanks in advance, Sarah
  12. Hello fellow henniversary person! I too have just passed the year mark getting my Tikka and Madras on the 28th Feb 08. Tikka still does her sometimes iffy eggs and they are both having a bit of a moult at the moment but it's so lovely to see how they have blossomed! They both have their own personalities though Tikka leads the pecking order! They follow me everywhere in the garden if they think treats are coming! I'm glad I did it though OH isnt as the garden is destroyed LOL. Good old hens! Sarah x
  13. Well! I started the Zolcal D in the water last Saturday and I also stopped the limestone flour in the feed as I think I may have been giving the one that has phosperous in as well as calcium instead of being the pure calcium one and guess what?! Got home Monday eve and 2 eggs in the nest! I thought it must be a coincidence but Tikka has now laid a good hardish egg every day since!!!! Agreed the shell is still a little thin and I erm 'don't want to count my chickens' so to speak just yet but surely this can't be a coincidence? Sarah x
  14. WoW My set up wont be that posh! Thanks to everyone for their help on this topic let's hope the winter is mild. Sarah x
  15. I've not had any probs with it, sounds to me as others have said you may have a dodgy batch? Only prob I have is when it gets trodden into the carpet from my garage and it gets stuck to my bare carpet feet Sarah

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