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  1. Thank you all for your your kind thoughts and advice, I was very aware that the dog may come back so after much soul searching my wife put out a message on Facebook to see if anyone could re home my last Chicken. A big thankyou to Anne-Marie, who lives a few miles away and offered to take her for me. We took her round this morning and introduced her to her new friends, a Duck and another Chicken, it was the most difficult thing I have had to do. A couple of hours later we got a text letting us know that she had settled in fine with her new buddies and had gone into her new Ark to lay, I am now looking forwards to seeing picturtes of her in her new home up on Facebook soon. I will get some new Girls at some point in the future, but only when I can be sure that the garden is not only chicken proof, but also Dog proof. It is a terrible way to end your days and I will be as sure as I can that it will never happen again.
  2. No offer of compensation at all !
  3. Found the owner in the end who was most apologetic. The dog had got out at 5:00 this morning and he had not seen it since!
  4. Lost two of the Rock Chicks this morning to a dog that got into the garden and killed them. I will miss you girls and your eggs.
  5. I will try not to make this sound like a rant. I have just lost two of my three Chickens to a Staffordshire Terrier that got into my garden this morning. Please if any dog owners read this can you try to be a little bit more aware of where your pets are, it had to travel about half a mile to get to me. Its a horrificv way for the girlsd to loose thier live's and totally un avoidable, they had been with me for nearly two years without incident.
  6. I had to have the last of the Triplets( Maureen) put to sleep yesterday, sleep well Trip and thankyou for all your eggs.
  7. One of my girls is running around at the moment looking like she is oven ready, they have all taken it in turns to moult, this one has left it till the weather is really lousy.
  8. I know that the girls tend to slow down during the winter, but mine have come to a complete stop for the last three weeks. This has never happened before with any of my previous chickens( these girls are 18 months old). Has anyone got any ideas to encourage laying again, as much as I love their company I have just had to buy eggs for the first time in three years.
  9. Hi, My Girlies are suffering with a Slug infestation in thier run, the Slugs are getting in thier food and drowning in the Glug. Does anyone have any chicken friendly ideas for keeping them at bay, or is it just something that I need to live with on the West coast of Scotland?
  10. Ray was put to sleep today at the vets. She had slowed right down and was a really grumpy hen Sleep well old girl and thankyou for al the eggs that you gave me we will miss you
  11. Hi A bit of help please. My girls free range over the garden and our Mono-Block the problem is that the Mono-Block gets full of weed. I have weeded it but it takes forever and after a few days it starts to grow back. So here is the question: Does anyone know of a weed killer that really is Chicken Safe? All help would be much appreciated.

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