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  1. Hi all, Thanks for the kind words - my daughter is ok thanks, we have kept her away from the WIR so she doesn't think about it. I think its a good idea for you all to padlock your WIRs (ours wasn't) and to security mark them as you have some proof if it turns up. I am checking Ebay for new listings of second hand Red Eglus to see what turns up, but even if it does there is nothing to identify it so I wouldn't be able to do anything. I haven't been on this forum for a long time (work too much etc), but I have to say that you have all been brilliant in your support and I have appreciated everything you have said. I just hope that this sorry episode helps everyone on here avoid a similar fate by taking a few steps to make the life of the criminal that much harder so that hopefully they move on. Thanks again xx
  2. Thanks all for the kind words - I will be monitoring Ebay, but it wasn't marked so would have way of identifying it as ours in all honesty. We reported it to the police and they said it was the first case they had heard of (heating oil thefts are the only things that happen occasionally) but I just wanted to give a little warning to everyone so you can be alert to potential thefts. The funny thing is that our dog was really jittery and barky last night but we just thought she was just having one of those funny nights so ignored it (probably wise as wouldn't want to come face to face with these people in the dark!). Take care all.
  3. Thanks both. Not sure about insurance - not checked it yet, but it is the chicken that bothers us more than the Eglu to be honest as it has upset our daughter (and our boys) so much. We are in Worcestershire by the way. Regards,
  4. Hi all, Last night, our Eglu was stolen from our run. It would be irritating enough on its own, but whoever took it decided to take our last remaining chicken with it which belonged to my five year old daughter. She is distraught as you can imagine (the chicken was 4 years old and was the last of our original omlet chickens) Just a warning for you all to be vigilant - some people will steal anything.
  5. If they are sleeping with their windows open then they will be woken up by the dawn chorus anyway. Legally I dont think that they have any recourse. I had a neighbour complain that my tumble drier emits too much noise through the airvent and that I didnt do something then he would get the council involved. When I invited him to do so he quickly back tracked and I havent heard from him since. We can all get concerned about the noise our chickens may or may not make as we are focused on them but if you stop and listen to the background noise that is around particularly from wild birds (which is constant) then you will realise how quite the hens are in general apart from a few minutes per day. Factor in the odd dog barking, children playing and cars passing by then the noise will be irrelevant and I am sure that there is nothing they can do. Some people (like my neighbour) are intent on trying to control everything around them - they probably lead small and unfulfilling lives and therefore try to make everyone else miserable. Sorry for the rant but things like this really annoy me.
  6. My first Eglu and two hens are arriving at the end of next week - I am very very very excited about this - but am having trouble finding anyone to deliver bales of Hemcore for the run. Would be grateful to know of any supplier who would do this. Might have to make do with wood chips but, after reading the recommendations on this forum, would rather give the hens the best! Hi Try this link: http://www.greenmule.co.uk/equestrian-70/horse-bedding-83/hemcore-horse-bedding-6564.htm

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