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  1. Sorry to hear about your accident DM. Good job you saw what happened and got his number. Sorry to hear about your finger, I hope it is starting to feel a bit better. I did try to post a few days ago but Omlet wouldn't let me for some reason and kept saying there was an error, hopefully this will work. I hope you get everything sorted out soon. Chrissie
  2. Donkeys that's my dream. If they have plenty of space in their run or to free range I don't see it would be a problem. They will all probably choose to squeeze into one cube. Your friend might need to check if they need to be in a covered run and if not now could she cope in the future. Chrissie
  3. Must be getting serious if you've bought a chair. Good luck, I hope it goes well. Chrissie
  4. I like spicy food. Well it is now 2 months since I have eaten meat. I have surprised myself. My DD whose fault it was only did a month. I think I might start to eat a little meat at the weekend as my OH has missed me cooking meat. Somethimes I have cooked him a meat dish. Thanks for all your suggestions they have definitely helped. Chrissie
  5. Happy birthday. I hope you had a super day. Enjoy London. Chrissie
  6. It has snowed on and off all day. The children were so excited at school. Fortunately it did not stick. More is forecast for the next couple of days so I hope that doesn't stick. I am hoping for better weather next week as it is half term here and I would like to do some archery outdoors. Chrissie
  7. Thank you for your suggestions. I have tried gnocchi, bean curd and various lentils and pulses for the first time. I managed January with no meat or fish and have still not had any meat but did have some fish last Saturday for the first time since December. It seemed very salty to me. I think I will aim to be meat free in the week and just eat meat at the weekend so I don't have to cook different things for OH. Chrissie
  8. She is lovely. I hope you had a good break in the Lakes. Chrissie
  9. Sorry to hear about Cilla, Lewis. What a lovely looking silkie. My silkies have all come Redwing so perhaps they were related. Chrissie
  10. Yes I've just found that post. OH and I have just been oooing and aaaahing about her. She is absolutely georgous. Chrissie
  11. Hi ANH. I am so sorry to read that you have lost Riley. He was such a lucky dog to live most of his life with you and your family. I have not been on the form much recently and missed your post. I am sorry I am rather late posting but was sad when I found your post. I remember reading your posts about Riley. Best wishes Chrissie
  12. Thank you for some great suggestions. I am going to work my way through them during the coming weeks. Shepherds pie for dinner tomorrow with lentils. Not sure how OH will cope Chrissie
  13. DD told me about vegan January. She decided that was too much but has given up meat for January. Her DD has also done the same so I decided to join them. I am finding it surprisingly difficult. I am running out of ideas for recipes to cook. Has anyone got any suggestions. I am really missing my chilli con carne which I live off of in the week if I am at home on my own. DH has not given up meat so at the weekend I need to cook him some meat and something meat free for me. Any ideas would be great. Thanks. Chrissie
  14. Well done Patsylabrador. So glad you did it. Chrissie
  15. Sending best wishes. Hope the snow stays away. I hope the stent fitting was successful. Hugs from Rutland Northants border. Chrissie
  16. On the Rutland Northants border we have rain so far. When I came home from school at 2.00 a grittier was gritting on the A43. Hope we don't get any snow and it isn't too icy in the morning. Chrissie
  17. Happy New Year to everyone. I hope it is a good one. DS gets married this year so I would like to lose a bit of weight before then and I want to improve my archery and gain a new archery classification. I would also like to sort out the house and the garden Chrissie
  18. Ah how lovely. Not posted on here for ages, life has just been a bit busy. Hope you all had a great Christmas and may I wish you all a happy, healthy and peaceful new year. I hope to be a more active Omleteer in 2017. Chrissie
  19. And even more belated ones from me. I hope you all had a good Christmas. Chrissie
  20. Last week we did the same. Took middle granddaughter to Old Hunstanton for the day and we had fish and chips on the beach. A first at 52! Normally plate, knife and folk sat at the table type girl Also did clay pigeon shooting for the first time last autumn. The ladies of the archery club took on the gentleman of the club, sadly ladies lost but I thoroughly enjoyed it, would like to do it again. Chrissie
  21. I remember my mother talking about that winter and walking the dog through snowdrifts and nearly losing her. I was born in June and I don't mind the heat just don't like it when it is very humid too. Went to archery yesterday afternoon and it was very pleasant, the evening was just perfect, warm calm, shame my arrows still didn't find the gold very often Chrissie

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