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  1. Last night after a hot day we had rain but the girls had not been out of their run so I sat outside with an umbrella so that they could go out in the garden for an hour or so. Mad or chook lover As we are in the country I dare not risk letting them out in the garden without someone being out with them.
  2. We have two dogs, a labrador and a cairn. We introduced them to the girls when they were on leads and the girls were in their run. As they got used to them we let the girls out but kept the dogs on leads. When the lab took little interest in the girls we let her off the lead and gave her lots of praise and attention. We then repeated this with the cairn. Now the dogs and the girls take no notice of each other. Keep persevering Quickcluck but just do it gradually and hopefully they will all live together happily
  3. Well done Henrietta A good size for a first egg. How are you going to eat it
  4. Lovely song Brown Clan Hope you have a three egg day soon Keep us posted Chrissie
  5. As I scrubbed the eglu's wooden bars yesterday, I thought to myself a couple of weeks and I will be cleaning a cube with plastic bars New cubes do come with plastic bars as standard, don't they
  6. Well done It is great when you get a full house When my grandaughter came over yesterday she was so eggcited when she peeped in the eglu and found three eggs and even happier when she managed to get them into the kitchen without breaking them
  7. Like Egluntine I need a button that says "throughout the day". It varies, this week Ivory has laid in the afternoon, on Wednesday it was after 5pm but yesterday no egg, so hope for one fairly early today. Ebony still lays on the bars very rarely in the nest box, luckily the eggs survive even if they fall through to the poo tray
  8. Today we noticed that Henny Penny was holding her wings away from her body, not noticed it before. Later in the afternoon two of the others were doing it too. I thought it was because they were hot.
  9. Hi We have four in an eglu and they are quite happy, plenty of space even with the nest box blocked off at night (broody hen). We are waiting for delivery of a cube as we would like another couple of hens, but if we were not increasing our flock I would have the eglu in a walk in run. I am sure your three girls will be very happy in their eglu and home made run. Chrissie
  10. We have purple cube on order, five weeks from order to delivery it would have been slightly quicker if it had come by courier but I was keen to have it built by the Omlet man
  11. Lovely girls, ours like my toes even without nail varnish. I try to remember and not let them out with sandals on
  12. I put our dog/puppy crate next to the run lifted up on bricks but we only have an eglu so not enough space in the run for it. It does mean that I have to bring it into the house at night.
  13. Three of our four seem to know where to lay, except for Ebony who always lays on the roosting bars. We have tried the fake eggs in the nest box to give her a clue but she seems to prefer the bars, sometimes the egg drops through into the poo tray. She had now laid almost 80 eggs on the bars so I don't think we will ever change her but we are getting a cube soon so it will be interesting to see where she lays then Chrissie
  14. We added two to our original omlet pair as we were advised not to add a single one.
  15. Hi Alison The run and cube look great, lovely girls too. What sort are you getting as your extras How have you fitted your cube to your walk in run, we have cube on order and intend to build or buy a walk in run. Any advice or ideas would be gratefully received Thanks Chrissie
  16. Have just looked to see what Merrydale have available, I noticed that they are on holiday from 27th July until 10th August.
  17. We bought Latte and Ivory from Merrydale Poultry. Karen is very knowledgeable and happy to give advice. I would recommend them, we will get more chickens from her when we get our cube Chrissie
  18. I too overdosed them with the grape method but I got the hang of it by the end of the week I think I will try it again when they need worming again. How long do you leave between treatments Chrissie
  19. Well we have four girls but one is in isolation as she has been pecked. So I was very surprised when I went to see if there were any eggs this afternoon Three girls in the eglu but four eggs I think Latte has laid twice today Is it unusual for them to lay twice in a day Chrissie
  20. Congratulations How are you going to cook it?
  21. My advice would be to have alternate accommodation available in case you need it, we use a dog crate which was used by our lab when she was a puppy, it has found a second use now as separate accommodation for pecked chooks, and a broody cage for our broody chooks. I feel it is a vital part of chicken keeping equipment.
  22. Congratulations We are up to 185 eggs, a long way to go. We weigh our eggs and keep a record of who laid them.
  23. So far mine have ignored my fuchsia bushes too, perhaps there is something more tasty
  24. Ordering a cube that is After four months of eglu ownership we could resist no longer, purple cube coming in August No more chickens at the moment Does anyone know if moving to new deluxe accommodation will upset the pecking order as this seems to have settled down now, just have broody girls to cope with, Ivory was broody a couple of weeks ago and now Ebony our best layer has also gone broody. This chicken keeping isn't as easy as you think A steep learning curve, but great fun

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