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  1. Hi Dogs and Chickens I will give them a try and see what they make of them Thanks for the information
  2. We were wondering if we can feed carrot tops, the leafy stems, to the girls, if so cooked or raw? Also what about beetroot leaves and stems. Thanks
  3. It worked for me too What a good idea but I agree with Chelsea it is a shock to see what you've spent in black and white
  4. Thank you for the congratulations. Henny Penny has just started crouching. Thank you Egluntine and Snowy for the suggestions, I have put a couple of golf balls in the nest box, we will wait and see if Ebony lays another egg today and see if it is on the bars again or in the nest. Thanks for the advice. I will let you know what happens Chrissie
  5. Hi, I would tend to agree that they are a little young, ebony (pepperpot) laid her first egg on Friday and her next today, but Henny (Ranger) has only just started to crouch I guess the early March batch from Omlet might have been a little young but, they are really healthy and seem very happy so I guess we'll just have to keep waiting for Henny to produce and they are lovely chucks Perhaps Omlet could produce a 'hatching certificate' which would identify when they hatched and thus we could all be sure, especially for first timers like us - might be a lot of work though I suppose. Interestingly enough when we emailed Merrydale Farm (where we got the other two from) the lady knew exactly how old they were (15 1/2 weeks) when we got them, so we are not going to start holding our breath for another couple of weeks or so (making them about 20 weeks) !!!
  6. Hi All, Ebony layed her first egg on Friday weight of 46g, brilliant ! We waited and held our breath yeaterday and ....... nothing We waited again today and ....... another egg !! (I know its silly but even as a Mr it's great this time 65.5g One thing Chrissie has noted is that she (we are pretty sure its Ebony, not one of the others) is not laying her eggs in the nest box but on the bars. Any ideas on how to encourage her into the right area ?
  7. The link works in Firefox for me. I love the egg-skelter but have only had one egg so far so had better wait for some more eggs before I order one Chrissie
  8. Thank you for the replies, we are just impatient. Can't believe how much fun the girls are without eggs I am sure they are not laying in the garden as someone is always outside with them when they free range. We will try to be patient. Chrissie
  9. Hi All, Are we doing womething wrong ? everything seems great but we have no eggs yet ! We have the girls now for just coming up to 4 weeks and no eggs, Ebony (the pepperpot) has good large red wattles, henny (the ranger) we know is younger but even her wattles seem to be getting larger and a darker colour. They seem really happy, love treats, like being handled (especially henny), like ranging when we are in the garden. We were just wondering if we have missed something? or should we just wait a little longer? The 'omlet' man said he thought that the pepperpot would be ready to lay in about 3-4 weeks and the ranger a week or two latter. does that sound reasonable ? Ohh and BTW we also have two more hens now !!!! we got them from Merrydale poultry - who were brilliant !!! :D and come strongly recommended So now we have in Ivory (sussex) and Latte (Sweetie), they settled in really well with the other two. As you may guess - we love them (Better half is already planning a cube ! ) but we would love some eggs
  10. Hi, I don't know if its any comfort but ours are like yours, ebony (pepperpot) is larger than henny (gingernut), omlet guy said he thought that the pepperpot was about two weeks ahead of the gingernut and about three weeks or so away from laying (although he was very careful to say that it may take longer !!) We have had them just coming up to two weeks, and we are both amazed how quickly they have become part of our lives and how they have both grown ! We have just cleaned them out for the second time (in the rain !), which we were both worried about doing but we shouldn't have, straightforward and 'easy' They go to bed when dusk and are starting to love the treats, even poppy the black lab is getting used to them and they her ! We love them !!!
  11. Hi, It's soft wood chippings, not bark. We didn't want to put it directly onto grass and we had an area of gravel next to our path that was almost exactly the correct size for an eglu plus run and wasn't really being used so we simply converted it, using the basic instructions on this site. We have also got some easibed to put in on top of the chippings. We got our soft chippings from B & Q , but i'm sure there are others that would sell it. Our girls seem to like it, and look quite happy, although they were not really sure this morning with the snow ! We have also bought a winter cover, as most people seem to advise trying to keep the run dry(ish). Hope that's of some help ! - We are hardly experienced
  12. Update - The girls went to bed with no problems whatsoever Don't know what we were worrying about ! It would seem at least someone else can see the pics so it looks like I got the links right !!!
  13. Hi All, You asked for pictures and so here they are (if I get the links right !):- Just after construction by the nice man from Eglu. Henny and Ebony just having taken up residence And a close up of them both. They haven't been in the eglu yet, although we are about to try and get them in as it is getting a little dark now. They seem lovely, we are such proud owners, we will keep you updated and ask for help as I am sure we will need it !!! Thanks for all the helpful advice, much appreciated... the two C's

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