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  1. Erm, well you know how it goes, came home with three lovely ladiez - one very poorly and oven ready. Other two not too bad. They seemed better fed than the last lot - but all had horrendous toes and poorly chicken is missing a few Have had to introduce the 2 strongest ex batts to the existing flock yesterday - which went well - they have been talking through the fence at each other only since Sunday, but not fighting so that's a relief. I have to keep 'poorly' chicken on he rown in the eglu as the other two exbatts wouldn't let her feed or drink and just constantly pecked her - never seen anything like it. she is a timorous wee beastie indeed and I think will be bottom of the pecking order - so want to get her fully feathered and happy before she is introduced. So I have 5 free ranging and using cube and poorly in the eglu where they can all see her but not attack her. Any other solutions out there ? Will post picks at the weekend. Suz x
  2. Only 7 sleeps till I go collect 2 more exbatts from BHWT Perth - Going to decant the G'Pigs out the eglu, so they won't be happy - but hoping for some feisty girls and hopefully all in the one cube by the end of August and the G'Pigs can go back outside for the last of the summer. Letting my mum call one glittery hen and I think I will name the other one this time - but what? - we currently have 'Brave Hen' 'Flower Flower' and Vera I find it quite like having children - you don't want to name them till you see them? Or is that a mad chickenowner going a step too far?
  3. Hi, I've had good success with the divide and conquer method - I read something about 'confusing the flock' and I just kept mixing them - day arrangements and night arrangements it was hassle for a week and then I flung them them all in together (well took down the temp fencing) S Don't fret it will all work out.
  4. I'm so sorry for your loss - but don't beat yourself up. Twice in the last year my hens haven't been put to bed securely - once I forgot and another time 'someone' took the egg port door right off and I didn't notice when locking them up ! As it has been said it could have happened to any one on here - hope you get through it - you gave those girls some freedom they may not have otherwise had. Susie
  5. Hi Val, where abouts are you in sunny scotland ? and yes chickens do have personality!!! some more than others
  6. LOL consider yourself on the naughty step actually a bit but will behave myself.
  7. Thanks, just wondered if it was secure enough - the G-pigs will come back inside around September/October I think. - they were house pigs anyway, I got the eglu to think about maybe hatching with a broody hen - but was trying the pigs in it - not 100% sure about hatching so will leave the pigs in it for now. thanks again. susie
  8. thanks for all comments - have been out chk'd them including holding them all up to squeeze their crops and smell breath at the same time - and there was only that vague chicken breath smell which I don't find unpleasant. (actually quite like it) Will chk for empty crops in the morning - I've been having normal egg laying, no obvious weight loss and no vomity stuff going on today that I saw - it was quite watery the stuff that came out and smell-less. so glad I have this site to share all the intimate details of my chickens with - who else could I tell about squeezing crops and smelling chicken breath? Don't feel totally relaxed about this, but will see what the morning brings - if only they could talk. s.
  9. sounds interesting - I sometimes feel sorry for my ex-batts and their constant egg laying, it would be a good solution to give them a rest? but have never heard or experienced this - sorry, hopefull someone will come along who knows more. s
  10. don't want to be a bad chicken person - but have googled endless sour crop and mine don't have the symptoms - tonight I will go out at bed time and grope all crops, I guess they should be firm with food? If they are sloppy feeling I will call around all the vets and take a day off work. and . . . . . had no electricity in sockets from 4pm yesterday till 10am today - just light bulbs working - had to get electrician to do a fault find (dodgy garage wiring over 30 years old aaaggg) and the double glazing company came and fitted my new patio doors back to front yesterday as it was the only way they could get them to fit - so that's another day of to get new ones refitted the right way oooo. doncha love life. so glad I have the chooks to destress me will be a good chicken mummy susie x
  11. mmmm not sure have been watching her today and no more vomiting and she does not have smelly or swollen crop , eating drinking as norm - I don't have a vet that specialises in chickens around here and she seems happy and healthy. should I take her to our vet and just get some antibiotics anyway just incase or wait and see? not sure what do?
  12. Not able to offer any advice - but I've had ex-batts for over a year now (3 left out 5) and they sometimes go through phases of being withdrawn - sometimes they lay an odd agg after acting weird and sometimes they seem to just perk up after a day or two - I lost one last week who just seemed to die in her sleep after a normal day - and yet ones I've brought inside becasue they were acting so bad are still alive and pecking. no rhyme or reason to the behaviours of my ex-batts. let me know what happens - I love the ex-batt girls. susie
  13. Aw what super cute chicks -
  14. Hi One of my ladies has been vomiting up cloudy runny moucous for a couple of days - which the others seem to eat euk - she seems totally healthy otherwise, what could be the cause, anyone have any experience? susie

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