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  1. Hi Does anyone know if there is a waiting list for cubes at the moment. I am persuading other half that we really need a purple cube and walk in run Do they come with the plastic bars now, or still the wooden ones Thanks Chrissie
  2. Hi Mrs Kettle Its nice to know that your Sussex went broody so soon, our Merrydale Sussex had only been laying for about a month when she went broody, I imagined they only went broody when they were older and had been laying for some time. WRONG If another shows signs of going broody I will act quickly next time
  3. Hi Tonywig Our Merrydale Sussex was just like this before she became broody, in the end she spent 3 days in the broody crate (upturned dog crate) which stopped the broodiness but she has not started laying again so far. Chrissie
  4. We used a dog crate like Ain't "Ooops, word censored!"ody Here and it worked, Ivory is no longer broody, we put the lifted dog crate next to the eglu run so that the others could see her. We did not let her out to free range with the others. She spent three days in it. Hopefully she will start laying again soon, not sure how long we are likely to have to wait Hopefully not toooooo long Thanks for the advice earlier in the post. Chrissie
  5. We have four in an eglu, they seem to have plenty of room in the eglu, the standard run is too small for four I think. We love our four and are now beginning to plan a walk in run and a cube, purple of course
  6. We have a purple eglu, it is lovely Sorry not sure how to add a photo. Chrissie
  7. We use Easibed, as we could not easily get hold of Aubiose or Hemcore. We are very happy with Easibed but have never used the other two so unable to compare them. Chrissie
  8. Thank you all for the reassurance. Today Ebony has laid her usual dark brown egg Hopefully the shell-less one was a one off. Just need to sort out my broody hen now, see separate post. Chrissie
  9. Lovely looking girls Pam Which one will lay the blue egg? I'm I would love different coloured eggs, something to think about in the future. Congratulations
  10. Yesterday when I went to collect the eggs, there in the droppings tray was a perfect egg but no shell it looked like some one had cracked it ready to fry in the droppings tray. I think it must have been Ebony's egg as she always lays on the roosting bars and as it had no shell I assume it just fell through to the tray. Do you think it is likely to happen again or just a one off Ebony is our best layer, laying an egg most days. I give them mixed grit mixed in with their pellets and don't give them treats or let them free range until the afternoon. Chrissie
  11. Hi Ivory our Merrydale Sussex has gone broody. She sits on the nest whenever allowed. I push her off when I am here and block it off at night but this does not seem to stop her. How the others manage to lay in the nest I do not know, it must be cosy! Ivory has only been laying since the middle of May, is it normal for them to go broody so soon? This morning I have put her in a broody cage, its amazing what good use we have made of our old dog crate that our black lab used when she was a puppy, separate accommodation for pecked chucks now a broody cage. Does anyone know how long she is likely to need to stay in it for and how will we know when to put her back with the others? Thanks. Chrissie
  12. Not sure about another limited addition colour. When we ordered our eglu, we were told that some people had ordered eglus or cubes and had specified that they did not want it delivered until a specific time They took payment when it was dispatched. We have a purple eglu, it is lovely but I have my eye on a cube Chrissie
  13. It looks wonderful, what lucky girls It is inspiring, perhaps we should have a walk in run and a cube In the near future Chrissie x
  14. I wish I had read this earlier I let them out into the garden this evening to play the grape game (we are worming them at the moment using the grape technique as recommended by forum members) and Ivory and Latte pecked my toes
  15. Just two of ours are laying so far, one crouched for six days and the other for a very loooooooooooong ten days. I hope you find your first egg, it is so eggciting
  16. It is a lovely evening here just as well as I'm sat with my laptop and coat on so the girls can have longer in the garden. Henny Penny and Latte went to bed sometime ago but Ebony and Ivory are determined to get every possible goodie from the nice patch of earth that they have found for themselves. What we do for our girls! The pleasant evening makes up for the fact that today was our first eggless day for a week Hopefully Ebony and Henny Penny will oblige tomorrow, no sign of an egg from the other two but hope for signs of crouching sooooooon
  17. Congratulations It looks lovely, I love the purple colour. Perhaps one day we will upgrade to a cube, purple of course. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new run. Chrissie x
  18. I give our girls broccoli or greens tied up in the run. I put them up in the morning but wondered if this is right, should I wait until the afternoon to make sure they eat their pellets Chrissie
  19. Yesterday and this morning I heard this racket from the garden when I looked out there was a cat in the garden, Ebony was certainly sounding the alarm. This afternoon the girls have been out in the garden for hours with us and our black labrador Poppy. For the first time we let Poppy off of the lead, the girls seemed to take no notice of her and like Stevie said Henny Penny did not mind if Poppy sniffed her. We also have an elderly cairn, he stayed in the house asleep, not sure what he would make of the girls if he was outside with them and off of the lead
  20. Congratulations on your first egg! What a lovely surprise to find it in the nest box Did you get your girls from Omlet? Our gingernut called Henny Penny is much younger than our pepperpot both from Omlet. Our gingernut started to lay yesterday, the pepperpot Ebony has been laying for two weeks. Hope you get another egg tomorrow so you can both enjoy fried egg on toast Yum Yum
  21. We have a fake egg in the nest box but she ignores it and does her own thing
  22. Really eggcited This morning we had our first two egg day. Ebony has been laying for two weeks now, a total of eleven eggs varying in size from 43.5g to a big 75.7g, she insists on laying them on the bars at the back of the eglu Henny Penny having recovered from Ebony pecking her, drawing blood and pulling feathers laid her first egg (39.1g) yesterday but no egg from Ebony BUT today Henny Penny laid a 41.6g egg in the nest box and then shortly after Ebony laid on the bars It is so eggciting to find an egg even better to find two A big thank you to everyone on the forum for all their help and information Chrissie x

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