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  1. We have four in an eglu and there seems to be plenty of room for them, as others have said it is the run size that is the problem a standard run is too small for four but as you freerange all day that should not be a problem for you.
  2. They look lovely Hope you have had an enjoyable day watching the girls Chrissie
  3. Me too We have just had two consecutive days of a full house for the first time. Chrissie
  4. Not sure but 75g seems to be very big for a first egg. When Ebony started to lay she would lay a bigger egg sometimes, it might be a double yolker Good luck with your chook watching, let us know if you find out the answer, hope you get a two egg day soon. Chrissie
  5. We have both as I would like some more girls. They seem to be addictive We wondered whether to get another eglu or a cube, decided on a cube, at the moment it sits empty waiting for OH to find time to build a walk in run. It doesn't have the charm of the eglu, I think the space inside is good, not sure about the ladder and although built by the Omlet man it doesn't seem to fit together as well as the eglu. On a positive it doesn't seem to leak. It is a hard decision to make, still not sure if we have made the right one or not, time will tell Chrissie
  6. Well done Harriet A good size too. Chrissie
  7. Well done Blossom, it looks like my Henny Penny eggs, she started with very small ones and now they are about 56g. How are you going to eat it? We fried our first egg and took a photo of it cooking Chrissie
  8. Glad you like it Jules, I have an original one which I love, initially our eggs kept getting stuck, as they were little but now the are bigger they roll down beautifully Not sure if Ebony's egg from Sunday will fit on it though, 100.6 g Chrissie
  9. OUT Looking lovely on the egg skelter Chrissie
  10. Yes I have fournd the fresher they are the harder it is to peel hard-boiled eggs. Chrissie
  11. I use the same metal dish for treats, they will then follow you anywhere if you carry the dish Our first two we kept in their run for five days as instructed and fed them treats from the 'treat dish' to get them used to it. Enjoy your new girls, they are more fun than you would ever imagine Chrissie
  12. I have one who keeps trying to be broody and takes over the nest box in the eglu but it doesn't stop the others if they want to lay they seem to squeeze in too. Very cosy Chrissie
  13. Our Pepperpot had been broody and not laid for a couple of weeks, normally her eggs are dark brown but her first egg after her rest was quite pale for her, also rather long and thin. Then two normal eggs and then yesterday a huge egg, well the biggest we have had 100.6g, well done Ebony, not surprisingly no egg today Chrissie
  14. We did too, when I ordered it I asked for it to be delivered by Omlet so it was put together for us by the Omlet man Chrissie
  15. I hope moving our girls into walk in run and new cube will not reduce egg production. We have only had one today One girl has been broody, one lays when she feels like it and one may be going broody again but Henny Penny keeps laying, well done Henny Penny. No need to worry at the moment, Chris is far too busy for run building Chrissie
  16. Congratulations It is a great feeling when you get a full house. Chrissie
  17. We have our eglu in a fixed position, I was all for having it on the grass and moving it around but was overruled by OH, I am glad it works very well in one place. We used wood chips initially and now use easibed. I would recommend a permanent site but to be fair we have not tried the grass option. Good Luck with whatever you decide. Chrissie
  18. Our converter arrived early but it didn't need a signature so it was no problem Chrissie
  19. At the moment, as I am on holiday, I work in a school, as soon as one of the girls come out of the eglu I go out to see if there is an egg but when I am at work I check as soon as I get home. Beech Chick it is interesting that you say your Sussex goes broody at the drop of a hat, we have a Merrydale Sussex who spends most of her time being half broody, sitting on others eggs and making a real noise if you go near her but she does still lay most days. Chrissie
  20. Having read previous posts, I block the nest box with my flower pot, known in our house as the Nest Protector I pop it in the nest when they have laid to deter Ivory who is thinking about being broody, AGAIN but yesterday I had mistakenly thought Latte had laid so put the flower pot in the nest and then realised that I couldn't see Latte in the run so looked in the eglu and there she was, sat on top of the flower pot trying to lay her egg I removed the pot and she laid her egg in the nest box. Chrissie
  21. Our Gingernut Ranger is our smallest one, she is lovely, very friendly and has always been happy to be held. She started to lay after the Miss Pepperpot, but she was younger, she is now one of our best layers with lovely speckled brown eggs. 3happyhens perhaps Little Nell will eat more when she starts to lay. Chrissie
  22. Your run is lovely and the orange cube looks great. Chelsea, I have to disagree orange is lovely but purple is the best colour Seriously Chooklady I love your run, I have a cube sat empty waiting for its walk in run, do you have any tips for building a run? Any help or information would be gratefully received. Chrissie
  23. Great news. So gald she is back Chrissie

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