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  1. Hi, I was hoping for a LOT of advise We have just brought our house and inherited some chickens! We know absolutely nothing about chickens and feeling a bit lost as to what I need to do to ensure they are happy hens We arent living at the house until next week so have gone up there to lock the hen house at night and let them out in the morning but with sun coming up very early they are locked in their little house for a good few hours until I can get up to them Their hen house (apologies i don't know correct terminology) is full of poo thick hard and looks like not been cleaned in a long time (although where they lay has fresh straw or hay or something i think - doesnt smell) the bottom of the hen house is metal grates so should i be putting bedding down or is it meant to be bare? There's nothing at the moment The previous owners had filled the feeder thing with pellets so I havent done anything with that and they gave fresh water before they left (2 days) what do I need to do? How often should food water be changed? Topped up? We are working still and trying to clean house pack etc ready to move over weekend so haven't got time to clean the coop etc until weekend I have given them some sweetcorn this morning as a treat and let them out to roam the garden today for a couple of hours Basically back to basics please - I've ordered a treat thing to peck at and some powder for when we have cleaned their house out There's a couple of hens with bald patches too which I presume is from the other hens picking on them? As you can see very much in need of advise as I don't want to have unhappy hens Obviously will be easier once we are moved in and have a little more time Many thanks

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