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  1. When I got my chooks, some Omleteers suggested feeding them from a small dish as if they get used to being fed from a hand they can peck a hand thinking there is food in it and this maybe upsetting to any small grandchildren that you may have. I followed this advice and it worked well for us. Chrissie
  2. It was dry first thing but wet and miserable again now. It is bitterly cold too. We've got workmen doing our drive. I feel sorry for the younger one who is outside all the time. The older one who is the boss is in the digger which I have been told has a heater. Chrissie
  3. Quite an odd day weather wise. Very cold with a biting wind. Shot at the archery ground this morning for a competition, bitterly cold but sunny to start with, by 11.00 it had clouded over and we then had hail. On the way home I couldn't see across the valley. This afternoon we have had sun, rain, hail and snow. Just been out to the bin and it is frozen shut. Chrissie
  4. Omleteers, I am hoping you can give me some advice. For almost 10 years I have stored my chicken food in the utility but in just over a week the utility is being replaced and after that I will not be able to keep the chicken food in the lovely new utility. What storage bin would you recommend for food storage outside. The shed is too full of rubbish to fit a bin in there. It will need to keep vermin out as we live in the country. Thanks in advance. Chrissie
  5. I am very impressed with mine. It is in the utility which is the entrance we use all the time. Our drive is compacted gravel otherwise known as mud and it is certainly helping to keep my new kitchen floor clean. Chrissie
  6. Congratulations on getting your girls. Did you get Scott Greys? When I've had new girls I've always kept them in their run for a week or so before letting them free range. Chrissie
  7. Has been a miserable day here. Light rain most of the day with a bit of white stuff in it this morning. Chrissie
  8. Hi Lewis. I was just thinking of getting some hybrids. Would be nice to have some eggs. The two little bantams I have left don't lay anymore. Thanks Chrissie
  9. Oh no. I don't know from a legal point of view but surely they have to make suitable provision for disabled students. At school they are adapting the entrance to meet the requirements for disabled access. Surely there is similar legislation for uni halls of residences. Good luck, I hope you get it sorted and that your DD can relax and be in less pain. Best wishes. Chrissie
  10. Olly I am pleased to hear your mat is lasting well. As they are expensive compared to other mats I am hoping it will last for a few years. Sorry to hear that yours has not lasted very well G. So far I'm very pleased with mine and it will look lovely when the utility is done at the end of the month. Chrissie
  11. Oh no Lewis. I was thinking of going to Towcester to get my new girls as there is no where else that I can find. Such a shame that Merrydale have closed. Lewis do you know anywhere else in the Rutland Northants Leicestershire area? Chrissie
  12. Sorry to hear you have lost your dear Claudette. I am not a cat person, they terrify me, sorry but I understand how you are feeling. We felt like that when we lost Poppy. In time you may change your mind about things. Thinking of you. Chrissie
  13. The power of Omlet. Back in 2010, I resisted the temptation to buy a Turtle Mat but having had a new kitchen and floor laid in November I am getting cross with muddy footprints so I have given into temptation and purchased one. Ordered it yesterday and it has come today. It looks lovely but not yet been used. Thank you Omletteers Chrissie
  14. I am afraid I don't know the answer, in the past I've hatched pure breads. I was wondering where to get hybrids from. Each group I've had in the past I've got from Merrydale but they don't exist anymore either. I hope you find somewhere. Chrissie
  15. I have got a couple of newly cleared borders to plant. I am intending to use perennial plants rather than annuals. I wondered what plants you would include. They are both sunny borders. Trying to get the house and garden sorted this year. Chrissie
  16. Well done. Glad here that you have finished that stage. Best wishes for the next stage. I hope you get to have a few days away. You definitely deserve it. Chrissie
  17. My two bantams have a large WIR but they spend a great deal of time in their eglu. They should really be enjoying the space as when I get some more chooks at the end of March they will be restricted to half of the run again. Chrissie
  18. Oh dear. My dwindled flock of just two bantams live in a WIR. I had to smile to myself, the wind on Thursday removed the roof, typical when avian flu is on the increase again. OH has now put a nice new roof on it. Chrissie
  19. We have had snow today. This afternoon we had some rain so now the snow is very wet and slushy. Glad it doesn't look like it will freeze tonight or it would be a skating rink. OH has to leave at 5.00 in the morning to go to Southampton so I hope the roads are ok. Chrissie
  20. Welcome to the forum Granny T. You will find lots of useful information here. I've had two groups of ex batts, the A team and the B team. In the future I hope to have a C team. Chrissie
  21. A miserable day here. Has rained on and off all day. Sometimes the rain was mixed with snow. The forecast on my phone had said snow for most of the day. Fortunately we didn't get that. Sleet and heavy rain forecast for tomorrow. Just what we don't need. Our drive is already like a mud bath. It was a nice gravel drive when we moved in but it is now just mud in parts. Chrissie
  22. Wow that is a fantastic photo patsylabrador. Chrissie
  23. Very dull today. Drizzle for most of the day. Cold here too. 3.5 according to my car at lunchtime. Chrissie
  24. Chickencam I quite agree about it being sad that the forum is so quiet. I am guilty of not being on here. Glad that you had a good Christmas. Best wishes for the rest of your chemo. I hope 2018 becomes a good year for you. Chrissie
  25. A lovely winters day here too. Took youngest granddaughter (4) out on her new scooter that she got for Christmas is the afternoon. Still frosty in places and the puddles had ice on them. She was fascinated by the icy puddles. Chrissie

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