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  1. Hi remember me? i just wanted to let you all know that my girls Nutmeg and Bramble have settled in well to their new home. Sam, their new owner, has said that they still stick together. But i miss them so much still. i know i have sone the best for them but i wish i had them still with me. my back is still quite painful but i do have some good days. i didnt realise i would miss them as much as i am really.
  2. Well my girls went to their new home at 14.30 today. they have gone to a 3 acre property where they can roam as much as little hearts desire. I was very sad to see them go but i feel that i have done the right thing for THEM and not for me. they were used to being able to have a good old forage but at the moment my back is so bad i couldnt allow it. We have had new neighbours and they have 3 cats so they kept coming and harrasing them in the coop..imagine if they were out and i couldnt get to them. Anyway the point to my post is this .i must say a HUGE thank you to you all for the advice you have given me THANK YOU. Ang x
  3. Yes that was my worry. My vet was disgusted because she said that it could have resulted in an unwanted pregancy. Also she gave him his jab for myxsie and checked his teeth, which she said were in need of a trim. it doesn't end there though the other rabbit we adopted we have found out killed its pen mate!!!!!!!!! And they didnt tell us. he had also been rehome but brought back because of his temprement. we will keep him though............we have a very large pen for him now and our two will not mix. stewie runs round the garden, peter has a 10x10 run. i hope that will be enough for him because its all the space i can spare. bless him he deserves to be settled somewhere and he will be with us. thick gloves i think as he bites
  4. took the rabbit last weds and he was castrated. yesterday went to "the pet store" with the bill i had paid and whith out question they gave me the £35.00 it cost to have him done. i was so suprised i nearly fell over. i had the paper work from the adoption which clearly stated he had been castrated even though he hadn't.
  5. We already have a rabbit and decided to to get another, so off we went today( don't know if im allowed by Mods to say where????????) and they have a small section that says Wood Green on it. Now it makes it look as if the rabbits are from Wood Green but after talking to someone at the store today they are not. the rabbits are brought into the store by people who no longer want them or find they can not care for them any longer. the Wood Green connection, well he said they are just saying its a good place to adopt from!!! but the worrying bit is when we adopted the first we were told that he had been neutered but on closer inspection he clearly hasn't so i said to the guy today has he ( the new one ) been neutered " yes" he said so i said "well are they done here or at Wood green"" No" he said the people who bring them in say they have"." so you can't really guarantee that can you". he said "no we can't". now thats ok because i have now got 2 males but what if some newbie had a male and adopted a female being told she had been neutered!!!!
  6. sorry for the use of the censored word
  7. i agree. at the moment i am lobbyin You Tube because of the amount of cock fighting videos they have on their site. i realise that others may find this entertaining but that is an excuse not a reason to leave them on their or for this cruel and barbaric " sport" to continue. sometimes the human race seems to go backwards not forwards
  8. chelsea i know how you feel i worked in Personnel hiring people for a leading Supermarket chain, and my personnel manager ( i was the supervisor) was "Ooops, word censored!" and i hated it. so after talking to my husband i decided to tell her i wanted out and drop from full time to part time. The reaction i got was " you just need a holiday" this went on for a yr in the end i waited till november last yr when she was on holiday and sat with the store manager and told him how i felt. he agreed to put me out on the shop floor. but i too want out of the store i have been in there 8yrs and love the people but when they took us over they ruined the family feeling we had and our store is on its knees due to bad management. the employees still come to me because they say that the personnel manager is not approachable.
  9. i am a boggy foot born and breed but i do speak some polish, some norweign, some lithuanian.
  10. i wouldn't know because my hair is natural brown and i know thats true because thats what it said on the box
  11. http://www.news.com.au/mercury/story/0,22884,23596454-5007221,00.html hope the link works

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