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  1. Hi Ali's girls. I have not been on the forum very much recently and I find it very sad how quiet it is. Where has everyone gone? Chrissie
  2. Hi H I had never heard of it so googled to find out what it was. https://www.vetmedsdirect.co.uk/Zolcal-D/c15747/ They seem to have some but it may not be the correct thing. Chrissie
  3. Thanks for your replies. It is sad to have no chooks in an eglu and run. For the last nine years I have had some in an eglu and eglu run or extended run. I have loved the eglu. I am in the minority on here as I prefer the eglu to the cube but I know the cube attached to the WIR is a good option. I am quite looking forward to getting new girls. I think I will go for some hybrid this time. In the past I've had two lovely groups of ex batts from Brackley. Also some Omlet girls and two lots of other hybrids. Then I hatched a couple of times, both times bantams which was great but hatching is not really an option at the moment. Plus I would like some eggs as I have been buying eggs for ages now. Chrissie
  4. It has been quiet windy and wet here. Also had thunder last night. OH was supposed to be flying to Guernsey today for work but has not flown due to the weather. Chrissie
  5. Very similar here DM. The wind has got up and it has been raining heavily this evening. Chrissie
  6. I have been rather absent from the forum recently, in the past I have been an active omleteer. Life has been busy and we've had a few issues over the last few years( burglary, neighbour who told others it was my fault there were rats in the area, three granddaughters to look after, OH away a lot, DD doing degree, DS getting married......). Chickens have taken a bit of a back seat. Yesterday I took advantage of the reasonable weather and have emptied, cleaned and will put into storage my 2 eglus. The bantams and little silkie cockerel that I hatched have all passed away. Sad to look out and not see the eglus. I do still have the walk in run with a cube attached and an eglu inside. I just have two little bantams left now, again ones I hatched. Feel rather sad at the lack of feathered friends. In March it will be 10 years since I had my first Omlet hens so to mark this anniversary I plan to get some more chickens to go in the WIR. I hope you and your feathered friends all have a good 2018. Chrissie
  7. Yesterday was quite a pleasant day. Did some sorting out in the garden, didn't need a coat. Blue sky with just a few little white clouds to start the new year. Chrissie
  8. We have a good few inches of snow. Only stopped at lunchtime. It is very wet snow but a frost is forecast tonight so driving will be tricky in the morning. There are tracks on the road where vehicles have been but also a lot of standing water and some water has snowy slush on top. Very strange day weather wise here. The BT overhead wire fron the telegraph pole next door which goes across our garden and drive to our other neighbours house snapped and lay across our drive. When I got up I cleared a path to our bins and all was fine, went out five minutes later with littlest granddaughter and the wire was laying across the drive and cars. Once we got through to BT they came out very quickly to check all was safe. Chrissie
  9. It is white here, everywhere has a horrid white blanket. It seems very wet snow so I'm hoping it doesn't stay for long. It is still snowing and we are forecast heavy snow for the rest of the morning. Chrissie
  10. Raining hard here too. It did snow a little earlier in the evening when OH went to pick granddaughter from town. Also quite windy. Take care DM going to work Chrissie
  11. Our Woodburner fitter said we had to have one and that it needed to be certain distance from the fire. He fitted it the day he fitted the fire when the building work was done. Chrissie
  12. Oh no sorry to hear about your chook. Chrissie
  13. How lovely DM. He looks very handsome Chrissie
  14. We have been thinking about getting a wood burner for a while. We are now the proud owners of lovely wood burner. We have had it for two weeks now and we are thrilled with it. We had an open fire but this is far better and seems to be much more efficient. Shame you are not local as we were advised to visit a shop between Melton Mowbray and Nottingham. The girl we saw was so helpful and knowledgable. We left having decided upon a completely different stove to the one we thought we wanted. Also found a good fitter who advised on changes to the fireplace and chimney. If you would like to know more about our experience please pm me. Chrissie
  15. It has been very windy here this afternoon. Spent the afternoon setting up for our archery Clout which is tomorrow. Archers shoot at a flag that is up to 185m away. Could be an interesting shoot as the wind is forecast to be over 40 mph. Is that what it's measured in? Chrissie
  16. Yes very strange light here too. Went shooting (archery) this morning. Bit damp first thing but then strangely warm and humid. Sun shone for a short time. Only a light wind but the wind has now got up, its clouded over and there is this very strange light. Best wishes to all those in areas that are more severely affected by the storm. Chrissie.
  17. I too thought this was the wrong way round. Unusual for someone to want a cocktail. From when I hatched a few years ago you do seem to get a feeling for if they are boys. I hope he is a he. Chrissie
  18. One of my hybrids was very keen on going broody. She was quite nasty when broody. Grown up DD wouldn't go near her when she was in that frame of mind Chrissie
  19. Tortoises are fast. There is one that frequently escapes from his garden into the school field. He always surprises me how quick he can move as I am trying to rescue him from all the little feet. Chrissie
  20. Good luck Lewis. Enjoy India. OH has been there twice for work and he loves it. Chrissie
  21. I've just heard about it too. How awful. Hope everyone has got out safely and as you say the emergency services all keep safe too as they work to protect the public. Chrissie
  22. Oh no DM. What bad luck. I am pleased that you are not injured this time. Some drivers amaze me. The other day on my way to school I experienced road rage I didn't think this sort of thing happened in Rutland. At a small village roundabout I waited for two cars, the car behind me was sounding his horn at me. He then followed me through the village. I kept just under the 30 mph speed limit, there were children walking to school. He was on my bumper until we got round a bend then whizzed past me. Still in the 30 limit but that obviously didn't bother him as he went past he was shouting at me and gesturing as he drove off into the distance at speed. DM I hope you get the insurance claim sorted without any problems. Chrissie
  23. Family time all together is so precious. Enjoy it. Chrissie
  24. When we got our puppies I took one of our old jumpers with us that the dogs had been on so it had their smell on it. I then let the puppy on this during the journey home so she smelt a bit of our house, us and our dogs before we introduced them. We did it in the house and just supervised closely and limited the time. What puppy are you getting? Sorry not been on here very much recently so I have probably missed earlier posts. Good luck. Chrissie
  25. Hello Janty. It is nice to see you back. Sorry to hear that you have not been well. I hope the transplant all works out for you Chrissie

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