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  1. They are gorgeous, I love their feet Chrissie
  2. As she is a beginner perhaps laying the egg took her by surprise and she did not have time to get to the nest box, I did wonder if Valerie was already in the nest box but as you have a cube there is plenty of room for two Perhaps try putting a ceramic egg in the nest box to give Sally a clue, or you could use golf balls if you don't have a ceramic egg. I tried that with one of mine who lays her eggs on the roosting bars, it didn't work for me Ebony has laid all 106 eggs on the bars but I think others have been successful using this method. Chrissie
  3. Hi Jewels I bought Verm-X when we got our girls, it sits unopened in my chicken cupboard, having read views on the forum I decided not to use it, some feel it is ineffective, I then bought Flubenvet and gave it to the girls in grapes. With the standard dose you can still eat the eggs. Chrissie
  4. Sorry to hear about your chicken. Any sign of her yet, have you tried attracting her back home with treats? Hopefully she will come home to roost tonight. Have the neighbours found their dog? Chrissie
  5. Wow, they have grown. What do the big girls think of them now? I notice there are no roosting bars in the eglu, do little ones not need them? Can you post pictures at regular intervals, it would lovely to watch them grow, pleeease Chrissie
  6. WOW Something I wondered after seeing her other large egg, will it have a big yolk or average yolk and lots of white, or more than one yolk. I'm sure you could fit three or four yolks in todays egg Well done Dixie Chick Chrissie
  7. We have four in a run and converter, I wouldn't want to have five in there. We were told not to add 1 to 2 so we added 2 to 2. Sorry I don't have any more knowledge or experience to pass on but good luck with your decision Chrissie
  8. I hope things are being to settle down now, pasq. If you follow the advice to take things slowly I am sure they will, there is such a vast amount of knowledge available on the forum. Do you have separate accommodation that you could use, I think you may live near us but until our four girls have moved into their cube I don't have an eglu to spare, if I had I would happily have leant it to you. I hope it all settles down, keep us posted Chrissie
  9. I bought Vermex when we got the hens but it is unopened in the cupboard, having read views of it's effectiveness on the forum I have used Flubenvet, we continued to eat the eggs but did not let my daughter who is pregnant have any of them, also didn't give to friends for a week after Flubenvet was completed. I did mine in May and was wondering when I would need to do them again.
  10. Wow Dixie Chick that is an amazing egg What weight does she normally lay? I am thrilled with a 60g egg As a four year old how often does she lay? Sorry for the questions, congratulations Egluntine Chrissie
  11. Hope you are soon feeling better, I'm glad it was not your chooks. Chrissie
  12. I'm going to show it to my husband too, he hasn't started ours yet, our cube is standing like a pretty purple garden ornament It is a lovely run Chooklady, perhaps it will inspire him.
  13. Congratulations, well done Penny Not a bad size for a first egg.
  14. Boo&Fudge congratulations on your first 3 egg day. Pencil used here too Also weighed and recorded. Electricbarbarella the eggskelter is lovely. Chrissie
  15. Hi Topcat When we had our first two girls, I worried because the grub didn't empty very quickly and lots of the treats that people on the forum said were popular were not gobbled up. TopCat don't worry as soon as they start laying they find their appetite and gobble up their pellets and treats which I restrict to the afternoon to ensure that they eat their pellets. Chrissie
  16. Congratulations on your first egg, the chickens do need names. It is interesting the names children come up with, I thought about letting my four year old grandaughter name one when we get some new additions but her suggestion was 'Chicken Pox' Maybe I will involve her in choosing the chicken rather than its name. Chrissie
  17. I put easi-bed in the nest box as well as the run, our four seem to like it, well three do, Ebony lays on the roosting bars, has never used the nest Chrissie
  18. Hope everthing goes well today and it is good news after the op. Chrissie
  19. Ours went in first night, having read suggestions on the forum I was just getting the torch ready to encourage them and they went to bed By the way welcome to the forum Chrissie
  20. Hi Mumpty If you only order a cube or eglu I think it is delivered by courier and you build it yourself, unless you ask for it to come by Omlet. We had chickens with our eglu but when I ordered the cube I asked for it to be delivered and built by Omlet. Great service from the Omlet man, I would recommend them delivering it, if you can. Chrissie
  21. We didn't have chickens with our order for a cube but we had to wait 3 more days for it to come by Omlet man rather than the courier. The Omlet man will erect the cube and talk you through using it. Our man was lovely and chatted away about our eglu and girls, 2 of the 4 were Omlet girls. One thought are you within the Omlet delivery area? Chrissie
  22. Our purple cube was delivered with a red grub as they had run out of purple ones but the Omlet man (very kind and helpful, brilliant service) took it back as we did not need it straight away as we aren't using the cube yet. Omlet will send me a purple grub when they come in stock. Is there are shortage of grubs?

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