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  1. hurricane is coming. How do I prepare coop?

    Good to hear you are ok.
  2. Best place to buy wool online?

    I have also used Black Sheep Wools. They also do quick delivery. Chrissie
  3. Been accepted for a degree!!

    Congratulations Andy Roo You are quite a youngster. I got my honours degree at 50 Once I qualified I agreed to look after my three grandchildren so my DD could do her degree. Paediatric Nursing at Cambridge. She has 3 months to go. Good luck Chrissie
  4. The Weather Thread #9

    Yes cars were icy here this morning. But we did have a sunny morning but it clouded over in the afternoon and we had a few spots of rain. Did a bit of gardening this evening and it was quite chilly. Chrissie
  5. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Glad you had a good time up north DM and that R is doing well. Lovely photos PL. when I was training and working in London I used to enjoy walking around the capital seeing the sights and people watching. Feeling fed up tonight DH flying to India for work for two weeks. He is away most weeks for 2 or 3 nights in Guernsey or Southampton but I hate it when he goes away on proper foreign trips. Chrissie
  6. The joys of being a 60 year old

    Congratulations. It sounds like you had a lovely day. What a cheeky present I'm not sure how I would react if someone gave me that. A few years to go to 60 so I hope DD or DS don't get any ideas. The cake looks fantastic. Chrissie.
  7. The Weather Thread #9

    Lovely day today. Helped to run an archery beginners course today. After the rest of the week which was so grey and miserable it was a great surprise to have such a nice day today. I too heard it was going to be nice next week which is typical as we will be back at school. Chrissie
  8. Our dear friend Docsquid

    Ah I am sorry to hear the sad news. A very brave lady. Thank you for letting us know Egluntyne. Best wishes go to her husband family and friends, thinking of them at this sad time. Chrissie
  9. The Weather Thread #9

    Lovely day here. Went shooting early afternoon and didn't get home until after 7. First lovely day of the outdoor archery season. Lets hope for many more. Chrissie
  10. I think we're going to get out first egg!

    Well done Doris. Really must get sorted so I can get some new hens and hopefully some eggs. Chrissie
  11. Goshawk

    Wow he is gorgeous Lewis. Chrissie
  12. DD and the new girls!

    Wow Chrissie
  13. You need a conversion kit https://www.omlet.co.uk/shop/rabbit_products/rabbit_starter_packs/292/eglu_classic_converter_kit_-_rabbit_to_chicken_-_green/?rf=1136591f5a25305caa4a5037f0a8dc02 They are out of stock at the moment but I guess they will have them again soon. If not maybe eBay. Chrissie
  14. First egg of the year for me.

    Congratulations on your egg. Chrissie
  15. I think we're going to get out first egg!

    I too would like an egg of any colour, my two bantams are quite old now but maybe they will lay a few in the spring. Chrissie.