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  1. Good decision, our purple cube came on Thursday, it is lovely
  2. Congratulations Egluntine, they look lovely girls, will they definitely lay blue green eggs? They look so small with the beautiful new red eglu in the background and with the big girl looking into the run. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. Please keep us posted on their progress. Chrissie
  3. Our purple cube came on Thursday, it is lovely. It was a long time since ordering, end of June. But I still have to be patient until our walk in run is built as I can not use it until then
  4. Our pepperpot started laying 43g eggs with the odd double yolker she now lays eggs about 68g, her average egg is now 66.46g The gingernut now lays eggs in the top 50g but started laying little ones about 40g, they have gradually increased in size since the end of April. Yes I record the weights of all our eggs in a tally chart Chrissie
  5. Hi Eileen We were going to move the eglu around the grass but OH decided not, so we put ours on a permanent area covered with easibed and it is great, the girls love digging down into the ground and having a bath I love ANH's suggestion of putting ACV in a sports drinks bottle, I keep spilling more of mine than I get it the glug, I will try that, thanks ANH. Enjoy tomorrow, are your girls coming from omlet? How many? Our cube comes tomorrow but will have to wait to use it until walk in run is built Don't forget to have your camera handy, we love pictures Chrissie
  6. Hi Freddie Not far from me either, if the sun ever shines again perhaps I should go there with four year old granddaughter and take a picnic. Glad you enjoyed it Chrissie
  7. I too write the date on them and the name, I can tell them apart but others can't and like to know whose egg they are eating Chrissie
  8. Hi Chrissie On males the combs/wattles grow much quicker,prouder and pinker than girls.. as I understand it this is even more obvious on Pekins from an earlier age than other birds.. if you compare the first picture of "peaches" with the Skye one you'll see what we mean.. Thanks Egg Lou, I see what you mean. Chrissie
  9. Like Jackiepoppies I weigh and record all our eggs. I know that today Ivory our Pepperpot laid her 100th egg, her first weighed 43.5g laid on the 4th April and today's weighed 68.2g Initially she tended to lay for two days and then had a day off but now lays almost everyday, other than when she was broody and had 10 days off Friends who we have given eggs to say that the Pepperpot's eggs are their favourite, the largest and have the best taste Kazoo, congratulations on your first egg
  10. The egg skelter is great, it is just the thing to keep your eggs in order Chrissie
  11. Sorry but how can you tell from the pictures? They are lovely Chrissie
  12. I'm not, but Chris is Chrissie
  13. Good morning Karlotta Bet you are watching the clock and the window, have you got the camera ready? You need pictures. Have a good day and keep us posted Chrissie
  14. Good luck, I bet you can't wait. Enjoy your cube day Are you having a cube run?
  15. Lovely pictures, he is gorgeous. Enjoy him, he will grow so quickly, before you know it he will be learning to drive, like my baby boy, 17 last Saturday Thanks for sharing the pictures
  16. We got 10 egg boxes with the eglu, will wait and see if we get another 10 with the cube next Thursday
  17. Hi Kay Don't forget that you need a converter to fit on the run so that you can then add an extension, this will give you an extra 2 metres. They will be lucky girls Are you getting your girls from Omlet? Chrissie
  18. Ours crouch when ever we go near them, they seem to make themselves as low to the ground as possible and stay still for a while, giving you the opportunity to stroke them or pick them up. Most crouch for a week to ten days before they lay but one of ours crouched for over two looooong weeks before she produced her first egg. Hope you have an egg soon.
  19. Purple is best for me, love our purple eglu, purple cube on order coming next Thursday
  20. Ahh made me smile too Not tried eating outside with the girls out but had wondered what would happen
  21. I agree with Egluntine, we found that the balance of power changed as ours began to lay. It has also changed recently, Ivory has been broody and has now started to lay again, she is now bottom chook and is being pecked by the others, nothing too nasty at the moment so just keeping an eye on them at the moment.
  22. Lovely pictures, great to see such an improvement. They look as if they are enjoying the weather. Well done for giving them the opportunity. When we are more experienced perhaps we will be able to take on the challenge of exbatts.
  23. We use Easibed too, like AJuff we could not find a supplier for Auboise or Hemcore. We are quite happy with Easibed.

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